Pokemon Warriors (Pocket Monsters: Morphed Warriors) is a series that connect with the current franchise and series that made a major success since 2009. It is also a crossover of both it and Ben 10, another successful series. The current season now is Pokemon Warriors: Next Generation, which doesn't focus on the Pokemon gang, but the future children of the Ben 10, Inuyasha and Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's gang. The next season replaces the Zexal gang (including the future 5D's gang) with those of Arc-V, with Yuya Sakaki being sent by Queen Xerneaseon to assist.

Seasons and MoviesEdit

  1. Pokemon Warriors
  2. Pokemon Warriors Advanced
  3. Pokemon Warriors Advanced: Ultimate Region
  4. Pokemon Warriors Unlimited
  5. Pokemon Warriors Reloaded
  6. Pokemon Warriors United

The other seasons are focused on Ben's journey of being a warrior, along with new recuits. Until Season 9, when the recent warriors from seasons 7 and 8 are now kings and queens of the Pokemon Kingdom, the future children of the warriors take their place to save the world.

  1. Pokemon Warriors Chronicles (Season 7)
  2. Pokemon Warriors Chronicles: Unova Victors (Season 8)
  3. Pokemon Warriors: Next Generation (Season 9; Currently)
  4. Pokemon Warriors: Next Generation V (Season 10; Coming Soon)


  1. Pokemon Warriors: The Movie
  2. Pokemon Warriors 2: Mystery of the Pendants (Live-Action/Animated)
  3. Pokemon Warriors and the Angel of the Sea
  4. Pokemon Warriors: Darkraius and the Wish Warrior
  5. Pokemon Warriors: Warriors againest Time
  6. Pokemon Warriors and the Legend of the Storm Ghost
  7. Pokemon Warriors: Destination Deoxystar
  8. Pokemon Warriors: Flight of the Jet Warriors
  9. Pokemon Warriors and the Skies of Shaymina
  10. Pokemon Warriors: Froslassa and the Dawn of Articunia
  11. Pokemon Warriors and the Legion of Lugiamist
  12. Pokemon Warriors and the Lost Tribe
  13. Pokemon Warriors: Arceustar Rising
  14. Pokemon Warriors and the Future Titan
  15. Pokemon Warriors: Rise of Dark Arceustar (Season 7)
  16. Pokemon Warriors: The Lost Ancsestor (Season 7)
  17. Pokemon Warriors and the Four Poketeers (Season 8)
  18. Pokemon Warriors and the Song of Meloettara
  19. Pokemon Warriors and the Embissary of Ice (Season 9)
  20. Pokemon Warriors and the World of No Time
  21. Pokemon Warriors and the Fire Temple
  22. TBA

Special Movie EventEdit

  1. Pokemon Warriors: Battle for Japan (Season 8)
  2. Pokemon Warriors: All Stars
  3. Pokemon Warriors: All Stars 2
  4. Pokemon Warriors: All Stars 3: Warriors Forever


  • The 9th season doesn't have "Chronicles" in the title, but it's still a part of the Chronicles saga. Currently, it has not been revealed yet if Season 10 will have this title.
  • It was revealed that Next Generation V is the last season of the Pokemon Warriors Series.

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