SAW (Anime Series)

Based on Saw the movie Created by:



Anime Series


Adventure, Action.


R for Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual content, Blood and Gore, and Strong Language

No. of Episodes:




Animation Production:





The film started out with A guy who is locked in a cell and he must either risk and cut one of his body parts to get enough blood which he did or else the bomb explodes killing him, He made it with his leg cutted off but died of starvation after not being found, Names are very rarely said. The story then started out with a girl named Kagome who was falsely accused and blamed of mass murder to a bank as it was known by jigsaw, She was running from some people who worked for jigsaw but fell down the stairs and she was unconscious, She later woke up with the Reverse bear trap on her mouth, with barely any instructions given by jigsaw she tried, but was almost killed when the trap opened up, She later walked down the path until she saw another victim which was her friend, Her name was Yuki, A braver and smarter victim who did struggle to get out because she was alittle afraid, Kagome had to reach the key into the box full of shard of glass, She failed to reach the key as of Yuki Getting her limbs cutted off tearing her limbless, But lucky for her she survived as the rope from the head actually didn't even take her head, Yuki was later taken to the hospital to get her prosthetic limbs which has very good control, But she felt pain for months and almost died, She was still alive living a normal life, Back on to Kagome the Gun shot her foot when she tripped on the tripwire, then she found more tripwires (More of the story coming soon)

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