"And a nimbus cloud shall descend amongst the injustice weilding a sword of brass and lighting, he is the Orange Lightning, he is the Black Thunder, he is the Upholder of the Loyal, and the Punisher of the Treacherous, he is the Wrath of the Righteous, and the Bane of the Villianous, he is Head Hearald, he is the Righteous Crusader, he is the One who Judges by The Heart, a servant who is but a common man and follower. He is The Templar."-The Words Of The Fulgrael

Retro Ace


Primary Inquisitor Ace of The Ordo Malleus(Imperium of Man),The Sculptor's Head Herald (Sculptors), The Boss (RED and BLU) Retro (Luffy) Pumpkin Pie (BLU Soldier), Slave of God (Necronicus)


Hand to hand combat, sharp shooting, can take willing souls into his body (Familiars) to switch his armor to different battle modes (Portagas D. Ace, Shawn "Shark-Tooth" Evans, Cross Marian)


"Sometimes you just need a bit of Old Fashioned"


Retro and Nostalgic Things, friends, Root Beer. His faith


Intolerance, Greed, Hate, Sadism, torment






American and of Irish-Italian Decent, Roman Catholic


New York

Home Time Period

21st Centruy



The Retro Ace is the leader of the titular Retro Ace Corps and the main Protagonist of the series, with the Imperium of Man, DWMA, RED and BLU, Straw Hats, and many others by his side. He is willing to protect Innocent throughout existance against the Horde of Hell


Wears a Orange and Black power suit with his Symbol on the chestplate and the mark of the Inquisition on the Right shoulder. His helmet covers his face and his real face is rarely seen by those outside the Corps


The Suit, The Ominox, designed by Dr.Issac and the Vortigaunts, is armed with a vas amount of helpful tools, and 3 weapons (Rightous Bison, The Original, and a orange Third Degree) latter The Ace has the Techpriests modify it with attachments designed by the Ace created by combining bits and pieces of designs of Tau Power Armor (Shoulder pads and joints for agility), and Space Marine Power Armour (using miniture versions of jump pack boosters that the Ace calls "Jet Jumpers" to perform big leaps) on the sides of the Suit's TechPack


His reality petrified

Pulled into Piston

Uniting RED and BLU

The Straw Hats

Gaining support from the Imperium Of Man

"He is neither Cult follower nor Heretic, but his heart is strong and his loyalty to our Emperor is undeniable, even with his diffrent view on Xenos he does not lose sight of admiration to the Emperor, he is determined to destroy the forces of Chaos and its traitorius followers, and he hails from a reality where humanity has a better life, and that is why his world is worthy of the Emperor's Protection, that is why he is qualified to be a Inquistor of the Ordo Malleus, Temporary, but he has done so much for us, he has earned it."-One Of The High Lords of Terra who agrees on making the Retro Ace Temporary Inquistor


Soul Eater

Black Butler


"So what if he's Catholic, Faith does not matter to me, besides this boy is special. He controls the day AND the night. He controls not only the light but also rebelious darkness that defies the bowels of Hell. I like him will not surrender my world to Hell, I am the Darkness that defies Darkness, Me and the Spook Class will be his shadows, AND HELL WILL NEVER TAKE MY SOUL!!! HA HA HA HA!"-Alucard accepting Retro's Invatation along with Seras after approval by Integra while confronting Blackbeard


"Never forget, faith-religous or not-is always important, and remember,beliefs never forsaken, so neither do we."

"Hatered is humanity's greastest curse of Khorne, not a gift of the Emperor, I know, they Grey Knights taught me. The greatest gift of the Emperor is Courage"

"It is not defending humanity or the Emperor I hate sir, it is the hatred that divides humans against each other, I can not see or glorify hatred, I wish I can but I cannot, I must not lie."

"Innocence proves nothing if false, Innocence is proven true when it is shown and there is plenty among the imperium and that is why we protect it in secret."

"There IS such things as innocence and guilt, you just try to ingore it, and to be honest, I think its hersey, in fact, It DISGUSTS ME."

"No no no, there is nothing between hope or dispair you have to choose either one, so what you said about hope leading to disapointment is like saying life is hopless and we should dispair, thats not what the Space Marines told me."

"Without Civilian life what is the point of an empire, The Emperor taught this so you twist it?"

"My force is one made of many, we stand for the innocent, but in secret, ya don't like innocence? Then don't get involved"

"My faith is my faith, nothing you can say, do, or wave in front of my face will change my beliefs or that of my employees/comrades everyone has the right to have faith in something and no one has the right to take someone else's beliefs away, even if I don't belive in it. I am only intolerant of intolerance."

"I may not know alot about leadership, but I do know how to help out."

"Sebastian. I PROMISE that we WILL get their souls back, but we need you're help too, or people will die at the hands of hell-spawned creatures."

"You oppress, censor, torment, and mistreat the innocent, and cause mass destruction, all because you think its 'fun' . you made me VERY desperate Mr. Trancy, I think that was a big mistake you made."

"What can I say? Im an old-faishoned guy!"

"Well HELEN, you set them up to fail so when you take you're anger out on them it looks justified, well guess what, I sen't Mann co. news media, and the public all the info, THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS WHAT YOU HAVE DONE, WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW, AND WHAT YOU ARE PLANNING TO DO. ITS OVER."

"You know what the inscription on the mark on your hand says Sebastian? 'Renedgade' "

"Primary Lord Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus, Head Hearald, but most call me 'The Boss' "

"Emperor what bothers me is even in your so called 'golden age' and now you, the militaristic Eldar, Tau, you creatures who are better then you think have 2 problems, your all wrong, and you think because the ideals and acts of evil you commit are 'lesser' or 'necessary' means its 'excusable', its not nor it should be. Genocide, Tyranny, Opression, Hate, all these things are unacceptable and inexcusible. Your 'Imperial Truth' is just another corrupt idealology. The Imperial Truth whitewashes sin,it takes virtures and calls them 'superstition' it makes sins 'progress', it takes 'person' out of 'people'. While Eldar Militarism makes Isha and Ceogarc seem like the traitors when the real traitor was Isha's ex-lover who tempted the others into betray them, it takes pride and vainty and calls it 'supreamacy', Tau carry arrogance of youth in the form of 'encouragement. And worst of all they all share one horrid, putrid, and blastphemous idea, 'freedom is an illusion' which is where corrupt order spawns from."



Portgas D. Ace-Familiar of Fire (armor Fire-Exceedraft)

Shawn "Shark Toothed" Evans-Familiar of Sound (armor Sonic-Gavan)

Cross Marian-Familiar of Light (armor Light-B-Fighter)

Sarpedon-Familiar of Shadow (armor Shadow-Shaider)

David Cider-Familiar of Wood (armor Vine-Spielvan)

Priscilla-Familiar of Earth (armor Earth-Jaspion)

Angela Blanc-Familiar of Wind (Her soul was trapped inside Landers who devoured her soul long ago and used her body, she is now free, armor Wind-Jiban)

  • all armor forms are based on the heroes "Metal-Hero Series" and also borrows their names

Equip Familiars(can turn into weapons instead of changing Retro's Armor)

Sister Yumiko-Equip Familiar of Light (soul becomes a Katana)

Count Cain-Familiar of Shadow (soul becomes a fencing foil or pistol)

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