Qiangdao Yingxiong: Qinghuo Jing

Story by

Ai Jing


Ai Jing


No information




Bandit Hero: Clear Fire Jing

Alternate title(s)

Hero Jing

Qinghuo Jing the Hero Bandit

Music by

Tarō Iwashiro

alan (Chinese singer)

Jay Chou



Shanghai Media Group

Running time

108 minutes






Qiangdao Yingxiong: Qinghuo Jing (强盗英雄:清火晶 Bandit Hero: Clear Fire Jing) is a film written and directed by Ai Jing as his first Chinese animated movie. The ending theme song is sung by alan in both Chinese and Japanese versions but the opening song was sung by Jay Chou in the Chinese version only, the Japanese version replaces it with one of the original sound tracks. The voice actors are all famous live-action Chinese actors.


Before the Cao Dynasty of the country of Qinming, the former emperor was assassinated by his rival, Cao Hu, who created the Cao Dynasty a year after the last emperor's death. In the 15th year of the Cao Dynasty, a boy by the name of Qinghuo Jing was made famous after he stole the legendary Jade Qilin Amulet from Qinming's most armed and protected city, Yunchang, the city known as the Unrivalled City. Little does Jing know, that he is destined for something even bigger than stealing the world's greatest treasures. On his journey to steal the greatest treasures, Jing steals a golden orb from the famous town of Fengxian and the orb later transformed into a girl of his age; Yi Xing Xiao Long was her name. Xiao Long told Jing of his future which he denied to carry out but later is forced to do it, for it is the Will of Heaven for Cao Hu to end his reign of tyranny and call upon a new ruler of Qinming.


Qinghuo Jing Jay Chou
Yi Xing Xiao Long Liu Yifei
Emperor Cao Hu Donnie Yen
Yu'er Gong Li
"Cave Hawk" Lin Ying Chow Yun-fat

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