Ougon no Kyojin Odin
Created by Akira Jotaro (aka Justice0)
Writer(s) Akira Jotaro
Director(s) Akira Jotaro
No. of episodes 24
Run time 21-25 minutes

Ougon no Kyojin Odin (黄金の巨人 オーディン Ougon no Kyojin Odin lit. Golden Giant Odin) is an anime that was written, directed, and created by Akira Jotaro who also created the anime Take Flight! Stargazer!, Stardust Stratos, and Armored Arena.

The story is set in year 2031 of Earth, set in a city that is seperated by islands in Japan named Miraishima. The story is about a young man who was asleep for millions of years and was awoken by the attack of an unknown alien race named the Dio, a species of complete mystery that wishes to destroy the world to make it their own.


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In year 2018, a golden machine was found in the Atlantic Ocean and was brought to the United Kingdom to be researched about what it was. For 13 years, the golden machine remained unknown and a mystery, but was believed to be a space ship of some kind and a proof of aliens. On October 13, 2031, the scientist of Miraishima, Japan, Professor Jou Agasaki, bought the golden machine to study it, but his student, Satori Yukino, made a discovery no one else found; Satori had entered the machine by accident and found a boy her age in golden armor inside it, asleep sitting on a throne made of pure gold inside a plain room of pure white. Satori was about to awaken the boy until she was called out by the Professor.

For two weeks, Satori entered the machine everyday in secret to speak to the boy, until one day, she did not meet with him and an enemy from the skies attacked the islands of Miraishima. On the day of the attack, the aliens destroyed one of the islands of Miraishima and killed hundreds of people, making the people of the islands desperate for help. Satori had unconsciously ran into the golden machine in fear and screamed out for help, which then awakened the boy, and to everyone's surprise, moved the golden machine, launching it from the station. The golden machine transformed into a giant to fight off the aliens after the boy screamed out, "Your king, Arthur Cadmus orders you to awaken! Golden Giant, Odin!"


Main ProtagonistsEdit

Arthur CadmusEdit

The former King of Atlantis at the age of 17 years-old before he was frozen in time for millions of years along with his companion and ship, the Golden Giant, Odin. Arthur is an arrogant, high and mighty young man who dreams of nothing. Arthur has many desires, but has no dream of his own and has no want to conquer the world like his ancestors did. After awakening from his long sleep, he was told to become a high school student a year after a series of testing and rebuilding the ruined city. Arthur is seen as an overconfident richboy who wants nothing but power by his fellow students because of the way he acts, but this is false due to himself not having a wish of his own and the way he was raised in a palace. He was thought to prefer any beautiful girl that wants him by his classmates, but he is actually very picky on what type of woman he wants; a strong and pure untainted virgin maiden no matter of appearance. During his sleep, he unconsciously learned the entire Japanese language and also listened to Satori when she was talking to him. His iris is normally red and his hair is usually blonde, but his eyes turns gold and hair turns white after he is unsealed from a "lock" in his soul; this form was named savior. Arthur often says the phrase, "Your king orders you!" when he wants something done for him, and due to his lack of knowledge on modern technology, this sometimes leads to comedic battles against things such as computers or vendors. When fighting, he often says "Your punishment: Execution!" after proclaiming his 'orders' and being disobeyed. He is voiced by Hiro Shimono

Satori YukinoEdit

A 17 year-old girl who studies under Professor Jou Agasaki. Satori is a strong-willed girl despite having a weak body and being a quiet person. Satori was a girl who was often picked on and bullied in her past and was only stopped being bullied after Arthur made his appearance to stop her attackers. Satori has a weak body due to an illness when she was born, because of that, she appears as skinny and has bad eyesight. Satori's mother died after giving birth to her, but her father does his best to keep her healthy and works several jobs to help her, unfortunately, Satori's condition tells that she does not have a long time to live and will most likely die before reaching her 20s. Satori tries to live her life without hating anyone and worrying her family, but she is often hit by depression despite trying to keep a positive attitude. During the time Arthur was asleep, Satori told him about what she actually felt and what was happening to her; because Arthur listened to her, he was able to help her problems and she eventually fell in love with him. Satori is the only other human who is able to enter Odin and this is because Arthur's unconscious will allows her to. She is voiced by Kana Hanazawa.

Main AntagonistEdit

Deus ex MachinaEdit

The leader of the Dio alien race. Deus ex Machina is a mechanical brain inside a supercomputer that keeps it alive for as long as needed for the Dio race to conquer the entire universe. Deus ex Machina plans to take over the universe in order to make itself God. The reason for Deus ex Machina's actions are because it is actually the combined brains of all the last surviving people of the true Dio race formed into one giant machine and they all wish for one thing, to be remembered after death. Deus ex Machina's top half takes the shape and form of the current race that it is attacking because the original form of the true Dio race was forgotten centuries ago; the bottom half of Deus ex Machina is a huge metal blade and the back is a centered cross. The full body of Deus ex Machina shines a light of pure white, thus, it was referred to as the "White Angel" before it was named. It is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa and Naomi Shindo.


Miraishima Science DivisionEdit

Professor Jou Agasaki - Simply known as 'the Professor,' he is a proclaimed 'mad scientist' by the Science Institution. The Professor loves ancient artifacts as much as he loves creating new technology, and due to his status as one of the richest people in the world, he funds his own research, allowing himself to research anything he wants. He is single with a daughter and divorced; he finds his ex-wife even scarier than the Dio and fears for his life what she would do if she found out that he was in Miraishima studying aliens and a boy who looks like he's in his teens. The Professor enjoys his work, but he also enjoys playing around with young girls so he would often go to the schools of Miraishima to flirt despite being in his 30s. He is voiced by Hiroaki Hirata.
Marco Russo - An Italian fighter pilot who joined the Miraishima Science Division to become a tester for Professor Jou Agasaki's inventions. He was a former pilot for the Italian Air Force until he quit because of a mission in which his best friends were killed. Marco stays as a guinea pig for the Professor because the pay is incredibly good and the tests are not life threatening despite being very dangerous. Marco is the Professor's only tester and he is one of the few friends of Satori. He has a woman he loves back in Italy, but because he forcibly quit the Italian Air Force 10 years ago, he can never return without getting arrested. He is voiced by Hideyuki Tanaka.
Kenji - A young part time employee who helps move around things the Professor needs. Kenji often tries to befriend Satori, but cannot due to them being too split up apart because of work and also because Satori often avoids talking to him. He is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya.
Sanada - The manager of the the Miraishima Science Division's non-scientist employees. He is a strict and firm man in his late 20s who is often relied upon by the Professor to do certain jobs. He is voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura.
Sakiko Agasaki - The daughter of the Professor. Sakiko is a lively and optimistic 14 year-old girl who is taller and more athletic than the average girl her age, making her look as though she is a young adult. She knows that her father, Jou Agasaki, is secretly researching in Miraishima so she occasionally visits him from the mainland to surprise him and help with his work. Sakiko is said to take more from her mother's side because she is tall, athletic, and beautiful, but she is as crazy as her father when it comes to doing things they love to do. She found great interest in Arthur after she found out that he was over millions of years-old and is also a king and pilot of a robot, so she often causes Satori to become jealous without knowing of her actions. She likes to play around with Satori and is one of her few friends. She is voiced by Ayako Kawasumi.

Miraishima Science AcademyEdit

Sakura Tenjou - The daughter of the second richest man in Mirashima. Sakura is an arrogant and snobby student who likes to bully other students merely for fun; her main target of bullying is Satori Yukino. She sees everyone else as inferior to her family, including Professor Jou Agasaki and Arthur Cadmus, because she was raised to be a prideful and confident. After being stopped by Arthur for bullying Satori, Sakura switched her target to him for insulting her, but stopped her bullying of students all together after Arthur convinced her. Because Arthur constantly refers to himself as a king, Sakura first thought he was just an arrogant boy with chuunibyou (中二病 chūnibyō, lit. "junior high school second grade illness") until she found out the he was the boy who saved Miraishima with the robot. She is voiced by Junko Minagawa.
Aya - One of Sakura's followers. Aya has dark short hair and likes to humiliate people through water. She is voiced by Kana Ueda.
Ami - One of Sakura's followers. Ami has long light brown hair and likes to take humiliating pictures of other people with her phone. She is voiced by Ryōko Ono.
Isano - One of Sakura's followers. Isano has black ponytail hair and likes to humiliate people through bad rumors. She is voiced by Kanae Itou.
Hideyo Sarutobi - Arthur's follower. Hideyo looks and acts very much like a monkey. He often lies and cons people out of their money, but despite this, he is a very loyal follower of Arthur because he saved his life in the first Dio attack. Hideyo will obey anything Arthur orders him to do and would never fail to do so. Because of Hideyo's trickster personality, he has few friends, but he doesn't consider them true friends because they are also tricksters who con people for money, therefore, his only true friend is Arthur, who he calls his lord. Hideyo knows little about Satori, but he sees her as Arthur's 'wife' so he also treats her the same way he treats Arthur and also calls her a friend even though she doesn't see him as one. He is voiced by Yamaguchi Kappei.
Kyosuke Ayuhara - A boy who is obsessed with robots. Kyosuke has had an obsession with robot since he was in his elementary school years and was fascinated by them through anime, manga, and science. As part of the Robot Building Club, he's dreamed of building a full scale workind model of a real life mecha; after he found out that the Miraishima Science Division had launched a mecha during the first Dio attack, Kyosuke felt even more excited about being able to pilot a robot and tried many times to get into the golden machine, Odin, but failed everytime. After the ancient black mecha, Kaiser, was discovered months after the second Dio attack, he snuck into the mecha and started it up, but coincidentally, the third Dio attack had already begun and so he tried to fight them with the Kaiser only to ultimately fail without being able to defeat a single enemy and just being barely saved by Arthur in the Odin. He feels great jealousy towards Arthur and wishes that he were him just so he could pilot Odin and save the world to become a hero, but because of Arthur's arrogance and lack of care for protecting the world, he despises Arthur. He is voiced by Yūki Kaji.


This is the technology and technical terms used in the anime.


The technology shown that was used by or built using materials from Atlantis.


Nicknamed the "Golden Giant" because it can transform into a giant humanoid form and it is a shiny golden color. Odin can transform from a giant ship into a humanoid form; in its ship form, it is fast enough to cause sonic booms ten times bigger than a fighter plane, and in its humanoid form, it can create a weapon out of any part of its body that is broken off. Odin has hidden blades in its arms called Gilgamesh and Enkidu, floating beam guns ('bits') called Izanagi, an electric beam sword made of its bits called Zeus, a shield made of bits called Jupiter, and a cannon made of its entire body called Amun-Ra.


The third and ultimate form of Odin. Messiah is the upgraded form of Odin, but it removes its vehicle form because it is already incredibly fast without need of a transformation. It looks very similar to Odin except it is mostly platinum-colored and has more spikes. Messiah is estimated to be five times stronger than Odin and it can only be summoned by Arthur after he goes into his savior form. In Messiah form, all its weapons can be removed and combined into one sword called God.


An ancient sword that is legend to have created the universe. It is a sword made of pure flowing energy in a physical form. This sword can only be wielded by Messiah and Arthur in his savior form.

King's ArmorEdit

The elegant armor that Arthur wears while inside Odin. It is a golden armor that is made of an Atlantean metal that can control certain stones or metals like telekinesis. It can only be worn by Arthur because he has a special type of blood not found in humans, and the armor reacts to this blood like a magical magnet. It disappears after taken off and can only be brought back after entering Odin's throne room, or cockpit.


An ancient mecha that was built by the Atlanteans as a final hope after Odin was sealed away with Arthur inside it. Due to it being millions of years old, it is very rusted and beaten up, but it survived those years because of the Atlantean metal that was used to create Odin and the King's Armor. It was discovered in the Mu continent ruins because it was stolen away by humans after it was finished being built, leading to the destruction of the Atlantean race and Atlantis with it. It was piloted only once ever by a student named Kyosuke Ayuhara who felt jealous that Arthur has his own robot and Satori was able to ride in it, but the Kaiser broke after failing to destroy a Dio warship and nearly killed Kyosuke.


The technology shown that was built by human technology.

Lancer 3-017Edit

The third generation of a mass-produced fighter plane model used by the Neo Japanese Defense Army. It is the favorite fighter model of Professor Jou Agasaki because it is faster than all other planes due to its light durable armor and also more room for weapons and equipment.

Lancer 3-017 "Star Shout"Edit

The personal fighter plane of Professor Jou Agasaki. It is even lighter and faster than the regular Lancer and has a built-in radar that detects all abnormal heat signatures from a 500 mile radius. The Star Shout was only used once by the Professor before the final battle against Deus ex Machina, and that was the first ever test flight of it, ending in great success, but never flew again until Deus ex Machina's invasion of Earth.

Lancer 3-026 "Glass Cannon"Edit

The personal fighter plane of the Italian ace pilot, Marco Russo. It is a modified version of the heavily armored 26th Lancer model. It contains glass-like armor and a giant cannon personally fitted for the Glass Cannon named "Red Flag" because of the red missiles it shoots and the Italian flag painted on it.

Heavy LifterEdit

The prototype model for a future mass-produced mecha unit created by Professor Jou Agasaki. There is only one Heavy Hammer unit in the world and it is used only for lifting heavy objects and construction as it does not have any weapons and cannot use any due to none being created for it. It was only ever shown piloted by Satori as it is her job to take care of it and use it.


This is the technology used and built by the Dio race.


A flying saucer-like mecha that has long arms and legs with a head in the front of the saucer instead of on top. It is ranked Enemy Level D as it is weakest of the commanding warships despite the damage it can do. These were the first enemy commanders shown in the series and were very easily defeated by Odin after many failed attempts from the Neo Japanese Defense Army to destroy only one.


Small fighter ships that are used as pawns or footsoldiers by the Dio. It is Enemy Level E and can be defeated by human technology because it is very weak. Because it is so weak, Strikers often come in huge platoons so that lots of damage can be done and their enemies will be overwhelmed by their near endless numbers.


A triangular warship that can transform into mecha full of cannons. It is ranked Enemy Level C for it is the second of the weakest warships. It is much more powerful than the Saucer and it is also the biggest of the warships despite it being ranked only C.


A small mecha with egg-shaped heads that are also their weakpoints. It is ranked Enemy Level B for it is incredibly fast despite being the smallest of the warships. The only things fast enough to catch up to Eggheads are 17th model Lancers and Odin's bits, the Izanagi, but due to human technology being ineffective against most Dio enemies, only Odin is able to take them out without much difficulty.


The strongest of the Dio warships and Enemy Level A. It is a giant ship smaller than the Pyramids but much more durable and holds more weapons. It sends out platoons of Level E Strikers from its sides and recreates them in a quick pace that leaves it vulnerable for a matter of a few minutes.

Deus ex MachinaEdit

Also known as White Angel, it is Enemy Level S and is the leader of the Dio race. See above for more detail.


This is the technology built from Mu.


An engine used to power machines built by the people of Mu. Arthur uses one he recieved from his old friend of Mu to power an old charm that reminds him of his past.

Troano CodexEdit

A mysterious machine that recorded the history of the Mu continent as well as made it disappear off the face of the world. The Troano Codex sealed away the entire continent by putting it inside a kind of 'vault' and those who were trapped inside instantly vanished. The survivors of the Troano Incident moved away to Pangaea, where they became the ancestors of modern humans and studied the Codex for centuries until they ultimately gave up.


  • Arthur was named after King Arthur of England and King Cadmus of Thebes
  • Odin was named after the Norse King of Gods Odin, King Gilgamesh and Enkidu of Babylon, the Japanese deity Izanagi-no-Okami, Greek Father of Gods Zeus, Roman King of Gods Jupiter, and Egyptian King of Gods Amun-Ra
  • The sword God was named after the supreme being, God, and the Messiah was named after the Hebrew word for "savior"
  • The Troano Codex is a Mayan book that was used by creator, Akira Jotaro, as the base of the Mu storyline as it has a possible relation to the Mu continent
  • The Dio ships and mechas were named after UFO spotted names with exception of Deus ex Machina and Striker
  • Deus ex Machina literally translates into "God from the Machine," thus, it was made to shape an angel and cross while still being a machine