​REBirTH is an action comedy anime created by a colaboration between Studio DEEN, Studio Gonzo, and Production I.G., and is to be lisensed by Funimation. The show will begin to air on Toonami in 2015, with the show's world premier to be avaible with a sub and a dub. The show is a Cyberpunk, with a few elements of Light and Dark humor, and also crosses over with other anime.Edit


In the year 2015, man created machine, and they lived in peace, but one machine felt he wasn't being treated like a living being, and rebelled against his creators. Due to this, a year later, the war between man and machine had begun. The war had lasted for 5 years, until a human squad had made a truce with the machines. The person that wagered the truce was Hiro Shinohara, a (at the time) 12 year old boy who had negotiated the truce with the machines. In 2023, Hiro's friend Maka went missing, and he started his search on July 10th. On July 1st 2025, Hiro was shot down by a gang of rogue machines, and had almost died, but he requested to become a machine, while maintaining his memories and emotions. So on July 5 2025, he was transferred into a human created machine titled Project X Model#01, The Reaper. Now, Hiro must try to find Maka, and save important figures of the present , and past in order to stop an uprising.l, and the possible extinction of humanity.

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