Pokemon Warriors Chronicles: Unova Victors


February 2011 - December 2011

Run minutes

30 minutes

Next Series

Pokemon Warriors: Next Generation

Pokemon Warriors Chronicles: Unova Victors (Pocket Monsters Morphed Warriors New Saga: Best Victories!) is the 8th season of the series.


A month after Giratinus's great defeat, the Warriors are informed by Togekissa that they have to return to the Pokemon Kingdom for something very important. Whlie they were there, Queen Arceustar presents them a rare warrior egg, which hatched and contained a baby Victini warrior and princess, Victinia. The queen assigns the Warriors to take care of her until the time being because of the fact Victinia is the last princess of victory. Along the way, a new villian arises as Zekromus, and the Warriors obtain powerful badges called Legend Badges that contains the powers of the Legendary Warriors which helps them throughout their journey. Plus, a new warrior named Chick Tempest, who possesses a Mandibuzza, joins the team, and who also became Crow's love interest.


Main ProtagonistsEdit


Main AntagonistsEdit


Music and SongsEdit


Haruhi Suzumiya Opening (Full)04:14

Haruhi Suzumiya Opening (Full)

Opening Theme (Japanese Version)

Ojamajo DoReMì Dokkan! - Ending - HD 720p01:31

Ojamajo DoReMì Dokkan! - Ending - HD 720p

Ending theme (Japanese Version)

English VersionEdit


Mitchel Musso - Let's Make This Last 4 Ever Full Song HQ03:15

Mitchel Musso - Let's Make This Last 4 Ever Full Song HQ

English Theme (Dub)

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