FUNimation would be perfect to dub this title. Concidering they had great anime with a female as the lead protagonist.

Cast SuggestionsEdit

  • Saki Miyanaga-Jamie Marchi
  • Teru Miyanaga-Alyson Court
  • Koromo Amae-Luci Christian
  • Yuuki Kataoke-Brina Palencia
  • Nodoka Haramura-Alexis Tipton
  • Hisa Takei-Jad Saxton
  • Hajime Kunihiro-Monica Rial
  • Kyoutarou Suga-Billy West
  • Ichita Naiki-Greg Ayres
  • Rin Kirita-Cherami Leigh
  • Toyone Anetai-Leah Clark
  • Kai Miyanaga-Chuck Huber

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