Rohan Kuino or known in Japan as "Rohan!" is a manga series by User:Meanfang, Danithorndyke and Manta-bee. It follows the adventures and misadventures of a boy in fourth grade.


The animated version combined all 7 volumes into a feature film. As was done with Mari Akane.


  • Kuino Family
    • Rohan Kuino - The star of the show. Rohan Kuino can be seen as daydreaming, imaginative, rambunctious and optimistic, he is reminiscent of characters such as Son Goku, Sora (Kingdom Hearts) or Naruto Uzumaki. He is often misunderstood by others. He has 5 friends, including Kirsten Kebu, Dewey Kito, and Tomi Haruki and Sakura Haruki. His rival is Suba Kushyu, who also becomes his friend towards the end.

He has a mother and a father, Chiya and Miro Kuino, an older cousin, Artian and a younger brother, Bobbu. He hates unfairness, and his sense of justice is said to have elaborated more in the sequel series.

    • Artian Kuino- Rohan's older cousin.

Artian loves reading, as shown in the first episodes. In some of the stories, Artian is jealous of Rohan because he gets a lot of attention. There is only one story that is written in Arian's point of view. Artian can be stubborn, and spends a lot of time worrying about his reputation. Artian can be a little rude towards not only Rohan, but to his aunt and uncle as well. In some stories, Artian gets along with Rohan very well. Sometimes, Artian doesn't. When he reaches his teen years, he sheds his "schoolboy" image for a more rebellious one. He attends to have a little crush on Rini Kito. Artian makes his first appearance in the Mari series and continues to appear Rohan series. Artian has a new baby cousin named Bobbu in later episodes of Series 1. Artian attended Nopporo Wakaba Elementary with Rohan at the start of the series, then graduated to Moiwa Junior High. His high school is unknown, but assumed to be the same one Rohan attends in series 2. Artian has been to Camp Kanazawa, which has been shown on a t-shirt handed down from him to his cousin.

    • Bobbu Kuino- Rohan's younger brother. Born into the series during the next to last volume.
    • Miro Kuino - Rohan and Bobbu's father.
    • Chiya Kuino - Rohan and Bobbu's mother.

  • Friends
    • Mari Akane - Artian's best female friend. In later episodes, she dosen't appear too often.
    • Dewey Kito - Rohan's best friend. Introduced somewhere into the series. Dewey has just about as much energy as Rohan. He also stands by him when the times get tough. As of series 2, he and Rohan are now friends with Suba Kushyu, who used to be Rohan's rival.
    • Rini Kito - She is the older sister of Dewey Kito. In an episode in the last part of Series 1, Dewey reffers to her as "Weenie" in the English dub. She seems to get on great with Artian Kuino.
    • Kirsten Kebu - Rohan's best friend and cousin. She is the older sister of Wataru and the cousin of Rohan as of season 3. She is the blonde-haired girl who lives next door to Rohan. They are friends (mainly because their parents are friends) but sometimes they don't like each other. In later episodes, they grow apart, and she is seen less in Series 2, more or less than her little brother. She and Rohan are polar opposites. Rohan is imaginative and energetic. Kirsten is analytical, literal, and hardly ever gets excited. She can be seen as a Temari type
    • Wataru Kebu - Rohan's younger cousin, he often gets on the nerves of the older kids. As of Series 2, he is 11 years old
    • Sabrina Haruki (called Sakura in the Japanese version)
    • Tomi Haruki
    • Yori Mizuna - The first potential love intrest for Rohan. She is shy. She and Rohan often fall for each other, but not simultaneously.
    • Dani Yungo - She is a tomboyish girl who was always seen bickering with Rohan, whom she secretly likes. But they seem to get closer as of series 2. It is made known that she has a younger sister at the end of series 1. A potential love intrest for Rohan. At first she's mean to Rohan, but starts being nicer to him later on.
    • Subaru "Suba" Kushyu - He was introduced as a rival for Rohan.

Rohan first meets Suba in volume 2, and they are rivals through much of the series. Later, it becomes difficult for Rohan because his parents become friends with Suba's parents. They are expected to be nice to each other. It is ultimately revealed that Suba is somewhat neurotic and has less self-esteem than is assumed by the end of series 1, and a lot of high expectations placed on him (mainly by his parents), which further depresses him. At his 10th birthday celebration in Sapporo Park, Rohan (and his best friend by that point, Dewey), realize the extent of this, and determine that by helping Suba (who is also present, but not enjoying himself) realize that they can all be friends, despite their differences, is the best approach.


  • Rohan and his family live on Yanesato Dori (street).


Title Description
Daydream Non-believer Nine-year-old Rohan tries to prove to his friends that his daydreams are happening in real life.
Guess Who’s Coming to Japan Rohan wonders who will become his Neighbor next door, and decides to go investigate, Only to find out his soon-to-be neighbor, Suba has a strong dislike for Rohan.
First Day of School In the start of April, school starts. A day before, it was revealed that Rohan got into an unnecessary argument with some seventh graders who called Artian "Artian the Martian" (in the English dub), as Artian says "seventh graders are jerks". Suba is Rohan's classmate. Over a small squabble, they get further into rival territory fast. He also meets a girl named Dani Yungo, who likes to tease him, but may have hidden depths. He also meets Yori Mizuna, an adorable shy girl, who he thinks is cute. He then says he is over her by the end of the episode, but the running gag will be that they don't fall for each other at the same time.
O Rohan Where Art Thou Rohan and his cousin get into a fight and stop speaking to each other.

Then Rohan decides to run away from home, when his mother Announces she is pregnant.

That's Peachy Rohan's uncle, Chiya's brother is getting engaged to a woman who seems arrogant and self-absorbed. And Rohan doesn't like her at first.

The New Kid

 A new kid joins the class and becomes Rohan's best friend. Also, while starting the fall session, Rohan struggles with the kanji. Also, a possibility of the Kunio family moving arises.
Birthday Boy It's Rohan's birthday, and in this episode, it is discovered that Suba is actually jealous of Rohan (Suba also points out that Dani obviously likes Rohan). After this is found out, it turns out Rohan and Suba could be friends after all.


  • This series is said to take place in Sapporo, Japan.