Pecks and Pebbles is an episode of Parappa the Rapper the Series from season 3.


Pinto and Lima wonder what it's like to get a kiss from a boy. Meanwhile, PJ searches for his pet stone.


  • Lima: When do you think boys will start noticing us?
Pinto: I don't know.
  • Katy: I just saw Pinto and her friend leaving for Max Major's birthday party. And they were wearing an awful lot of lip gloss.


  • This was the first appearance of Lima, who's design is based off of Parappa's concept art. It's possible she has a brother who looks exactly like it.
  • Lima resembles a fan character who is Parappa's future daughter in an altnernate continuitiy with someone other than Sunny.
  • PJ mentioned a pet stone in Parappa the Rapper 2, as he found one in Parappa's house in Papa Parappa's secret lab, and asked him to sell it to him.

External LinksEdit

One quarter of the story @ DeviantArt

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