Rebirth is an anime set in China.


Durring the final days of World War 3, the United States military crosses over the border of Beijing. Durring the battle, a huge figure appeared, the creature was revealed to be Gōnglǜ the Dragon King, a dragon like being who onced ruled with an iron fist before the dawn of the emperors. Due to China's corrupt communist government, the Dragon King returned to reclaim his empire by destroying all US and Chinese Forces on what became to be known as the "Beijing massacre ". After reclaiming China, the world trembled in fear for the Dragon King was soo powerful that he could even survive a nuclear explosion. The main protagonist is a 29 year old  former Chinese soldier and Beijing massacre survivor named Geng Wei.


Geng Wei (耿偉)Edit

Main article: Geng Wei


Main article: Gōnglǜ

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