Psycho Party is a survival horror anime feature film and the first installment in the Psycho Party Series.


Takuto Toriyama awakens in an abandoned high school along with seven other victims, and find themselves thrust into a nightmarish world. Confused and afraid they try go make sense of things and escape, but soon realise that everything around them is not real. As darkness lies ahead an unimaginable terror awaits for theem. While trapped, Takuto gathers all of his courage and fights for his survival in order to get answers before it vanishes in darkness and before he loses himself to the psychotic horrors.



  • Takuto Toriyama (voiced by Tomakazu Seki, Japanese and Paul Mercier, English) - the protagonist of Psycho Party series, Takuto is one of the victims that awakes in the haunted high school and searches for answers to why he was kidnapped.
  • Miki Sakamoto (voiced by Rina Sato, Japanese and Laura Bailey, English) - the deutragonist of the Psycho Party series, Miki is one of the victims trapped in the haunted high school and serves as the love interest of Takuto.
  • Kenji Nakoto (voiced by Kenji Nojima, Japanese and Yuri Lowenthal, English) - a major character in Psycho Party, Kenji is one of the victims trapped in the haunted high school who assists Takuto and Miki into discovering answers.
  • Takari Shado (voiced by Nakata Jouji, Japanese and Chrispin Freeman, English) - the primary antagonist of Psycho Party, formally a scientist he was driven by madness after his son, Ryota got in a car accident that left him fatally disabled. Unable to deal with his son's condition, he creates a machine known as 'CYB' where it allows multiple minds to be brought together into one, hoping to find a new body for Ryota he placed him in the system, kidnapped random people and placed them in the machine hoping to find the best host for his son. After kidnapping his victims, he plugs himself in to the machine and ruthlessly stalks and kills his preys as the monsterous "Shado".


  • Setsuna Sung - one of the victims captured by Shado and forced into CYB.
  • Chaun Yao - (voiced by Unknown, Japanese and Travis Willingham, English) - one of the main characters and victims trapped captured by Shado. Yao was a scientist and Takari's partner, however when his son got in a car accident and started CYB' Yao refused to be involved with Shado's twisted plan, which soon led to his capture.
  • Ryota Shado - (voiced by none) - the son Takari Shado, Ryota got in a car accident that left him severely disabled and went into a coma. Soon his father went mad and created a machine called CYB, his father kidnapped many people and placed hoping to find a new body for his son.
  • Himiko - one of the victims captured by Shado and forced into CYB.

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