FA: Time for Powerful Music, Episode 5 named, Music of the...School?

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows Ginger outside a giant white building-

Ginger: It seems more like a mansion than a school... -.-"

-a short girl runs up to Ginger-

???: You Ginger?

Ginger: Yes...

???: 'Ello! I'm Hiyori!

Ginger: you?

Hiyori: Let's get to class! -eyes flash-

Ginger: ...? -shakes head- Sure! -walks with Hiyori to a big fancy room-

-the teacher is already teaching-

Teacher: So that's how it- -sees Ginger- Oh! I guess our new student is here!

Ginger: ...He-He-Hello...

Teacher: Everyone, say hello!

-all the students say "Hello", "Hi", etc.-

Teacher: Introduce yourself!

Ginger: I'm...

Hiyori: -interrupts- She is Ginger Ai!

Teacher: -eyes flash like Hiyori's did earlier- What a beautiful name!

Ginger: -thinks- What's with their...eyes?

-4 Minute Commercial Break-

Teacher: -twitches- Everyone, please stand up, and introduce yourselves to Ginger!

-the students (including Hiyori) make a tight and small circle around Ginger-

Teacher: Now....Introduce....yourselves...-eyes turn completely white, and so do the students' eyes-

Ginger: !

Hiyori: -snatches Ginger's pendant- You won't be needing this...-it disappears into thin air-

Ginger: Why you...!

Teacher: -fangs appear. and jumps on Ginger- Come with me...

Ginger: -thinks to self- Coco...where ever you are..Help me!

-the students get fangs too, but the Teacher's keeps on growing-

Teacher: Say life...

-Coco runs in, with a glowing pendant around her neck-

Coco: Stop that! -starts singing-

-the students fall down, and disappear, but the teacher is still holding Ginger, to her breast-

Teacher: Nothing can stop me from taking her....-disappears with Ginger-

Coco: ...Ugh! Why did I have to come late!

-End of Episode 5-

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