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FA: Time for Powerful Music! Episode 4 named, Music of the Food!

-Theme plays-

-After Theme, it shows Ginger sitting in her room-

Ginger: -yawns- Nothing to do...

-there's a knock on her door-

Ginger: Yes?

Coco: -opens door- The guidance...person..for your new school needs to have an interview with you...

Ginger: When?

Coco: In 5 minutes..she's already here...

Ginger: You didn't even tell me! -jumps off bed, and steps on a CD- T_T

Coco: Well, we're going to a fancy resturant for the interview....

Ginger: Ok! Let me get dressed though!

-the screen then shows a blue screen, and Ginger's transformed form runs across it-

-Ginger walks downstairs, wearing a blue dress-

Guidance Counciler: Hello, Ginger-san...

Ginger: -grins shyly- Hello...

GA: Shall we get going?

Coco: Yep!

-5 minute commercial break-

Ginger: Waitress-san! -waves hand in air-

Waitress: -walks up- ...Yes?

Ginger: I asked for coffee...

Waitress: Oh yeah...-walks away-

GA: So....what do you like to do, Ginger?

Ginger: Well, I like to sing, read manga, watch anime...

GA: -nods-, have you gone to school before?

Ginger: Only preschool....

-Waitress walks up-

Waitress: Here...-smacks coffee cup onto table, and the under-heated coffee splashes everywhere-

Ginger: It's under-baked...

Waitress: -hesitates, then her eyes turn completely white-

Ginger: Can I go to the bathroom?

Coco: Yes... -Ginger runs to the bathroom, quickly tranforms, and runs back out-

GA: Musical Ginger?! -Coco stares at GA with puzzled eyes-

-(Musical) Ginger sings Perfect-Area Complete-

-Waitress falls to ground, and fades away-

-(Musical) Ginger quickly runs outside, de-transforms, and walks back in, normal-

GA: -stands up- You missed it! You missed Musical Ginger!

Ginger: -scratches head- Oh..Did I?

-End of Episode 4-

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