"S/mileage no Shireibu'" (S/mileage's Headquaters;' 全く本部スマイレージん) is a anime featuring the Hello!Project group S/mileage,created by ForeverHello!.


Everyone always thought of S/mileage as the energetic,child-friendly Hello!Project group.But no one knew that the six members of the group actually work for a secret agency,Hachama,which is known for robbing banks all over the world and murdering people who owe the agency something.Follow this cute group,as they learn how it is to be in the Headquaters.


Main CharactersEdit


  • DOB: August 1,1994 (age 118)
  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Tracker & Leader
  • Partner: Kanana-Yattaru
  • Voice Actress: Wada Ayaka
Ayacho-Blue is the leader of the S/mileage Headquarters and the Tracker,with her partner being Kanana-Yattaru.Ayacho-Blue is known for being the mature and responsible one,always scolding the others for slacking off.Yet,she is very caring and is there for members who get hurt on the job.Ayacho-Blue takes the role of the Minor Vocalist in S/mileage,yet she is known for leading a few singles.


  • DOB: March 12,1995 (age 18)
  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Distraction
  • Partner: Puu-Yellow
  • Voice Actress: Fukuda Kanon
Nyon-Purple is the 2nd in command at the S/mileage Headquarters and is the Distraction of the group,Puu-Yellow being her partner.Nyon-Purple was chosen to be the Distraction because she is rather popular and is a very good speaker.Nyon-Purple is known for being self-centered,and is considered weak.She has the role of Main Vocalist in S/mileage,yet there are a few singles within S/mileage that Nyon-Purple did not lead.


  • DOB: June 4,1997 (age 16)
  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Location Director
  • Partner: Ayacho-Blue
  • Voice Actress: Nakanishi Kana
Kanana-Yattaru is the Location Director within the S/mileage Headquarters and her partner is Ayacho-Blue.She is also the Yattaruchan in S/mileage.Kanana-Yattaru is known to be very clever,yet very silly,and is very loveable.Kanana-Yattaru has the role of Sub Vocalist in S/mileage,but has served as a minor vocalist a few times.


  • DOB: November 23,1997 (age 15)
  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Designated Driver & Weapon Manager
  • Partner: Mei-Green
  • Voice Actress: Takeuchi Akari
Take-Red is the Designated Driver and the first Weapon Manager within the S/mileage Headquaters.Her parter is Mei-Green.Take-Red is the tomboy of the group,and is said to have the most talent in the group.Take-Red has the role of Minor Vocalist in S/mileage,but has led a few singles.


  • DOB: April 6,1998 (age 15)
  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Electrical Girl
  • Partners: Nyon-Purple
Puu-Yellow is the Electrical Girl within the S/mileage Headquarters.Her partner is Nyon-Purple.Puu-Yellow is very shy and quiet,which makes her unnoticible while doing her job.Puu-Yellow is the Sub Vocalist in S/mileage,but has served as minor vocals for a few singles.

Mei Green

  • DOB: October 30,1998 (age 14)
  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Money Manager and Weapon Manager 
  • Partner: Take-Red
Mei-Green is the Money Manager and the second Weapon Manager within the S/mileage Headquarters.Her partner is Take-Red.Mei-Green is known to be have a youth vigor to her,and is very sneaky.Mei-Green is known to be the Main Vocalist within S/mileage,but has served as the minor vocals a few times.

Other CharactersEdit


  • DOB: December 31,1998 (age 14)
  • Gender: Female
  • Temporary Position: Spy
  • Voice Actress: Uemura Akari
Aari-Silver was a temporary member of the S/mileage Headquaters,featured on line Episode 22,her position being the "Spy".Aari-Silver seems to be very clusmy,but also a mood-maker.Ayacho-Blue kicked her out,stating that she wasn't "Headquarters" material and was demoted to a Kenshuusei.Nyon-Purple stated that if she were to be in S/mileage,her status would be a Main Vocalist.

Madame Kotone

  • DOB: April 12,1968 (age 45)
  • Gender: Unknown
  • Voice Actress: Yoshizawa Hitomi
Madame Kotone is a spy who works against the Hello!Pro Headquarters.She despises Tsunku and S/mileage very much.She is known for wearing lolita clothing,despite being 45,because it is because of her "likes and height" (she happens to be 410).Madame Kotone tries her hardest to bust S/mileage in their act,but no one believes her because of S/mileage's image within the Hello!Project.Hanada-Kun stated himself that Madame Kotone is "sexy but not sane".
It is unknown whether Madame Kotone is either male or female because some of her co-workers call her a man,while members of her family say she is a female.Her gender is also listed as Uknown (but mostly likely a female) on the official website .


  • DOB: December 12,1967 (age 45)
  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Producer of Hachama
  • Voice Actor: Tsunku
Hanada-Kun is the producer of Hachama.He acts as if he is the most important person in the world,and is very greedy and selffish.Every five years,he elects a new Hello!Project group to run the Headquarters,although he said in Episode 13 that S/mileage would run the headquarters for eternity.


  • DOB: November 19,1997
  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Substitute
  • Voice Actress: Kosuga Fuyuka
Fuyu-Orange is the substitute within S/mileage,only stepping in when members are out.Kosuga was originally the Money Manager,but she left due to anemia,so she was demoted to being a substitute.Her role within S/mileage is unknown due to be featured in one single (in which the sub-members got no lines).


Season 1 (Episodes 1-26)Edit

  • Opening: Suki Yo,Junjou Hankouki
  • Ending: Samui Ne. (Instrumental)

Season 2 (Episodes 27-45)Edit

  • Opening: Atarashii Watashi ni Nare!
  • Ending: Dot Bikini (Instrumental)


Season 1Edit

  1. [2013.01.14] S/mileage's Debut Part 1
  2. [2013.01.15] S/mileage's Debut Part 2
  3. [2013.01.21] First Crime
  4. [2013.01.28] Fuyu-Orange Steps In!
  5. [2013.02.04] Hanada's Plan.
  6. [2013.02.11] Fuyu-Orange's Final Scenario
  7. [2013.02.18] The Return of Mei-Green!
  8. [2013.02.25] Ayacho-Blue's Confession
  9. [2013.03.03] Hinamatsuri Special.
  10. [2013.03.04] Nyon-Purple no Shippai!
  11. [2013.03.11] Mirai no Banking!
  12. [2013.03.18] S/mileage Feud!
  13. [2013.03.25] Madame Kotone!
  14. [2013.04.01] Headuquarters no Fools Day?!
  15. [2013.04.08] S/mileage Break Up?!
  16. [2013.04.15] Puu-Yellow's Resolution!
  17. [2013.04.22] Prank Calls and Roses
  18. [2013.04.29] Kanana-Yattaru Scandal!!
  19. [2013.05.06] Fuyu-Orange Steps In....Again!
  20. [2013.05.13] Beggin'!
  21. [2013.05.20] Fuyu-Orange's 2nd Finale and Kanana-Yattaru's Welcoming!
  22. [2013.05.27] New Addition?! No!
  23. [2013.06.03] Natsu no Hi!
  24. [2013.06.10] S/mileage's Break!
  25. [2013.06.17] A New Beginning Part 1
  26. [2013.06.18] A New Beginning Part 2

Season 8Edit

  1. [2013.09.02] Second Round!! S/mileage no Headquaters


  • Even though Nakanishi Kana wasn't appointed the Yattaruchan of S/mileage until April,it was her codename in the beginning of the anime.Tsunku said he came up with the idea in December 2012,but didn't come out with song ideas for it until March 2013.
  • This is S/mileage's second anime (The first being Lilpri,although Lilpri only featured three original members).
  • It is nominated for "Anime of the Year 2013".
  • ForeverHello! got the idea of making this anime from the web-comic "Misbehaving Children".

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