Sakaki & Kaorin
Sakaki and Kaorin (New Pic)
Format Anime series
Created by Hiroshi Nishikiori
Director(s) Kenichiro Watanabe
Takao Kato
No. of episodes 24 + 3 OVA specials
Run time 30 min.
Network TV Tokyo
English Network Anime Network
Sentai Network

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Sakaki and Kaorin Japanese Logo

Japanese Logo

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Early Poster

Sakaki & Kaorin is an Azumanga Daioh spin-off anime series made by Azumanga Animation, taking place after Azumanga Daioh. For some reason, Chiyo wears her old pigtails (used from episodes 1-20), and Miruchi & Yuka use their designs from episode 12.


Taking place after the six girls graduated from high school. But then when 4 of the girls split up because they went to college (except Sakaki), Chiyo Chan and Osaka were the only two girls who were still hanging out with each other. Until Kaorin was told by her mother she should get a house of her own and have someone to take care of her. Then she came to Sakaki's new home and decided to live with her to help out on the house work for her and to protect her from danger. Then Chiyo Chan and Osaka came to their house and wanted to live with them and Kaorin didn't mind, and their wish came true. Then they meet their lesser known friends from high school and elementary school who are Chihiro, Hiroka and her friend Mizuki who have been friends to the girls since Azumanga Daioh are now Sakaki and Kaorin's best friends (and Chihiro's servants) and most of the time give them jobs to do with other female students from their high school in Chihiro's clubroom, Miruchi & Yuka who were Chiyo Chan's classmates from back in grade school are now Chiyo Chan and Osaka's best friends, Mr. Kimura and his family are now Sakaki and Kaorin's neighbors since they live next door to their house, and Yukari and Nyamo are now the helpers to Sakaki and Kaorin. But then, when The Tenjouin Girls (Saki, Rin, and Aya, from To Love-Ru) showed up, they noticed the 4 girls were more popular, so they make their own clubroom at the girl's high school to compete against the girls from Chihiro's Clubroom. Later on, Tomo, Yomi, and Kagura decided to attend Chihiro's Clubroom since they were finished with college.

Opening and Closing ThemesEdit

The opening theme is the Azumanga Web Daioh opening theme with lyrics added, and the closing theme is Kaorin's song "Kaze no Mon-Ami."


  • Sakaki
Japanese: Yuu Asakawa
English: Christine Auten
  • Kaorin (Kaori)
Japanese: Sakura Nogawa
English: Tiffany Grant
  • Chiyo Mihama (Chiyo Chan)
Japanese: Tomoko Kaneda
English: Jessica Boone
  • Ayumu Kasuga (Osaka)
Japanese: Yuki Matsuoka
English: Kira Vincent-Davis
  • Maya
  • Mr. Tadakichi
  • Kamineko
  • Chiyo-chichi (Chiyo Dad)
Japanese: Norio Wakamoto
English: Jason Douglas
  • Dark-chichi
Japanese: Norio Wakamoto
English: Jason Douglas
  • Chihiro
Japanese: Akane Omae
English: Hilary Haag
  • Hiroka
Japanese: Ryoko Nagata
English: Luci Christian
  • Mizuki
Japanese: Ai Nonaka
English: Monica Rial
  • Masaaki Ohyama
Japanese: Hiroyuki Yoshino
English: Bubba Callahan
Japanese: Shoutaro Morikubo
English: Christopher Patton
  • Miruchi
Japanese: Akane Omae
English: Sasha Paysinger
  • Yuka
Japanese: Sakura Nogawa
English: Mariela Ortiz
  • Yukari Tanizaki
Japanese: Akiko Hiramatsu
English: Luci Christian
  • Minamo Kurosawa (Nyamo)
Japanese: Aya Hisakawa
English: Monica Rial
  • Mr. Kimura
Japanese: Kouji Ishii
English: Andy McAvin
  • Kimura's Wife (Oku)
Japanese: Sayaka Ohara
English: Kaytha Coker
  • Kimura's Daughter (Nuka)
Japanese: Kaori Fukuhara
English: Michelle Ruff
  • Kaorin's Mother
Japanese: Ryoko Nagata
English: Cynthia Ann Feaster
  • Tomo Takino
Japanese: Chieko Higuchi
English: Mandy Clark
  • Koyomi Mizuhara (Yomi)
Japanese: Rie Tanaka
English: Nancy Novotny
  • Kagura
Japanese: Houko Kuwashima
English: Allison Sumrall
  • Saki Tenjouin
Japanese: Ayako Kawasumi
English: Tiffany Grant
  • Rin Kujou
Japanese: Mai Hashimoto
English: Kim Prause
  • Ayako Fujisaki (Aya)
Japanese: Kaori Mizuhashi
English: Jessica Boone
  • Yui Kotegawa
Japanese: Kaori Nazuka
English: Luci Christian
  • Ruana
Japanese: Hitomi Terakado
English: Brittney Karbowski
  • Haruna Sairenji
Japanese: Sayuri Yahagi
English: Leah Clark
  • Oshizu Murasame
Japanese: Mamiko Noto
English: Moneca Stori
  • Dr. Ishihara
Japanese: Yonehiko Kitagawa
English: John Swasey
  • Nurse
Japanese: Ryoko Nagata
English: Shelley Calene-Black

Character GalleryEdit

Sound EffectsEdit

  • The anime would not only use the same SFX as Azumanga Daioh due to Eiko Morikawa being the SFX editor, but would also use a new SFX library containing both original and recycle cartoon SFX (mostly from Disney, Jay Ward, and Sound Ideas Series 4000, along with some SFX from WB). However, it would rarely use SFX from Hanna-Barbera (only a few are used).

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