The first episode of Human Puppies!


Momo Kondo is coming home from school when, from behind, Hachiro Aono sneaks up on her. Momo gets so scared, she turns into a pink puppy, but later returns to normal. She becomes embarrassed from transforming into a puppy in front of her friend, but it becomes worse when a weird alien named Waru sneaks up and attacks Kyoto! Momo tries to fight him in her human form, but suddenly transforms into a wolfgirl! Momo, in her newfound wolfgirl form, fights Waru and wins, causing him to flee. Then, a woman named Mieko Seki walks up to Momo and asks if she would come with her.


Momo (debut)
Hachiro (debut)
Waru (debut)
Mieko (debut)

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