Here are the List of characters in PPGD series (not yet completed). In this variation the Powerpuff Girls D The Animated series will be diffenrent from the Original comic series in fact it was REVAMPED & REBOOTED. The Anime series will adapt both PPGD Webcomic series,PPG (1998) and the latest installment PPG 2016 (for their powers and Abilities).

Character list Edit

Full list see here: List of PPGD characters in SNAFU wiki.

Main Edit

  • Dexter McPherson

To be added.

  • Blossom Utonium

To be added.

  • Bubbles Utonium

To be added.

  • Buttercup Utonium

To be added.

  • Samurai Jack or Jack-sensei


  • Harold "Coop" Kowalski

To be added.

  • Grim Reaper

To be added.

  • Dee Dee McPherson

To be added.

Megaville Elementary SchoolEdit

Characters who appeared as a students and teachers in the Megaville city Elementary School.


To be added.


To be added.

Project RowdyEdit

Prominent people who are part of the Project rowdy, The history of this group is unknown and it us unknown if they're Allies or Enemies.

  • Dr. John Brisbaine

To be added.

  • IM Weasel

To be added.

The Rowdyruff BoysEdit

  • Brick Brisbaine

To be added.

  • Butch Brisbaine

To be added.

Wakeman FamilyEdit

  • Jennifer "Jenny XJ-9" Wakeman

To be added.

  • Mrs. Noreen "Nora" Wakeman

To be added.

Minor & Mentioned only CharactersEdit

Irken FactionEdit

Darkstar CouncilEdit

  • Bell

To be added.

  • Dr. X

To be added.

  • Zim

To be added.

  • Samantha

To be added.

  • Mandark Astronomonov

To be added.

  • Mojo Jojo

To be added.

Crossover-Only charactersEdit

Important characters for the possible Anime (based) spin-off series of Powerpuff Girls D. And will make an appearance in the Third season.

Ben 10: The Heroes InitiativeEdit

Main article: Ben 10: Heroes Initiative.

Characters that appeared after the Events of Ben 10: Omniverse & PPGD season 2. Crossing-Over the characters from A Certain Scientific Railgun, Generator Rex, Sword Art Online and Date A Live. The events of this fanfic was placed at Acedemy City where Ben decided to go back to school because Azmuth and the galvans had decided to provide new weapons for the Plumbers to stop the Evil villain threaths on Earth.

Agent BrisbaineEdit

Main article: Agent Brisbaine.

The  3 Major Characters from Alternate Future will Team-up with Brick & Butch of the Rowdyruffs to stop a possible event that would Trigger a catastrophic Apocalypse same on what happens on Alternate Future. (Inspired to DC's The New 52: Futures End   and First Character crossover of PPGD and Grim Tales).

Grim Tales From Down Below (Reboot)Edit

Main Article: Grim Tales.

This Animated series Will be different to the original webcomic series by Bleedman, same as the webcomic along with the Characters of PPGD it was set as a Dark Alternate Future-Timeline. However the story will be different,the events of the past will also Changed due to the controversial references such as: 9/11 Attacks, Global War on Terrorism, ISIS-led terrorist attacks (including 2015 Paris Terror Attacks or Nice Terrorist Attacks), World War I-II, Cold War proxy-conflicts, post-Cold War conflicts and many more. Instead it will be changed by many Disasters and accidents that can be considered loss of lives, Including from the Battle of Megaville (Alternate Future) or Post-Apocalyptic world. Prior before the Events of both Agent Brisbaine or Grim Tales: After Birth (Non-Canon sequel).

Sugar Bits: The Animated seriesEdit

Main Article: Sugar Bits.

To be added.

See AlsoEdit

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