Bounty Hunter


"Skull Punk"


15 (Pre-Timeskip)

18 (Post-Timeskip)


August 13


5'5" (Pre-Timeskip)

5'8" (Post-Timeskip)


99lbs (Pre-Timeskip)

123lbs (Post-Timeskip)


King's Pole, Various


Raised as an orphan on the streets of Haven Bay, Ryga has spent his whole life fighting to survive. His life long dream? To be a famous bounty hunter known throughout the world!


Ryga is a teenage boy with brown spiked hair, gray eyes, and an athletic build. He is also quite short for his age, which he is highly self conscious about. Also, due to his rough past on the streets, he wears a bandage over his nose and has a chip in one of his teeth, giving him a youthful and silly smile.

His original apparel consists of a light brown hoodie with deep brown elbows and his emblem emblazed on the front, faded blue jeans, and black and white sneakers. As well, he wears a pair of welders goggles on top of his head. To hold all of his various weapons and gases, he wears multiple pouches and a black sling backpack, with holes cut in it to hold his King's Pole.

While under the influence of "the Kong", Ryga's hair grows slightly more spiked and feral, as well, his facial features change to a slightly more simian state.


Hot headed, stubborn, and crude, Ryga is a teenage boy to the core. He's always the first to jump into a fight with no plan, other than "Win!", and peek into the girls dressing room. However, he is a bright young man and a talented tinkerer. As well, he has a soft spot for people who are like him, with harsh pasts or various tradgedies in their lives.

Despite his rough edge, he is very confident in his abilities and takes his job seriously. He is also quite protective of his friends and ambitions.


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