Saint Seiya Remake is a show on Right Stuf Network.

Saint Seiya Remake
Format Anime series
Created by  ???
No. of episodes 26
Run time 30 min
English Network The Right Stuf Network
Starring Illich Guardiola Jay Hickman Jason Douglas Chris Cason Mike MacRae Sean Schemmel Peter Dobson Yuri Lowenthal Quinton Flynn Stephenie Morgenstern Johnny Yong Bosch
First aired January 4, 2010



Pegasus Seiya

Dragon Shiryu

Cygnus Hyoga

Andromeda Shun

Phoenix Ikki

Son Goku

Danny Rand/Ironfist

Bobby Drake/Iceman

Johnny Storm/Human Torch

Mina Aino/Sailor Venus

Diego/Jaguar Diego


Ophiuchus Shaina

Lizard Misty

Eta Carinae Benetasch Mime

Mizar Syd

Megrez Alberch

Alcor Bud

Sorrent Siren

Chrysaor Krishna

Beta Merak

Lymnades Kaysa


Major/Important CharactersEdit

Jap/English Titled EpisodesEdit

Fictious Voice ListEdit

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