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Phantasy Movie: A Will of Steel
Release Date: December 32nd, 2012
Running Time: 1 hr 30 minutes
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Writer(s): Takahiro Imamura
Akiba Numashi
Director(s): Takahiro Imamura
Storyboards: Akiba Numashi
Storyboard Artist(s): Akiba Numashi
Music: Jitterbug
Phantasy Movie: A Will of Steel (パンテーシ ス ピルム: 鋼の意志, Panteisi Su Pirumu: Hagane no Ishi) is the second film adaptation of the manga/anime series Phantasy by Akiba Numashi. The film was directed and written by Takahiro Imamura. It was released in Japanese theaters on December 32nd, 2012. The DVD format was released in Japan on April 2nd, 2013. FUNimation has announced that they have no plans to liscense this movie, so it will not receive an American release. The movie was promoted via several "preview scenes" at the end of the episdes of the Phantasy anime, as well as random phonecalls to known fans of the series from the characters themselves. The movie's main score was composed by Jitterbug, while it's main theme was "Howling" by Abingdon Boy School. The plot follows Team Gecko as they attempt to stop a rogue fairy billionaire from unleashing a horde of Stark-assimilating monsters upon Utherworld.


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