The Knights of The Valve Table is group of knights who are united and serve the Canopy Kingdom and the Gmodverse and protect the world from the forces of the Gray Gravel Axis

Location of HQ: Canopy Kingdom, New Meridian, Retro Ace Radio Tower

Members: Sir Retro Ace(Leader), Dame Noel Vermillion, Dame Peacock, Sir Bart Barnaby, Sir Gordon Budanov, Dame Mizore Shirayuki, Sir Manole, Sir Agustin, Sir Pit, Sir Luigi Mario, Sir Mike Donald

Alignment: Good

Motto: “For All Just Kingdoms”


In the Gmodverse the worlds that inhabit it are recovering after a huge war to save all realties from a great evil (Known as The Great Revolt). While the Gmodverse was not involved in this war, the clashes affected it by drawing new worlds into the Gmodverse and later led to more alliances with new governments and organizations (Canopy Kingdom, Black Order after the end of the Earl and The Noah Family). Later on in the Canopy Kingdom an eccentric former mercenary of Mann Co. a orange Soldier named The Retro Ace (a name remotely similar to the “Head Herald” from the legend of the Great Revolt) moved in and used his hard earned money to open a radio station where he spreads Electro Swing, Motown, and 50’s music throughout the kingdom and beyond soon he became considerably wealthy and famous in the kingdom as “The Music Mann”. Later on a report on the attack on Castle Capital by the Gray Gravel Co. lead to the orange soldier attempting to stop them, only to be battered and beaten like a person being beaten by a riot officer, they took off and Retro Ace was brought to a church by a purple draped priest named Father Mossa’ic. Retro Ace being Catholic himself asked for the priest for some help and counseling, the kind monk smiled warmly “The Lord smiles on you, though you made a foolhardy attempt to stop those brutes, your heart is in the right place.” Retro Ace later on after taking in two kids Makoto Itou and Sekai decided Gray Mann has gone too far, he decided to form a group of vigilantes to unite against the forces of Gray Mann and his new, “Gray Gravel Axis” an alliance he made with a few other criminal masterminds and their forces. Later on the news of Retro forming a such a group reached Princess Parasoul, she personally visited the Retro Ace and gave him the authority as a Knight Captain and the ability to Knight others he deems fit, now Knights in the Canopy Kingdom have not been around for decades since the kingdoms great civil war so this was a great honor to the Ace who knelt before the woman accepting the duty. Now looking for those to join his force, Retro Ace is now also the Captain of The Knights Of The Valve Table.

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