Rango (anime style)

Directed by

Gore Verbinski

Produced by

Gore Verbinski
Graham King
John B. Carls
Hiroshi Takahashi

Written by

Gore Verbinski
John Logan
James Byrkit


Johnny Yong Bosch
Sharon Stone
Tara Strong
Jason Griffith
Steven Jay Blum
Yuri Lowenthal
Matt Hill
Sean Schemmel

Music by

Hans Zimmer

Editing by

Craig Wood


Industrial Light & Magic
Graham King Films
Toei Animation

Distributed by

Paramount Studios
Right Stuf International

Release date (s)

TBA (Japan)
June 4, 2011 (North America)

Rango (anime style) is a movie set to air on the Right Stuf Network. It is an anime rendition of said movie originally distributed by Nickelodeon Movies.


Rango is a chameleon who lives in a terrarium and constantly seeks to fit with his surroundings. He finds himself removed from his contemporary American southwest surroundings and ends up in an Old West town in the middle of the Mojave Desert called Dirt, which is populated by various desert critters garbed like characters out of Western fiction. Thinking himself a hero, Rango establishes himself as the town's sherrif, not knowing that people who have held that title do not fare very well in Dirt. In "an existential crisis", Rango comes to question everything about himself.

Fictitious Voice CastEdit

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor

Rango (a chameleon)

Ikkei Seta Johnny Yong Bosch
Beans (a desert iguana) Aya Hisakawa Sharon Stone
Priscilla (a possum) Ikue Otani Tara Strong
Roadkill (a nine-banded armadillo) Miyu Irino Jason Griffith
Rattlesnake Jake (a western diamondback rattlesnake) Yasuka Saitoh Steven Jay Blum
Balthazar (a mole) Mamoru Miyano Yuri Lowenthal
Bad Bill (a gila monster) Junichi Kanemaru Matt Hill
Spirit of the West Aoi Tada Sean Schemmel



  • Quinton Flynn
  • Colleen Clinkenbeard
  • Grey DeLisle
  • Rob Paulsen
  • Christopher R. Sabat
  • Richard Horvitz
  • Clancy Brown
  • Cree Summer
  • Monica Rial
  • Rodger Bumpass
  • Nika Futterman


  • Ayaka Komastu
  • Emi Shinohara
  • Mika Doi
  • Nobutoshi Kanna
  • Koji Yusa
  • Kappai Yamaguchi
  • Yuriko Yamaguchi


Some things from the movie was removed when the footage of the movie arrived in North America to Right Stuf International.

List of Edits Done in Rango (anime style)

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