Female Announcer: Now...for...

Male Announcer: Power-

Female Announcer: -punches Male Annonucer and talks fast- Powerful Music, Episode Name: Music of the


-Theme plays-

-After Theme, it shows Ginger, performing a show for the people of Tokyo, singing Sister Wars-

Fanboy: -holds up sign that says "Marry me!"- MARRY ME!!!

Another Fanboy: -is holding a sign that says "Kiss me for eternity!!!"- Kiss me forever!!!

Ginger: -thinks while singing- Idiots...

Coco: -steps on the box next to Ginger- Everyone...LEAVE!

Fanboys and Fangirls: AWWWWW!!!

Coco: Be gone!

-all the fanboys and fangirls leave-

Coco: -puts hands together- We've collected enough money to buy a house!

Ginger: Eh...?!

Coco: -nods, and takes out the money, $782,901.15-

Ginger: Wow! Almost a million!

Coco: We shall perform at the beach now!

Ginger: But I'm tired of singing!

Coco: Do you want money or what?!

Ginger: Fine... -they walk to the beach-

-when at the beach, a huge tsunami is coming-

-people run off the beach-

Ginger: -sees a fish-man above the tsunami-

Coco: What?

Ginger: -jumps up- An enemy! -leaps to the fish-man-

-6 minute commercial break-

-After break, it shows what Ginger is seeing, getting closer and closer-

???: -tries to whack Ginger, but it misses-

Ginger: Idiot! -starts singing Sister Wars-

???: Gah! -tsunami disappears-

Coco: -from down below- -puts up thumbs up- Good job!

Ginger: -continues singing-

???: GAH!!!! -disappears-

Ginger: -leaps down, and turns normal-

Coco: -grins- Lucky you can do that!

Ginger: Or Tokyo would be flooded and destroyed

Coco: -nods- Now...Let's get Fat Shakes!

Ginger: -.-" Fat Shakes?

Coco: They're milkshakes! -pulls Ginger's arm-

Ginger: Fine, Fine, onee-chan!

-Ends of Episode 2-

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