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Studio Bubble Logo (2008-)

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Be-Toon Projects logo with B-kun (2011-2016)

Be-Toon Projects, Inc. logo with Rabeat

Be-Toon Projects logo with Rabeat (2016-) modified from the previous logo

STUDIO BUBBLE is a japanese animated production subsidiary of Konami founded by former members of Ganbare Goemon 1998 anime and TwinBee Paradise in 2008. Its name is based on the name of Konami's Bubble System from the 1980s. Later, when the former CG designers and animators of Pop'n Music game series (e.g. Shio, Eimy, Mayo and tam) began to work at the company, Be-Toon Projects, Inc. is launched as a project production label for BEMANI related productions and secondary animation unit being best known for Pop'n Tunes, inspired by character animations of Pop'n Music, and its name is referenced to the musical date file of every IIDX games Be-Music Source. Ever since other companies produces those of Konami anime successes such as; Yu-Gi-Oh, Gurren Lagann and Quiz Magic Academy (OVA), BUBBLE can focus on producing Konami adaptions as well as BEMANI related media. Even Konami acquired Hudson Soft, BUBBLE can produce Hudson adaptions too. While producing 2D hand-drawn anime, While they produces their adaption, they even hold the rights to classic media adaptions based on Konami and Hudson to distribute. Studio Bubble also produces some CG animated media. It was powered by MikuMikuDance for two of animated segments from Pop'n Tunes: DDR Toons, and Pastel-kun CG animated Reflec Beat shorts, even the Linus opening scenes for Pop'n channel themed OP of Pop'n Tunes, as Dance Image Unit. Even when they produce CG materials, sometimes they rotoscope from CG to 2d hand-drawn.

STUDIO BUBBLE has a deal with 4K Media Inc. as a primary contractor for international dubs (but sometimes edited out some scenes and with its own music for TV edits only), as well as international distribution. Even Sentai Filmworks has a deal with it for releasing too, and Madman Entertainment does for Australia.

As Be-Toon, it also collaborate with BEMANI to produce many character animations for Pop'n Music series and VJs for IIDX, GITADORA and BeatSteam.

Studio Bubble has subsidiaries to affiliate with including Pop'n Bubble Korea.

Animation Units (Japan):

  • Bubble Unit (2D Hand-Drawn Animation but anime influenced styles, Better known as TwinBee Paradise and Anime Styled Sequences of Pop'n Tunes)
  • Be-Toon Unit (2D Hand-Drawn Animation but with extensive use of echo outlines, better known as Pop'n Tunes)
  • Dance Image Unit (CGI 3D Animaton, better known as DDR Toons, also some additional elements)

Affiliates: Edit

  • Pop'n Bubble Korea
  • Bubble Bee Phillipines



Bubble System Countdown Edit

We see the screen starts up in the boot sequence with black background with orange pixeled text a la Konami Bubble System Startup, and the numbers counts down from 10 as the Konami Morning Music plays, and then it cuts to the data reading sequence which is meant like "Program ROM OK" followed by the white line square grid and finally, the music stopped and the logo types and reads "STUDIO BUBBLE" and the Bubble System speech says "Presented by Studio Bubble."


Each logo variation has "Konami STUDIO BUBBLE presents" text at the beginning. First of all, B-Kun, a mascot of BEMANI EXPO, is a mascot of the animation production for his appearance, running in 2008-2016. Starting in Fall 2016, Rabeat, a mascot of BEMANI Fan Site, is introduced to be a new mascot of the studio, replacing B-Kun for a new identity and new logo changes.

1st logo: B-Kun Crayon Drawing (Later known as Rabeat Crayon Drawing) (2013-) Edit

Similar to Konami's Diamond Head Productions logo, the animated logo is done in squigglevision, B-Kun is mainly drawn and colored with crayons above the logo "Be-Toon Projects, inc." Even character variations as well. The music is exactly a remixed spoof of Diamond Head, but to the tune of "Atsumare! B-Kun". Starting in Fall 2016, Rabeat has been reintroduced to replace B-Kun.

2nd logo: Walking B-Kun logo (2013-), aka Logo Letter Train, Rabeat's Logo Letter Train (2016-) Edit

In the white pool of light on the floor in the black background, a la Konami Walking logo (1994-1999), B-Kun, from BEMANI Expo, walks to the left followed by the letters e-Toon until they stopped in the center. He, from far away from the screen, Walks and jumps right next to the word to form the logo and says "Be-Toon", the letters changes colors, the signal wave was send out form the letter T and two O's forms into eyes and wink. the words "P R O J E C T S, I N C." appears below the words of logo. The logo plays the music of Konami Walking logo.

Starting in 2016, in Rabeat variant, Rabeat takes over B-Kun's place that he bounces while the letters following him.

3rd logo: Spinning Letters (2015-), Spinning Letters but with Rabeat (2016-) Edit

In the Dark Blue and Black gradient background, a la the N64 Konami logo, the letters are spinning each random position to screen, a la 1992 YTV shape pieces station id, until it forms the logo in the center and the background fades to white. Like a previous logo, the signal wave was send out form the letter T and two O's forms into eyes and wink. the words "P R O J E C T S, I N C." appears below the words of logo. The logo plays the jingle of the N64 Konami logo as well.

Starting in 2016, in Rabeat variant, the letters of the logo isn't complete without the letter B, Rabeat bounces to the position where the B is at the logo to complete forming. After the logo is complete as the background fades to white and the words "P R O J E C T S, I N C." appears, Rabeat winks.

4th logo: Bouncing Rabeat (2016-) Edit

This is the first original logo to introduce Rabeat for his appearance. In the white background, the "Be-Toon Projects" logo is red as Konami and is in far distance, but without the letter B. Rabeat is bouncing around and then lands on the position of the B and finally forms a logo and Rabeat bounced with the letters and the letters changes colors to rainbow letter by letter. After the logo is complete, Rabeat winks. This is inspiration of Elektra Entertainment logo (1989-2004).



  • The Pop'n Azumanga Anime All Star Hour (co-production, Pop'n Tunes, TwinBee Paradise and Bomberman Jetters characters only)
  • Twinbee Paradise Reimagined (TV Series)
  • Chochen TwinBee (aka Feature-Length TwinBee) (Movie Adaption of Detana TwinBee and TwinBee Yahho!)
  • Pastel Bee Paradise (TwinBee Paradise Spin-Off, OVA)
  • TwinBee Paradise: Bee Bunch (TwinBee Paradise Spin-Off, OVA)
  • LovePlus OVAs
  • Parodius Paradise (OVA series)
  • Parodius Paradise Clay shorts (TV Short series)
  • Parodius Paradise: The Butt Star of Death (OVA) (A Parody of Star Wars' Death Star)
  • Otomedius Amazing (OVA)
  • Parodius Paradise Parodius X Sky Girls X Otomedius OVA
  • Jikkyou Oshaberi Wai Wai Racing (Krazy Racers OVA)
  • Looney Parodius Space Jam (Crossover OVA Movie feat. Looney Tunes x Parodius)
  • Keroro Gunso x Otomedius (Crossover OVA Movie)
  • Bomberman Toons

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