Parappa the Rapper is an anime series by Nanonsha originally in 2001. It is said that Right Stuf would pick it up for an English Dubbing.

Parappa the Rapper the Series
Format Anime series
Created by Nanonsha
Director(s) Rodney A. Greenblat
No. of episodes 42 (and possibly still more to come)
English Network The Right Stuf Network
First aired January 9, 2010


The storyline seems to be set before either of the two PaRappa the Rapper games and UmJammer Lammy took place because MilkCan is never seen in the series. Katy also never speaks of Milkcan, and PaRappa's father's car looks the same before PaRappa accidentally crashes it (this can be seen in Episode 1). The characters go to school and (as far as PaRappa is involved) have a house which is easily found overhead in PaRappa Town. Although his house can be seen, the various locations that were in the video game are no longer around(seemingly as if they never existed). The anime also doesn't explain how Chop Chop Master Onion lost his dojo (the reason is revealed in a cutscene in UmJammer Lammy), or why Lammy, Ma-San, and Joe-Chin have not appeared. However, characters from the sequels such as Chief Puddle and Hairdresser Octopus do make their appearances.

On another note, Parappa and Sunny's relationship seems to have gotten nowhere as Sunny only sees him as a friend rather than what the game implied. The anime seems to be about how he bonds with Sunny instead of actually trying to win her heart.

P.J. is the DJ at Club Fun. In episode 4, Parappa is surprised to know this and he may have asked P.J. to be his DJ. This could possibly be how they started off before the game took place.

Katy is into poems rather than singing. She has as much as a stronger role in the series as Parappa and Sunny only seems to be around whenever Katy is. There is little to no mention of anything about the other characters of the game, however Parappa's father is seen more often.

The first season of the anime, seems to be made up of 15 episodes and the rest of the 15 episodes are the second, during the second season, the story changes, but not by much, this meaning the Opening, Ending, Character Roster and Background development

In 2003, there were comics written based on this show with original stories by Roshiku Tamanaku, which were translated into English by Debbie Tsai. It is speculated there may be a third season with the episodes being based on said comics. It is also of debate whether characters such as Lammy, Ma-San and Rammy would appear.


Various new characters enter during the course of the anime; they made an appearance in all of the show's episodes, although they aren't in any of the games.

  • PaRappa Rappa (the main hero)
  • Sunny Funny (the girl that PaRappa is in love with)
  • Katy Kat (friend of PaRappa)
  • P.J. Berri (PaRappa's close friend and possibly sidekick, he is also a D.J. who works at Club Fun)
  • Matt Major (P.J. Berri and PaRappa's closest friend, P.J. and Matt are the first to meet in Club Fun, but this isn't seen and also he's a country singer)
  • Paula Fox (at first, she was Katy's rival, now Katy and Sunny's best friend and Matt's girlfriend)
  • Lammy (The guitarist of Katy's band. Makes appearances in season 3.)
  • Ma-san (The drummer of Katy's band. Makes appearances in season 3.)

Secondary charactersEdit

  • Gaster (the antagonist of the series)
  • Groover (Gaster's sidekick)
  • Dorothy (an old lady who was once a dancer)
  • Chop Chop Master Onion (A karate master who is a good friend of PaRappa)
  • Lloyd (a simple extra character)
  • Vicky Bahan (A Friend of Matt's who's a singer and he is half African-English and half Japanese.)
  • Lima (Pinto's friend.)
  • Piffy (Parappa's little cousin.)
  • Sally Bo Jumperdink (A girl who's new in town and is an artist and goes to a private school. Appears in the comic strip "Good Art" and "Parappa vs Varavva")
  • Rammy (Lammy's evil twin)
  • Amy (A stork whose face is almost never seen. A scene in an episode implies that Piffy has a crush on her.)
  • The Bullies (The two guys who appeared in the game. Known for saying "Scram!" "Yeah.")
  • Fiona (Joe Chin's cousin who had a small crush on Parappa, until she met her new love, Bobby.)
  • Bobby (Fina's new boyfriend.)
  • Sam Chin (Joe Chin's younger sister who appeared in "Taffy Caper".)

The Rappa FamilyEdit

  • PaPa PaRappa Rappa (he has a stronger appearance in this series)
  • Pinto Rappa (PaRappa's little sister, who in the fictitious third season, has a few segments of her own, such as when she pretends to host her own cooking show, and "Pinto on the Street" where she asks a few characters a question.)
  • Boxy Boy (created by PaRappa's father to help PaRappa when he is in trouble)
  • Uee (a strange figure that lives in Pinto's lunch box; it can do things like hold extra items for Pinto, and assist her in many ways like waking PaRappa; Uee is something of a secret that for some reason Pinto won't tell anyone about)

The Major FamilyEdit

  • Marge Major-Carrey (Matt's older and only sister and use to be a singer)
  • Mac Major (Matt's older brother who is a pro tennis player)
  • Mark Major (Matt's younger brother who is the same age as PaRappa and likes to sing)
  • Max Major (Matt's younger brother who is the same age as Pinto and too shy to do anything yet)
  • Edward Carrey (Marge's husband who is a journalist)
  • Mairè Rox-Major (Mac's wife who is also a pro tennis player)
  • Casey Major (Matt's niece and Mac & Mairè's baby daugther)


The 1st opening theme -- "Love Together" by Nona Reeves-- carries a late 70s funk-pop groove. Aspects of the game are incorporated into the intro as it shows PaRappa and his friends in a 2-dimensional paper format.

The second opening -- "Attitude" by Crystal Kay—is very much different than the first intro. It goes with a modern type pop theme, and the characters appeal more 3-dimensional. Interesting to note is that characters from the PaRappa games, many of which aren't seen in the series itself, appear in this opening.

  • Opening Themes
    • 1. "「LOVE TOGETHER パラッパラッパー~MIX~」(Love Together ~PaRappa Rappa MIX~)" by Nona Reeves. English translated version sung by Vic Mignogna. (eps. 1-15)
    • 2. "Attitude" by Crystal Kay. English translated version sung by Brina Palencia. (eps. 16-30)
    • 3. "Say I Gotta Believe!" by De La Soul (eps. 31+)
  • Ending Themes
    • 1. "SCHOOL GIRL" by BENNIE K. English translated version sung by Brina Palencia. (eps. 1-15)
    • 2. "Ieroo Baruun 「イエローバルーン」(Yellow Balloon)" by Chara. English translated version sung by Katie Griffin. (eps. 16-30)
    • 3. "Come a Long Way" by Lea Alomar (eps. 31+)

On December 2, 2001, an Original Soundtrack of this anime (PaRappa Rappa Stage Volume 1) was made for Japanese retail only, many songs of this soundtrack are original score, remixed versions from the game or game songs directly taken from the game, this CD also has a second disk which is sold separately.

The Song Love Together is a Remix from the Original Version, Nona Reeves was also in this song but the original version had a much more remixed style of its own with a much more hip hop beat to it.

The beginning and ending themes for season 3 are taken from the video game Parappa the Rapper 2.

In season 3, Parappa starts rapping a small number of times throughout the rest of the show.

Fictuous Voice ListEdit

Please note that the voice actor listings are just ideas by the author (namely the English cast).

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Parappa Miyu Irino ???
P.J. Berri
PaPa PaRappa
Masami Kikuchi

Kunihiko Yasui

Sonny Strait
Matt Major Kenichi Suzumura Eric Vale
Katy Kat
Boxy Boy
Rina Nakayama

Masashi Ebara

Brina Palencia
Sunny Funny
Mika Kanai


Luci Christian
Paula Akiko Kobayashi Kari Wahlgren
Chop Chop Master Onion,
King Kong Mushi
Joe Chin

Ryu Watabe

Norio Wakamoto

Christopher R. Sabat

Troy Baker

Gaster Ryo Naitou Jerry Jewell
Lammy Chieko Higuchi Tiffany Vollmer
Ma-San Ryu Watabe Monica Rial
Rammy Rie Tanaka Allison Sumrall
Lima Aoi Tada Carrie Savage
Piffy Mayumi Tanaka Colleen Clinkenbeard
Mike Aya Hirano Laura Bailey

The Bullies


Kazuya Nakai

Akio Suyama

Chris Cason



  • Ai Iura
  • Ai Tokunaga
  • Akane Omae
  • Aki Oohigashi
  • Akiko Hiramatsu
  • Akiko Nakagawa
  • Akira Tomisaka
  • Asako Shirakura
  • Asami Imai
  • Chigusa Ikeda
  • Chika Kasahara
  • Fumitoshi Miyajima
  • Hideyuki Umezu
  • Hiroko Oyamada
  • Hironori Miyata
  • Hiroshi Itoh
  • Hiroshi Matsumoto
  • Hisayo Mochizuki
  • Isshuu Tanoue
  • Itsuki Kawamura
  • Jun Mizuki
  • Junko Minagawa
  • Juurouta Kosugi
  • Kan Tanaka
  • Kaori Tsuji
  • Katsuya Miura
  • Kayo Deguchi
  • Kazumi Shimamura
  • Keiichi Sonobe
  • Kenichi Suzumura
  • Kenta Miyake
  • Kenyuu Horiuchi
  • Kinryuu Arimoto
  • Koichi Sakaguchi
  • Kotono Mitsuishi
  • Kouichi Nagano
  • Kouji Sekine
  • Kumiko Higa
  • Kumiko Yokote
  • Kunihiro Kawamoto
  • Kyousuke Watanabe
  • Mai Nakahara
  • Mariko Mukai
  • Masaaki Tsukada
  • Masahiro Okazaki
  • Masako Joh
  • Masako Nozawa
  • Masashi Ogawa
  • Mayumi Niwa
  • Mayumi Yoshida
  • Mie Odagi
  • Mika Kanai
  • Misato Eguchi
  • Miyako Tao
  • Nanaho Katsuragi
  • Naotsugu Yoneda
  • Nobuo Tobita
  • Noriko Shitaya
  • Orine Fukushima
  • Reiko Takagi
  • Rie Kanda
  • Rina Nakayama
  • Ryoka Yuzuki
  • Ryoukichi Takahashi
  • Ryuuzou Ishino
  • Sara Nakayama
  • Satoshi Katougi
  • Seiko Tomoe
  • Shinji Kawada
  • Shouto Kashii
  • Showtaro Morikubo
  • Soutarou Kobayashi
  • Sukekiyo Kameyama
  • Taisuke Yamamoto
  • Takayuki Yamaguchi
  • Takeharu Onishi
  • Takkou Ishimori
  • Tomoyuki Shimura
  • Toshitaka Hirano
  • Toshiya Ueda
  • Toshiyuki Hayase
  • Yasuko Kuribayashi
  • Yoshimitsu Shimoyama
  • Yoshinori Fujita
  • Yoshito Yasuhara
  • Yuji Mitsuya
  • Yuji Ueda
  • Yukiji
  • Yuko Kaida
  • Yuko Kato
  • Yuko Mizutani
  • Yuuichi Nagashima
  • Yuuko Tano


  • Chris Patten
  • Chuck Huber
  • Colleen Clinkenbeard
  • Kara Edwards
  • Katie Griffin
  • Kate Oxley
  • Linda Young
  • Vic Mignogna
  • Samuel Vincent
  • Troy Baker

(more to come)


Videos of seasons 1-2 can be found on Youtube.

Season OneEdit

In the first episode, Parappa attempts to reconcile two different promises he made to two different friends. First, he told his buddy P.J. and P.J.'s friend Matt that he'd play basketball with them on this particular day, but also told Katy and Sunny that he'd go with them to Sister Gon's garage sale. Things get worse when Paula shows up and angers Katy by questioning her fashion sense. Gaster also further ruins Parappa's day by stealing his bike and the money from Sister Gon's garage sale.

Dorothy, who happens to be Katy's friend, wants to become a dancer once again; however, she feels that see cannot because she is old. Katy and her friends find out that the theater is about to be taken down, so Parappa and his friends fix everything up for Dorothy to have one last dance on stage.

A new teacher has appeared and has just started a new class, but he's shy and doesn't want to teach. Matt figures out a way to help by seeking the help of Boxy Boy. Matt, P.J., and Parappa start to cure their teacher of his fright—but instead, he turns crazy and goes after PaRappa and his friends.

Paula goes to a club only to find a mysterious DJ, whom she falls in love with. Soon after, she starts to dream more and more about him, and eventually learns that the DJ is P.J. At first she won't admit to liking him, but then tries to set up a date with him to see if she truly loves him.

  • 5. "The Big Discovery (working title) (ほとんど裸だね, Being Completely Nude Everywhere)"

Parappa and his friends decide to go on a nice picnic together; that is, until they find a pendant which causes them to move through time, getting them into all sorts of trouble. They meet and befriend a goblin and help him find the love of the girl he loves, who looks an awful lot like Sunny.

Parappa and friends visit a sushi shop, unknowing that is really a cover-up by Gaster and Groover to steal the next door bank's money. Through some unfortunate consequences, the money ends up getting blown up. Now Parappa and company have to do all they can to keep all the bank's customers calm whilst a new shipment on money comes in.

PaRappa and the gang try to help Chief Puddle win the heart of the girl of his dreams. But when her father forbids them from being together, she runs away, and gets trapped in a wildfire at the park. While Puddle attempts to save her, PaRappa and co. attempt to put out the fire.

Parappa, PJ, and Matt are secretly building a rocket ship and plan on going to outer space until Sunny finds out and tells Katy and Paula.

The annual PaRappa Town dance is coming up, and PaRappa is determined to ask if Sunny will go to it with him, but his attempts to ask her out don't go as planned. To make things worse, at the Dance, Gaster and Gruber secretly rob everyone blind, and fail.

PaRappa's favorite Baseball player, Schimdt, comes to town. But before he can even ask for an autograph, Schimdt is kidnapped by Gaster and Gruber. PaRappa, PJ, and Matt attempt a rescue mission.

Parappa, PJ and Matt get stranded in the desert after their bus crashes.

When a gaggle of ghosts drag Sunny to an old, spooky mansion, PaRappa and friends must face their fears and rescue her.

  • 13. "ACHO! ACHO! (アチョ!アチョ~!/Amyo! Amyo!)"

PaRappa and friends scramble to clean up the Fruits Dojo when Chop Chop Master Onion returns to town after a long training journey. However, when he gets back, the dojo falls down, so Chop Chop forces his students to clean up the dojo and to do an impromptu karate lesson, which showed that he was around the world to learn specific techniques. After much pestering from Paula, Chop Chop shows her to do "the Kilamajiro Chop". As she runs home, her friends follow her and find out that she learned it to she could slice oranges to make marmalade.

School elections are coming up, and both Paula and Matt are on the ballot

Gaster and Gruber steal Boxy Boy in hopes of using it to their advantage. But PaRappa gets everyone in PaRappa town to chase down the duo and get Boxy boy back.

Season TwoEdit

When PaRappa accidentally wrecks a nearby shop, he needs to find a way to earn $300 to pay for the repairs. Luckily, PJ, Sunny, Katy, Paula, and Matt decide to help him out.

Katy wants to show off her new wedding dress designs, but no one aside from her friends seem to notice, until Gaster and Gruber show up with a deep sea plot. When they kidnap Katy, PaRappa and the gang are lead on a high-speed water chase.

  • 18. "SaltSalt (シオシオだねSHIOSHIO)"

After saving a flower from a bust street, and replanting it in the park, Sunny learns of another one of Gaster and Groover's plot. In the midst of this incident, a weird pollen is spreading across town, and every flower in town is starting to droop.

While the gang tries to make the best of things when a hurricane hits PaRappa Town , PJ prepares for a DJ contest. Meanwhile, Gaster and Gruber plot to trap the entire town inside Club Fun.

PaRappa and co. help Jonas, a police dog, look for his Chief's missing cat Juila, who Gaster has found and is determined to make his pet.

A field day is being held at the school, and one of the competitors prooves to be quite intimidating. While in a close race, Parappa gets help from his little sister's pet.

Prince Fleaswallow says he is waiting for Catherine, so PaRappa and friends go look for her, but it seems they have no luck doing so. Meanwhile, Fleaswallow teaches PaRappa how to surf

Chop Chop Master Onion thinks he's going to become a movie star, but it's another one of Gaster's evil plans, which PaRappa quickly discovers and foils. However, to keep their sensei's dream alive, PaRappa and the gang try to make a movie themselves.

After catching a cold from Gaster, PJ can't sleep, which has an adverse effect on him. What's worse, he starts to grow larger every time he eats. After being sucked into PJ's little world (via his nose), PaRappa and co. try to expunge the Gaster Virus and save their friend.

Impressed by Hairdresser Octopus's new car, PaRappa decides to try it out for himself, resulting in getting chased all the way to the clouds.

PaRappa and Sunny finally have their chance to be together at a Christmas party. But when Sunny's heart becomes stolen by a jealous witch, PaRappa tries to get it back with help from his friends, Santa Claus, and (reluctantly) Gaster and Groover.

After caring for a couple of birds, PaRappa finds that his hat was used as their nest, and that it has four bird eggs inside inside it the next day. After the eggs hatch, PaRappa and the gang must find someone to care for the baby birds. In the meantime, PaRappa's hat becomes a fashion statement across town.

Season ThreeEdit

Please note that these are fictuous add-ons to the series.

PaRappa and friends come home to his house after going to the carnival. That night, as they sleep over at PaRappa's house in the living room, they all have nightmares induced by what they ate at the carnival.

  • 33 "Parappa Remixed" - Parappa is babysitting Pinto, who is staying with him and his dad for a while, leaving him to turn down his date with Sunny. Sunny then goes off with Joe Chin and Parappa and Pinto go off with Milkcan. Meanwhile, Rammy plots her revenge on Lammy and Milkcan. (Written by Chris Gammon)
  • 34. "Pop Rocks (私は私のギターを奏したいと思う)" -

Parappa buys a guitar from the music store, now run by Master Prince Fleaswallow, and tries to start a rock band with PJ. Unfortunatley, he cannot play it well.

  • 35. " Cousin Piffy (小さいいとこの訪問) " - PaRappa's little cousin Piffy visits.

Pinto and Lima wonder what it's like to get a kiss from a boy. Meanwhile, PJ searches for his pet stone.

  • 38. Letti- This is mainly Piffy and Pinto's story arc, where they tell of a female bully who lived in Piffy's neighborhood.
  • 39. "Mysterious Hero (その覆われた若者はだれだったか?)" - A new hero clad in samurai armor is in town, protecting the weak and downtrodden, like an urban Robin Hood, and everyone is trying to figure out who he really is.
  • 40."Freaky Outie (なんと不可解な日か)" - When their dad's new invention goes haywire, Parappa and Pinto switch bodies for a day, and struggle to try and live that day as the other.

Parappa sneaks out to the park at night for a backyard concert.

  • 42. "Taffy Caper (曲がったタフィー)" - Gaster and Groover make addicting taffy, so the customers will keep coming back for more, as part of their scam to make money.
  • 43. "Parappa vs Varavva (Part 1) () " -

A evil version of Parappa from the same area that Rammy is from comes to Parappatown to cause mischeif. (note: this was the first and as of now only Parappa The Rapper movie, which aired on TV as a 3 part special)

  • 44. 'Parappa vs Varavva (Part 2) ()"-

​Varavva's plans are revealed: he wants a girlfriend, and tries to lure Sunny by using a special ring

  • 45. "Parappa vs Varavva (Part 3)

With the help all of his friends, Parappa has a musical battle with Varavva, Rammy, and the brainwashed Sunny.

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