Rondo of Ballerina called in japan as Dominique no Rondo, it's a 35-min promotional OVA who comes with the Black Strings Carnival: Last Song video game. Considered as a canon due to showing the origins of the Ballerina (Dominique in Japan) in first place.


The Ballerina, mysterious girls who like to dance without restrictions. They're curious, had many personalities and dress, hair and eye colors, however, their usually pale skin, plus their mysterious aspect. There are more than just one Ballerina.

As stated by the mysterious Oracle, the Ballerinas doesn't belong either to the World or the Otherworld, but apparently from everyone's imagination.


  • Ballerina: The titular characters
    • MAX3, these are regarded as the strongest Ballerinas.
      1. White (Named Snow. Is the Nicest of the MAX3)
      2. Gray (Named Silver. She's the most neutral of the MAX3)
      3. Black (Named Jet. Is the most Mysterious of the MAX3)
    • The Regular Ballerina.
      • Red (Named Ruby. She has a fiery personality.)
      • Orange (Named Amber. She likes vegetables.)
      • Yellow (Named Cream. She's impulsive and childish.)
      • Green (Named Celadon. She's pretty close to anyone.)
      • Cyan (Named Keppel. She's spirited and calm.)
      • Blue (Named Iris. She loves water and Analytical.)
      • Violet (Named Orchid. She's the most serious.)
      • Pink (Named Cerise. She has a lovely personality.)
      • Magenta (Named Amaranth. She has a dreaming manner.)
      • Brown (Named Russet. She has a stone-like manner.)
  • Bellatrix: An oracle who resembles Elizabeth Amador, she's the sister of Gunther.
  • Gunther: A curious young man who gave a Ballerina music box to his sister.

Fictitious Voice ListEdit

  • Snow: Makiko Ohmoto (JP), Cassandra Morris (EN)
  • Silver: Kanako Kondou (JP), Erin Fitzgerald (EN)
  • Jet: Junko Takeuchi (JP), Julie Ann Taylor (EN)
  • Ruby: Rina Satou (JP), Kate Higgins (EN)
  • Amber: Fumiko Orikasa (JP), Colleen Villard (EN)
  • Cream: Yuki Matsuoka (JP), Cindy Robinson (EN)
  • Celadon: Kotono Mitsuishi (JP), Laura Bailey (EN)
  • Keppel: Mie Sonozaki (JP), Xanthe Huynh (EN)
  • Iris: Yumi Hara (JP), Karen Strassman (EN)
  • Orchid: Aya Hisakawa (JP), Nika Futterman (EN)
  • Cerise: Reina Ueda (JP), Carrie Savage (EN)
  • Amaranth: Asami Shimoda (JP), Christine Marie Cabanos (EN).
  • Russet: Sayaka Aoki (JP), Michelle Ruff (EN)
  • Bellatrix: Yuriko Fuchizaki (JP), Tara Platt (EN)
  • Gunther: Takashi Kondou (JP), Yuri Lowenthal (EN)


  • Many of the VA's of the game return for this OVA.

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