Pixie Heart


Magical Girl, Comedy, Fantasy, Action/Adventure

Original run

April 14, 2012-present


No information

No. of episodes

50 (Til season 2)

Run minutes

30 minutes

No of seasons


Maho Shouyousei Shojo Momoko (Also known as Pixie Heart in english adaption) is a maho shojo anime series about a 15 year old girl who just moved to Kiyoto (Canvangh Town in english dub) to attend high school and her family later comes across a mysterious little girl who is actually a pixie enlarged and disguised herself to be human. Momoko later keeps her but only in secrecy to return her back to her own world, however a monster appears and Momoko has to bond her and her pixie together to become a maho shojo under the name "Portal Shouyousei Momo" (Portal Heart in dub). She then learns there are others that are like her, including males with sparrowmen.


Main ProtagonistsEdit

  • Momoko Fujiwara/Portal Shouyousei Momo (Maddie Jackson/Portal Heart in dub)
  • Miu Asuka/Wind Shouyousei Mi (Kira Masterson/Windy Heart in dub)
  • Aoko Harakuyo/Clown Shouyousei Ao (Gina Sanders/Joke Heart in dub)
  • Kumiko Monroe/Lady Shouyousei Kumi (Mirabelle Cartwright/Dainty Heart in dub)
  • Inari Sennwa/Song Shouyousei Ina (Daina Hart/Melody Heart in dub)
  • Hiroto Shota/Silver Shousuzumesei Hiro (Austin Collins/Silver Star in dub)
  • Atsushi Haruno/Blaze Shousuzumesei Atsu (Kalin Strong/Inferno Star in dub)
  • Hiraku Itomo/Samurai Shousuzumesei Hira (Mason Farris/Samurai Star in dub)
  • Kurou Yunota/Shadow Shousuzumesei Kuro (Possessed Form)/Twister Shousuzumesei Kuro (Zander Stone/Dusk Star (Possessed form)/Feather Star in dub)

Secondary ProtagonistsEdit

  • Noburu Fujiwara/Wizard Shousuzumesei Nobu (Evan Jackson/Magician Star in dub)
  • Miku Fujiwara/Chibi Shouyousei Mimi (Kimi Jackson/Mini Heart in dub)

Pixies and SparrowmanEdit

  • Kagii (Keypie in dub)
  • Win (Windy in dub)
  • WaraWara (Lucky in dub)
  • LaLing (Tune in dub)
  • Onna (Belle in dub)
  • Aiku (Ace in dub)
  • Kahi (Blaze in dub)
  • Aka (Sammi in dub)
  • TosRei (Dusky in dub)

Main AntagonistsEdit


Minor CharactersEdit

  • Hiroko Itomo (Catherine Harris in dub; Mason's sister)

Music and SongsEdit


Heartcatch Pretty Cure Original opening for movie advertisement(4)01:25

Heartcatch Pretty Cure Original opening for movie advertisement(4)

Opening theme (Japanese Version)

Yes! Pretty cure 5 Go go! Ending 02!01:30

Yes! Pretty cure 5 Go go! Ending 02!

Japanese ending theme 1

Pretty Cure Opening - English Official Dub00:48

Pretty Cure Opening - English Official Dub

English Theme (Dub)

Episode ListEdit

  1. Let the adventures begin!/I am Momoko! I'm....a shouyouei?!?!
  2. Pixie Problems/Keeping my secret identity a secret! Hush Kagii!


  • The show is based on Shugo Chara, Pretty Cure and possibly Winx Club.

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