"If that's how it's gonna be... then it's time for me to go to work!" -Akira as he prepares to fight off some Fiends.

Akira is one of the main protagonists of Release, being the Sky Dragon Warrior Wielder.

Akira's faceclaim
Akira's face and hair, but combed to his right with amber eyes


Hot Head, Rebellion









Human Fiend Type:

Sky Dragon Warrior


The Phenomena of the Sky: Sky, Storm, Cloud, Rain, Lightning, Sun, Moon


Himself, his friends

Current Status:


Personality Edit

Akira is described as a hot-headed, short tempered boy who tends to be rebellious against authority. Even in the most serious of times, Akira can be laid-back, casually mouthing off to those with powers equal or greater to him. His rebellious attitude only extends to those that are not adults, such as older students or such. Adults who have wisdom or are teachers at school, they have Akira's respect. Due to his short temper, people tend to pick on him for amusement or stay away from him, for fear that he might hurt them. He does have a kind and caring side, which he reveals only to close friends or girls he likes. Oddly enough, Akira is a but clumsy, tending to trip over himself sometimes and causing problems for anyone he takes down with him. Despite this part of him, Akira is also an excellent tactician, coordinating group attacks, utilizing his surroundings to his advantage, and working with all of the martial arts techniques he's learned to conquer the battlefield.

However, when he activates his Hyper Dragon Mode, a state of extreme bursts of emotion, Akira will tend to change his personality slightly depending on the Phenomena of the Sky he's fighting with. When in Sky form, he is calm, collected, making analyzing his opponents and battlefield, and finding the perfect moment to attack. Using the Storm form, Akira becomes more focused on fighting offensively, dealing out as much damage as possible and withdrawing to renew his attack. The Cloud form allows Akira to fight with two clones, so Akira changes his personality to a more commanding type, focusing on group attacks and being strategic. Rain offers Akira the ability to tranquilize and calm enemies down to the point where they are too tired to fight, so Akira's laid-back trait returns and takes dominance. With the Lightning form, Akira can focus on enhancing his defensive capabilities, so his personality then becomes less attack-oriented and using his defensive power to its highest possible advantage. Sun offers a healing type of ability, so Akira can focus more on healing not only himself, but other people. Moon gives Akira the ability to create illusions of any type, so he focuses on using illusions strategically and fighting well with them. Akira's clumsiness will also disappear in HDM so he can fight better.

Appearance Edit

Akira is a lanky, rather thin male who stands at 6 feet even. His bleach white hair is unkempt, and usually combed over to his right side. His bright amber eyes shine when in bright areas, turning orange with bright red-orange irises when he activates his Hyper Dragon Mode. Clothing-wise, Akira has an affinity for red-colored apparel and hooded jackets, wearing a dark red, 3/4-length, hooded leather jacket with black interior linings. Alongside his jacket, he wears a simple grey, sleeveless t-shirt, a pair of faded, dark blue jeans, and red Converse All-Stars. Akira's clothing has been made to be able to withstand extreme wind speed, and his jacket has six, small buckles to hold the jacket in place when he uses his wind powers. On his neck, Akira wears a black rope chain necklace that has a red gem with a silver outline on the gem, either hiding the necklace behind his shirt, or letting it be seen and taking it out from under his shirt. His right middle finger has a silver ring with gold details and a diamond gemstone, with six smaller rubies next to it, three on each side. Akira often adjusts his ring or touches his necklace when he feels conflicted with something that can't be helped by any other person.

Akira also has a random pack of gum in his pocket, chewing the gum whenever he can. It's tropical fruit flavored gum, which he chews out in public, but sometimes during school due to being picked on, as his gum-chewing habit has been a way for him to calm down. He even blows bubble for no real reason.

Abilities Edit

Enhanced Hearing: While not as strong as other Dragon Wielders, Akira is still able to hear something from another classroom in another school, in the neighboring city.

Minor Intuition: His Sky Dragon powers grant Akira minor intuition, allowing him to find weak points in something and make an instant knock-out/kill.

Enhanced Conditioning: Thanks to many factors, including martial arts training and his Sky Dragon powers, Akira's physical prowess is comparable to that of an Olympic-level athlete, contrary to his appearance. His physical strength and stamina are extremely high, allowing him to perform at high levels for long periods of time, allowing Akira to free-run and parkour all around the city several times before being tired out.

Martial Arts Expert: Akira has been trained in several martial arts, mostly Japanese and Vietnamese techniques. As such, he will mix and match several techniques from these styles and apply them in free-flowing hand-to-hand combat, giving him an edge in street brawls or fights he may get into.

Weapons Proficiency: Akira's parents have taught Akira how to use many weapons, such as guns and swords. However, Akira prefers his bare hands as carrying weapons would be to clumsy and take up precious space Akira could be using to his advantage. Kendo, Iaido, and Kenjutsu are just a few of the sword styles Akira knows, as there are many sword styles in the world.

Powers Edit

Ddraig up-close

The Sky Dragon Warrior that Akira represents. Ignore the flames, they were in the picture.

Sky Dragon Warrior Wielder:

  • Akira has inherited the Dragon Fiend abilities of the Sky Dragon Warrior when he was born. This allows Akira access to seven different Sky phenomena. These phenomena include the Sky itself, Storms, Clouds, Lightning, Rain, the Sun and the Moon. Akira can use these seven different phenomena and their special properties in specialized fighting styles Akira created himself to better wield his power. Sky has a Harmony property, letting Akira harmonize with his surroundings, no matter what it is; this draws out a calm fighting style using hand-to-hand melee techniques. Storm has a destruction property, but it cannot destroy everything easily; instead, Akira uses this property to always be on the offensive, fighting with hard-hitting attacks, then moving back to renew the attack. Cloud has the propagation ability, allowing Akira the ability to summon two body doubles that attack on his command; each clone is an exact clone of Akira, but they have no conscience, allowing Akira to easily control them into forming group attacks. Lightning posses the Hardening property, augmenting Akira's defensive prowess to new levels so Akira can focus on the defense as he calculates his next move. Rain's tranquility property gives him the ability to fight with grace and speed, flowing around the battleground and taking down enemies with its tranquility; like boring his enemies to death, but at the same time, hitting them in critical weak points and forcing them into an unconscious state or outright killing them if necessary. Sun uses a healing property to heal/regenerate both Akira or another person, but Akira must make direct contact with the selected person he needs to heal, or the healing won't work well enough; this also allows Akira to fight more defensively and take lots of damage, but is still susceptible to mortal wounds that could kill him, and he can't regenerate everything in one go. Moon can allow for the use of illusions, meaning Akira can place strategic illusions that give him the upper hand, or allow him to place an illusion while he does something else.
  • Dragon Warrior Form, Harmonious Sky Style: The Sky Style is Akira's default Dragon Warrior Form, utilizing the Sky's harmony to fight strategically and deal damage to certain weak points. Sky's ability to harmonize with everything is much similar to how the sky envelops the world, always present and ever watchful.
  • Dragon Warrior Form, Propagating Cloud Style: Akira uses his two Cloud clones to fight in group attacks, coordinating the two clones into any role/position Akira needs. While in this style, the clones usually fight by themselves, giving Akira opportunities to attack, moving along alone, resembling an actual cloud.
  • Dragon Warrior Form, Hardened Lightning Style: Akira's primarily defensive style, allowing him to take more damage than normal, but is still able to be killed. His defensive power is augmented to levels beyond Akira's normally high defense, absorbing damage much like a lightning rod absorbs lightning.
  • Dragon Warrior Form, Destructive Storm Style: Meant to be a primarily offensive style, Akira attacks relentlessly, showing no mercy and fighting with all he's got. As Akira attacks, his damage and physical strength will increase with every attack, building up more and more power, becoming much like a storm itself.
  • Dragon Warrior Form, Tranquil Rain Style: Tranquil Rain allows Akira to flow around the battlefield, hitting quick and hard, while also moving in a hypnotic manner that entrances enemies and calms them down to the point where they just stand and watch. Moving around like the gentle flow of rain on the world, Akira becomes a quick and deadly force.
  • Dragon Warrior Form, Healing Sun Style: Offering the support role, Akira gains enhanced regeneration and stamina, as well as the ability to heal others with direct contact to the selected person he's healing. If Akira is healing someone by a point he would normally deem a weak spot, the healing ability works quicker, and speeds up tremendously. It can even heal lost body parts. Its role as support is much like how the sun supports the world we live in.
  • Dragon Warrior Form, Deceiving Moon Style: Illusions are not only granted by this style, they're enhanced greatly as Akira can normally form illusions. These illusions allow Akira to deceive his enemies and confuse them, while Akira simply waits in the illusions, hidden, as he considers his move. Once done, Akira strikes like a phantom, disappearing and reappearing just like the moon.
  • Hyper Dragon Mode: When Akira activates Hyper Dragon Mode, various physical changes appear, giving Akira the semblance of a humanoid dragon; his eyes change color and become more reptilian in appearance, he gains scales on his arms and legs, and his face becomes more dragon-like, also gaining small red dragon wings made of tightly-compressed dragon energy on his back. Hyper Dragon Mode also grants Akira a major boost in his Dragon Warrior Forms, allowing him to use multiple styles at the same time, something he normally cannot do with out Hyper Dragon Mode. HDM activates when Akira experiences a huge rush of any emotion, normally anger or determination, but since the Sky Style is the default DWF, Akira will immediately calm down to a state where he can fight and think clearly. Akira will also gain the ability to fly at altitudes that are normally impossible, such as being able to fly directly to the top of Mount Everest. His Sun Style will be able to support him as he does so. Not only that, Akira will also gain a small aura in the form of a flame on his forehead, though the flame only indicates how much longer his Hyper form will last; a red-orange aura will also surround Akira's body, which will also shrink as he fights, until both auras disappear and Akira leaves Hyper form.
  • Ultimate Dragon Mode: [REDACTED]

Attacks Edit

Akira has learned to harness his different styles and augment his own attacks, sometimes summoning his Dragon Power in a high level attack. Each style has its own special attack, and Akira tends to use these as a finishing move of sorts.

  • Sky Dragon Warrior: Sky Harmony Wave - Akira's Sky Harmony Wave uses the harmony factor of his Sky Style to release of wave of Sky Energy throughout an area with a 4-mile diameter, but he can change the area effect. The Sky Harmony Wave is much like an Area-of-Effect attack, which causes those caught in the AoE will be petrified by the Harmony factor, and encased in a hard light cocoon.
  • Sky Dragon Warrior: Destructive Storm Blast - When using the Destructive Storm Blast, Akira takes the faded aura that he generates when activating any of his styles and focuses its energy into one destructive blast, or several, less powerful blasts; the more blasts generated, the weaker they get. Simply put, one powerful blast will equal to several weaker blasts.
  • Sky Dragon Warrior: Propagating Cloud Coordination - The Propagating Cloud Strike allows Akira to control both his base body and his clone bodies at the same time through shared conscience, which in turn allows Akira to form a more precise coordinated strike. This strike uses up the clones' power to create a propagating strike that has two effects; a non-lethal cocooning effect much like the Sky Wave, or a lethal version that kills you outright.
  • Sky Dragon Warrior: Hardening Lightning Strike - Lightning Style's special ability gives Akira a lightning-charged punch, followed by a lightning bolt striking down and either subduing or killing the target. First, Akira must charge up his lightning punch, followed by him running and punching the enemy. Upon hitting the target, the lightning will transfer to the target, shocking them. Once Akira has retreated, a lightning bolt will strike the target, causing a cocoon of light or death.
  • Sky Dragon Warrior: Tranquil Rain Control - Akira can cause a heavy rain storm to strike, using this rain to tranquilize any enemy it touches. This rain can have multiple effects, such as tranquilizing enough to kill, or subdue, taking on acidic effects, or acting as water would normally. In addition, Akira can manipulate the water created from this move, and is able to use Hydrokinetic constructs, but it is still limited.
  • Sky Dragon Warrior: Healing Sun Overload - With the Sun Style, the Healing Sun Overload allows Akira to overload an enemy with sun energy, essentially turning them into a bomb that detonates when Akira wants, or immediately after he has cleared the area. Akira is also capable of bringing someone on the verge of death back to life by overloading their dying body with enough sun energy to revive them, which is handy. This attack is melee-based, requiring contact.
  • Sky Dragon Warrior: Deceiving Moon Realm - Using the illusions the Moon Style creates, Akira can manipulate a person's mind into thinking that they are in a realm where Akira has absolute control. Upon the activation of this attack, Akira dominates his opponent's mind, controlling their five sense and doing whatever he wants to it.
  • Hyper Dragon Strike: Seven Sky Attack - Akira takes aspects of all of his styles and special attacks and merges them into one, powerful attack that only other Dragon Wielders could counter, provided they have the training to do so. In this attack, Akira releases a Sky Harmony Wave to distract his enemies, then follows up with any other attack he has, depending on what the situation calls for. If there's one enemy, he uses his melee skills to take them down. Multiple enemies means he'll use the area-of-effect skills to take them down while using the melee skills to take down singular targets more easily.

Hyper Dragon Gear Edit

Hyper Dragon Gear are special pieces of equipment that are exclusive to Akira's Hyper Dragon Mode. When in Hyper Dragon Mode, Akira can summon the HD Gear by infusing one of his styles with the Hyper Dragon energy that HDM uses. However, he cannot wield multiple HD Gear while in Hyper Mode, instead imbuing the essence of the selected Dragon Warrior Form into the base HD Gear to change their form to match the styles' different aspects.

  • Hyper Dragon Gear: Sky Gauntlets - The Sky Gauntlets are just that, gauntlets. Each gauntlet resembles a cross between the Boosted Gear from High School DxD, and the X-Gloves Version Vongola Gear from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. On the right gauntlet, the rings that appear are replaced by armor that appears on similar areas of the gauntlet. Left-handed wise, there's nothing too special in its appearance. However, the gauntlets boast the Sky Harmony attribute, which allows Akira to wield each gauntlet in the Sky Style's harmonic fighting abilities, and project the Sky Harmony Wave through the gauntlets. It's also capable of firing projectiles versions of the Sky Harmony Wave, sending beams of the harmony attribute directly to a target precisely.
  • Hyper Dragon Gear: Storm Gauntlets - An enhancement to the Sky Gauntlets, this version allows Akira to channel the Storm Style more effectively. In this form, the gauntlets become more attack-oriented, which changes their design to match. They still appear like the Sky Gauntlets, but have a more attack-focused design, including spikes on the knuckles, and stuff like that. The Storm variant also allows Akira to fire the Destructive Storm Blast through the palms, and is able to control the Storm Blasts' shape and abilities.
  • Hyper Dragon Gear: Cloud Gauntlets - These Sky Gauntlets variants change the appearance to resemble Tonfas on the under arm portion, increasing the attack damage as well as allowing the Cloud Style to fight more effectively. When the clones appear, they wear purple colored versions of this variant, while Akira's main self wears a red-purple coloring in addition to the other cosmetic changes. While these Tonfa designs can become Tonfas themselves, Akira prefers his bare hands, using the designs in assisting with attacks that include this underarm.
  • Hyper Dragon Gear: Lightning Gauntlets - Upon being imbuing his Sky Gauntlets with his Lightning Style, they change to the Lightning Variant. In this form, the gauntlets become bulkier, gain a primarily-green color scheme, and various lightning bolt designs throughout the gauntlets. Not only do the Lightning Gauntlets increase Akira's defensive capabilities, they also allow Akira to channel lightning in a similar manner to Cole MacGrath of the InFamous series, discharging lightning and manipulating electrical energies to Akira's will.
  • Hyper Dragon Gear: Rain Gauntlets - Blue as the sky, the Rain Gauntlets have a more sleek and streamline design than any other gauntlet, meant to be used with the Rain Style's Tranquil Rain Control, which allows Akira to wield the water created from the attack as Hydrokinetic constructs. Alongside this ability, the Rain Gauntlets also have various rain-inspired designs etched into the gauntlet, giving it the flowing, streamline design that it needs to manipulate the water better, as well as give it that rain-influenced design.
  • Hyper Dragon Gear: Sun Gauntlets - More TBA.

Trivia Edit

  • I made Akira in one whole edit, minus the category addition and additional suggestions from my friends.
  • Akira is based on the abilities of Katekyo Hitman Reborn's Dying Will Flames of the Sky. His personality is a mix of Dante from DMC, Tsuna Sawada of the aforementioned anime, and a little bit of me.
  • I stayed up until 1:00AM PST making him. Took a few hours, maybe.
  • The HD Gear were going to be separate weapons, but my friends told me to change it.

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