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Female Announcer: Time for Powerful Music, Episode name is Music of the Park!

-Theme plays-

-After theme, it shows Coco and Ginger in front of a big house-

Ginger: You bought THIS?!

Coco: Why else do you think we're standing here! -walks in-

Ginger: Fine! -runs after her-

-the house has the kitchen in front of them, a living room to the left, and the dining room to the right-

-it also has 2 staircases, one on the left, one on the right-

Ginger: Woah!

Coco: Good, ain't it?

Ginger: Good?! It's GREAT! -runs upstairs-

-Coco follows, and Ginger goes to the bedroom on the left, and Coco gets the one on the right-

Ginger: -sits on bed- Great bedroom..-looks around-

-6 minute commercial break-

-After break, it's been about an hour-

Coco: Dinner!

Ginger: Ok! -runs downstairs-

-After dinner, they go to the park-

Ginger: -skips on the track- La, La, La!

-a tree shakes rapidly, and turns into a monster-

Ginger: Wah! -everyone else runs off, screaming-

-Ginger transforms-

Ginger: You think you can beat me?! -sings Kokoro-

Tree: -isn't affected, and grabs Coco with a branch-

Coco: Gah!

Ginger: Oneechan! -sings Meltdown-

-Tree now gets affected, drops Coco, and turns to dust-

Coco: Thanks... ._.

Ginger: What's wrong? -turns normal-

Coco: I got saved by my little sister..

-Ginger grins-

-End of Episode 3-

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