Episode Name: Music of the Forest

Female Announcer: Now for...

Male Announcer: -interrupts- Powerful Music! Then Dragon Girl after it!

-Theme plays- (Note: 0:00 to 1:46 and the credits is not the opening!)

thumb|300px|right|Theme: Still Alive

-After Theme, the screen shows an orphan at the dock-

Ginger (The orphan): -sighs- I hope Onee-chan has money...

-a teenager walks up-

Ginger: Onee-chan! -jumps up- Did you get money?

???: No.. I got fired.. my manager said "Coco! You're doing nothing! You are FIRED!"

Ginger: Can we just get Daddy's money from his bank?!

Coco: -shakes head- He said before he died that I cannot get the money intil I turn 18..

Ginger: WHAT?! But that's 3 years from now?! What will we survive on, Onee-chan?!

Coco: We....will...have to...Either be

Ginger: Mommy and Daddy?

Coco: Yeah... -a shadow flies over them, and the shadow picks up Coco-

Ginger: Coco!

Coco: I'll be ok!

Ginger: -thinks- How can I save her?!

???: Heh! -flies toward Tokyo-

Ginger: NO! -the key around Ginger's neck sparkles, and Ginger transforms into an idol-

Coco: -kicks her legs, but it does work-

Ginger: -runs through the forest, and leaps up, onto the shadow's back-

Coco: -sees Ginger- Ginger?!

-5 minute Commercial Break-

Coco: Ginger! What...happened to you...?

Ginger: I don't know! But my body is telling me to sing!

Coco: Sing...?

Ginger: -starts singing- The number one princess in the whole world, You should know by now

how to please me! OK?

???: Gah! -drops Coco, but she safely lands in a treetop-

Ginger: First off, you should know when my hair got cut down right to the inch.

???: OK! I'LL LEAVE! -disappears-

Ginger: -jumps down to Coco- You ok?

Coco: I'm ok....But.. what about YOU?!

Ginger: -touches the middle of her key, and turns normal- Yeah!

Coco: .. O_O Wasn't that key the one mother gave to you?

Ginger: Yep!

Coco: It has magic?!

Ginger: Guess so!

Coco: I got an idea!

Ginger: Yeah?

Coco: You sing for the people of Tokyo for money!

Ginger: T_T But I don't wanna look poor though...

Coco: Then be in your little idol form!

Ginger: Fine... I'll do it later...

-End of Episode 1-

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