Pop Rocks is an episode of Parappa the Rapper the Series from season 3.


Parappa is at PJ's over the weekend to discuss their new band. They go to the music store to buy a guitar. This time, without having PJ carve it into a guiro. While Pinto is at home, she plays a pretend game. Parappa tries playing the guitar, but really has no ability, unable to pay for the lessons due to spending the most money on the guitar. Lammy gets a hold of it when she arrives from the bus stop and plays it good, causing the people nearby to cheer. Milkcan then tells Parappa about a rogue who approached them asking where he could get a singing gig. Since they were a girl band, they recommended him to a show where Parappa Town citizens show off their talent. Pinto recognizes him on the TV. The next day, Milkcan mentions him to the rest of their friends.


  • [Parappa tries to play a tune on a guitar, but isn't playing it well.]

Bully 1: What's that supposed to be?
Parappa: Polly-Wolly Doodle.
Bully 1: Well, it sounds Polly-Wolly Cruddy!
Parappa: [groans]

  • [Parappa badly plays his guitar, Pinto attempts to accompany him on her violin]

Parappa: Will you cut that out?
Pinto: I'm just jammin' with ya.


  • First appearance of PJ's dad.
  • Pinto is shown to play the violin, also shown later in "Freaky Outie".


[1][2], Pinto's B-Plot.

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