Mordecai and Rigby

Mordecai (Nagisa) and Rigby (Takashi), the main characters of the series.

This is the new anime version of Regular Show.


Mordecai (Nagisa) and Rigby (Takashi) are now reimagined as workers for a convenience store in the fictional town of Ryonko in Tokyo, Japan. Their job at the convenience store is managing the counter and they now work for a female lavender goat with an eye-patch named Aren (Masami), who is the manager of the place. They two of them often go on wacky adventures which usually happen because Rigby screws something up. Other characters in the series include Alice (Yukiko), Aren's shy younger sister who works as a janitor, Carmen (Tsunemi), a female red fox who Rigby often flirts with to get her attention, Simon (Runi), a white tiger who idols Rigby and wants to be like him someday, Esther (Akane), a tomboyish female blue jay who appears to be Mordecai's cousin, and Kenneth (Sasuke), a gray cat who Mordecai and Rigby often come to for help.

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