Pokemon + Vampire
Format Comedy, Harem, Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Supernatural
Created by IchokaSuzumi666
Writer(s) IchokaSuzumi666
Director(s) IchokaSuzumi666
No. of episodes 13 (1 aired)
Run time 30 minutes per episode
Rated TV-PG (Edit)
TV-14 (Uncut)
English Network Totally Anime Channel (Edited Version)
WoWoW America (Uncut)
First aired July 1, 2012

Pokemon + Vampire is a crossover of Pokemon and Rosario + Vampire. It takes place 2 years after Rosario + Vampire Capu2. It has a edited version on Totally Anime Channel, rated TV-PG, and an uncut version on WoWoW America, rated TV-14. Both versions were licensed by FUNimation Entertainment.


After graduating from Yokai Academy, Tsukune Aono, Moka Akashiya, Kurumu Korono, Yukari Sendo and Mizore Shirayuki are up for a surprise when they discover that they, along with Ruby Tojo, Kokoa Shuzen and Ginei Morioka, have entered a portal into the Pokemon world, in the Unova region. There, they meet a girl named Minori, who happens to be a Pokemon Trainer who, along with Moka, Kurumu, Yukari, Mizore, Ruby, and Kokoa, has a crush on Tsukune, but also a crush on Ginei, and cannot decide who she likes better. However, Kokoa has grown dark and won't let anyone go anywhere near Tsukune. Meanwhile, they all have to go home, but the only way to do so is.....battling each other. So they all aquire Pokemon to fight with, but will they really be able to go home?


Minori HayashiEdit

Minori is a 17-year-old human and the main character. She meets Tsukune and his friends when she started her Pokemon journey. She has a crush on Tsukune and Ginei, but can't decide who she likes better. Minori eventually decides she likes Ginei, even though she finds out that he's a werewolf. Minori's starter Pokemon is Tepig.

Tsukune AonoEdit

Tsukune is an 18-year-old vampiric ghoul and the main male protongnagist. He is the main character of the original "Rosario + Vampire" series, with the role of a human. He is not scared of monsters anymore, although he is shy around Minori. It is hinted that Tsukune has a crush on Minori in early episodes, although he also shows signs of love towards Moka. He later confesses his love towards Moka. Tsukune's starter Pokemon is Timburr.

Moka AkashiyaEdit

Moka is an 18-year-old vampire. She was described as the "most beautiful girl at Yokai Academy" before she graudated. She is one of the many girls who has a crush on Tsukune (and still bites his neck for his blood, but not when Minori is around), and often has to compete with Minori for his love. Moka is rather surprised to learn Tsukune is in love with her. She also has a scary vampire form, in which she changes into in every episode by accident. Moka's starter Pokemon is Petilil.

Kokoa ShuzenEdit

Kokoa is Moka's 17-year-old half-sister, and the main antagnagist. In the original "Rosario + Vampire" series, Kokoa is obsessed with Moka's inner form, and seems to hate the Outer Moka. However, in this series, she has a strong crush on Tsukune, and, although she hasn't killed off her competition, has a yandere personality. However, Kokoa still tries to steal Moka's rosario when it comes off, hinting that she still hates the Outer Moka. Like her sister, Kokoa is a vampire. Kokoa's starter Pokemon is Gothita.

Kurumu KoronoEdit

Kurumu is a succubus. In the original "Rosario + Vampire" series, she tried to seduce Tsukune several times. Kurumu seems to have given up in this series, because she seems to go away when she sees Tsukune with Moka. However, she still seems to have a crush on him. Kurumu is still the same way she is in some ways, though. Kurumu's starter Pokemon is Woobat.

Yukari SendoEdit

Yukari is a 14-year-old witch. She is a genius who likes to pull practical jokes. She has a crush on Tsukune and Moka in the original "Rosario + Vampire" series, and wanted to create a three-way relationship between them. However, in this series, Yukari only likes Tsukune. Yukari still plays pranks, often on Moka or Minori. Yukari's starter Pokemon is Gothita.

Ginei MoriokaEdit

In the original "Rosario + Vampire" series, Ginei is upperclassman to Tsukune and his friends. In this series, Ginei is 19 years old. He used to be perverted, but he's given up on his perverted ways in this series. Ginei is also a werewolf, and if he transforms by accident, he covers himself up so Minori couldn't see him. Ginei obviously returns Minori's crush, even kissing her before he returns to his own world in the last episode. Ginei's starter Pokemon is Herdier.

Mizore ShirayukiEdit

Mizore is a 18-year-old yuki-onna. Mizore was a stalker in the original "Rosario + Vampire" series, and she's still this way in this series, although she's calmed down a little (a lot in the edited version). When she hears Minori ask why she has a lollipop in her mouth all of the time, she just says, "It's delicious." Truthfully, Mizore is a snow woman, so she has to have the lollipop to keep her cool, or else she'll "melt". Mizore's starter Pokemon is Cubchoo.

Ruby TojoEdit

Ruby is a 20-year-old witch and the oldest of the group. In "Rosario + Vampire Capu2", she worked as the headmaster's assistant at Yokai Academy in order to be with Tsukune, hinting that she has a crush on him (which she actually does). Ruby has a running gag of saying that a lot of things happened. Ruby hated humans at the beginning, and seems to hate Minori. However, since Ruby likes Tsukune, who was a human at the time, it's probably because Minori also likes Tsukune. Ruby's starter Pokemon is Gothorita.

Fictuous Voice ListEdit

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Minori Hayashi Yui Horie Laura Bailey
Tsukune Aono Daisuke Kishio Todd Haberkorn
Moka Akashiya Nana Mizuki
Kokoa Shuzen Chiwa Saito] Kira Vincent-Davis
Kurumu Kurono Misato Fukuen Brina Palencia
Yukari Sendo Kimiko Koyama Monica Rial
Ginei Morioka Tomokazu Seki Ian Sinclair
Mizore Shirayuki Rie Kugimiya Tia Ballard
Ruby Tojo Saeko Chiba Leah Clark
Prof. Juniper Naomi Shindou Khristine Hvam
Cheren Ryouhei Kimura Eric Vale
Bianca Shizuka Ito Bella Hudson
Mrs. Hayashi Ayana Taketatsu Carrie Savage
Yuzuru Tomokazu Sugita Chuck Huber
Akiyoshi Daisuke Sakaguchi Josh Grelle
Hiroshi Hiro Shimono Scott Freeman


  1. Portal to Another World!
  2. Meet Minori
  3. The First Fights
  4. Minori's In Love With Two?!
  5. Snow in Nacrene
  6. What Was Lost
  7. Go Away, Kokoa
  8. Darker Than Ever Before
  9. Moka vs. Tsukune: The Bites of the Thought Final Battle
  10. We Can't Go Home
  11. Journey to the Pokemon League!
  12. Clash! Minori vs. Kokoa!
  13. Tearful Goodbyes, Revealed Secrets, and a Surprise for the Vampire

Theme SongsEdit

Like Haiku Paru Aleek! (The Leekspin Series), this series has different opening and ending songs each episode.