Rohan Kuino is an anime/manga character created by Manta-bee from the series of the same name.

Rohan Kuino


10 (16 in series 2)










Miro Kuino (father), Chiya Kuino (mother), Artian Kuino (cousin), Bobbu Kuino (brother), Kirsten Kebu (cousin), Wataru Kebu (cousin)


Rohan Kuino Series

Personality and TraitsEdit

Rohan Kuino can be seen as daydreaming, imaginative, rambunctious and optimistic, he is reminiscent of characters such as Son Goku, Sora (Kingdom Hearts) or Naruto Uzumaki. He is often misunderstood by others. He has 5 friends, including Kirsten Kebu, Dewey Kito, and Thomas and Sabrina Haruki. His rival is Suba Kushyu, who also becomes his friend in Series 2.

He hates unfairness, and his sense of justice is elaborated more in series 2.

He has a mother and a father, Chiya and Miro Kuino, an older cousin, Artian and a younger brother, Bobbu.

Rohan's ageEdit

He is about 9 in series 1, turns 10 in the season finale. In series 2, he is 16.


  • Rohan and his family live on Yanesato Dori (street).
  • In series 2, Rohan attends Sapporo South High School.



He is Rohan's best friend.


She is Rohan's other best friend. Though they don't always get along very well.

Sabrina and TomiEdit

Fraternal twins. Two of Rohan's friends from school.


They are practically brothers, complete with squabbles.


Their rivalry started when they were kids. There was one incindent where Rohan tried to tell Suba his shoe was untied, and tried to grab hold of the laces, which caused him to fall, and accuse Rohan of tripping him on purpouse. As of the series 1, season finale, it is revealed Suba envies Rohan, and it appears they can be friends after all. In series 2, they have more of a friendly rivalry.


When he was younger, he usually got on her nerves, and he would follow her and Artian around, wanting to do what they did. As of series 2, it is unknown what they currently think of each other.


Dani and Rohan are walking to class together, despite her meaness to him earlier, she tries to cheer him up when he is sad, also in this same episode, however, when they reach the classroom, she continues being mean to him.

They exchange cards on Valentine's Day and they are seen smiling at each other. When Dani misspells Rohan's name (in the case of the Japanese version, misplacing the characters by accident), the other children chant "Dani likes Rohan! Dani likes Rohan!" in which she responds by blushing. Dani and Rohan are walking to class together, despite her meaness to him earlier, she tries to cheer him up when he is sad. In the last season of Series 1, Dani appears to actually like Rohan, even stated by Suba.

In series 2, Rohan invites Dani to the school dance, and Dani gladly accepts.



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