Television seriesEdit

Primal Weather seriesEdit

This series is set in Delteo. This is also the first series of the anime.

Japan USA
Season Theme Song Premiere Finale Season Theme Song Premiere Finale
Pocket Monsters Earthquake Be an Arrow! PW001 PW043 Pokemon Earthquake League It's Always You and Me PW001 PW089
Pocket Monsters Whirlpool Mega V (Volt) PW044 PW087 Pokemon Whirlpool League Be A Hero PW090 PW179
Pocket Monsters Lightning PW088 PW131 Pokemon Lightning League Pokemon Johto PW180 PW269
Pocket Monsters Primalian Beyond Be an Arrow! PW132 PW175* Pokemon Latias and Latios League PW270 PW359

Plasma Tao seriesEdit

This series is a bit different. This is because there are different songs from different shows because that is caused by the guest characters from different franchises.

Japan USA
Season Theme Song Premiere Finale Season Theme Song Premiere Finale
Pocket Monsters Thunder PT001 PT050 Pokemon Zekrom League PT001 PT095
Pocket Monsters Volcano PT051 PT100 Pokemon Reshiram League PT096 PT190
Pocket Monsters Rising PT101 PT150 Pokemon Kyurem League PT191 PT285
Pocket Monsters Glacier PT151 PT200 PT286 PT380

Television NotesEdit

Note: * = Episodes PW140 to PW175 were episodes that featured the Gym Battles, the Argo Tournament, 8 miscellaneous episodes and the two season finales. In fact, this actually goes to all Japan versions of the series, due to the fact, both Pokemon International and Japan that have decided that English dubs will have more episodes than Japan. Before this, Japan had more episodes then English every season, apart from Japan's fourth season and English's third season of Best Wishes.



  • Ash Ketchum
  • Cilan
  • Iris
  • Serena
  • Brock


  • Ash Ketchum:
    • Pikachu
  • Cilan:
    • Pansage

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