Robotic Man is a sci fi action drama romance adventure anime series created and directed by Elcidboy. 

Robotic Man
Format Anime series
Created by  ???
Writer(s) Elcidboy
Director(s) Elcidboy


Intelligent and powerful 27 year old secret agent Kenta Kenshin has been trying to arrest the evil serial killer Foshi Lamp for years. But he always fails. One day he was so close to defeating Foshi but Foshi murdered Kenta by pushing him off the edge of a 40 storie building. When Kenta hit the ground he was dead because he fell onto a bus. It damaged his brain badly and killed him. Doctors tried CPR and tried breathing air into him. But it didn't work. They tried everything in their power to revive Kenta but nothing worked. Kenta was dead.. Kenta was buried later. Many people went to his funeral. For months scientists who knew Kenta studied Robots and how to turn the dead into living cyborgs. So then they got good at that kinda stuff. Kentas dead body was taken from his grave and put in the lab the scientists worked in. When Kenta fell his heart was injured and stopped so they surgically removed his heart and replaced it with a robot heart. When Kenta hit the ground he lost his vision so they replaced his eyes with robot eyes. His face had been disfigured so they cybernetically enhanced his face. Many of his organs and body parts were replaced with robotic ones. His arms and legs were cybernetically enhanced. Then Kenta was ressurected and was now part machine part man. Kenta became the superhero Robotic Man the destroyer of evil! He eventually defeated Foshi Lamp...

season 1 episodes

ep 1   the death of Kenta Kenshin

ep 2  the ressurection of Robotic man

ep 3 Robotic man vs Foshi Lamp

ep 4 the land of lizards

ep 5 Robotic Man in Brazil

ep 6 Robotic Man in Romania

ep 7 Robotic Man in New York

ep 8 Robotic Man vs the alien bee monsters from the planet Pluto

ep 9 Robotic Mans death

ep 10 Robotic Mans ressurection

ep 11 hooray for Robotic Man!

ep 12 Snake man part 1

ep 13 Snake man part 2

ep 14 Snake man part 3

ep 15 Snake man part 4 (last part)


Robotic Man


Jerry the robot pig


Foshi Lamp

Lizard Man

Lizard Kid

Lizard Woman

Secret Agent guy