This is an RP created by me "TheSuperiorOne" called Originals and anyone can participate and join.

Welcome to the "Originals" Role-play series. This RP will take place all over the world maybe, but for starters, in London. Here's a guide to the RP:

  • Regular text signifies dialogue.
  • Regular text in *asterisks* are thoughts a character is making in their head.
  • Italicized text represents a character's second personality.
  • Bolded and Italicized text is an action a character is making.

I am currently RPing with some friends and these are the people

  • TheSuperiorOne 
  • Thecryingwolf3553
  • PyroHunter16
  • Ghostaree
  • Infamoussnakegang

So, this roleplay will be done by me and some friends. If you want to join, make a character on this wiki with an ability. Then put a link to your character down in the comments and we will look it over. First, we'll determine if your power is Over-Powered or not. Then, we'll review your character. Afterwards, your character will be modified according to your instruction. Now, let's begin.

Introduction Edit

This story is taking place in London, where 5 friends, Chris, TJ, Vinh, Markos, and Angelo have developed superpowers of their own over the 5 years they've gotten them. They are currently going to a local high school where they sometimes interact with their daily lives and do their own duties. Even if they have these extraordinary powers, they still hide it from the public because there's no telling what would happen if they outside world knew. But something is coming that no one will ever expect...

At a school in London Edit

Here is Chris, a 15 year old Haitian kid who is always alone because that's literally his choice. He is walking out of class to go to the library for lunch so he can sit down and use his laptop. He walks past a lot of students fooling around in the hallway. A book bag gets flown at him from one of the students' play fighting and he simply moves out of the way, pretending it never happened. The group tries to apologize but Chris just shakes his head and waves it off while smiling a bit.

Chris: *Oh my fuckin gosh... So much embarrassment if that hit me yo... Ugh* He walks faster to the library and looks around and sits in the comfy chair to relax.

Toby Ashbrook, AKA TJ, is in a corner of the library picking out random stupid books, reading a few pages, then swapping it for another. As he picks up a novel, he pretends to read it mid way, but looks slightly up at people. He attempts to read people's minds by looking at them.

Toby: *Damn Jimmy has a crush on Sera.* He spots Chris then walks over as the book flies back into place. He sits down next to him Hey Chris.

Chris: Looks over at TJ while leaning back in the comfy chair and raises up his head in a "Sup" style Suuup brooooo. What's goin' on?

Toby: Uh nothing bro. You? Looks around as he uses his Sixth Sense to feel the surroundings

Chris: Nothin', just chilling' here, still loner status as usual. He yawns man, i wish this day would be over already.. I wanna go hang out with Amanda and get some ice cream with her already. It's so hard to get her to like me man. He sits up in his chair as he opens his laptop and it automatically starts browsing Tumblr on its own without him even touching the laptop. He then looks up at TJ Shit is hard as fuck bro.

Vincent walks in and sits down at a table, getting out his phone and putting on his headphones and listening to music before getting out a sketchbook and drawing.

Vincent: *School is so fucking boring... I just want to go home already.* He's sketching a character design while listening to Combichrist *Got the base down, details next.

Another guy enters the library, he has a framed butterfly in one hand, and a butterfly net in the other, running toward the wall, that was Markos, slowly munching on a cube of sugar as he adjust the frame, to the perfect fit.

Markos: *That's it, always wanted to hang one of my masterpieces on the library walls.* He notices Chris sitting right next to him Hey, what do you think? *Apparently this guy has no interest in butterflies* Want a sugar cube? He hands him a cube *shit, this is awkward*.

Toby's smirk

Suddenly the frame falls to the floor as the glass cracks. Toby stares with a guilty smirk

Toby: I think it looks perfect.

Markos: Waves his hands and bring life back to the butterfly What a hero you're, it's actually pretty much alive, He mentally commands the butterfly to get into Toby's clothes Oops, looks like the butterfly has a crush on it's new savior...

Toby: Bro! Uses his TK to get the butterflies out Stop that.

Markos: Well He lowers his voice a bit you started it.

Chris is staring at the sugar cube and his face starts to vibrate in super speed as he makes a creepy face. He then bursts out laughing to himself and pops the sugar cube in his mouth.

Chris: Ahh... Inside jokes... He chomps on the sugar cube and looks at Markos Bruuuuuuuh. Can't wait for you guys to get caught with your powersss. Stupiddsss. He chuckles and looks back at his laptop

Vincent comes over and sits down next to them, one headphone handing around his neck and the other one in-ear.

Vincent: Butterflies, huh... Causes them to spontaneously combust by "overheating" in a way Not a big fan. Sits down next to Chris and goes back to drawing Anything new going on in your lives? Aside from the powers.

Chris: He looks up and laughs and holds his mouth in a gasp Duuuuude! So fucked up bro! He starts to laugh loud and cover his mouth to soften the laugh

Vincent: I've got that sadistic side to me. I gotta let it out somehow. Still drawing his character sketch

Markos: Sadistic side ha? How about you practice your "sadism" on something else other than innocent butterflies? Your homework for example? That should make a tough challenge He giggles.

Vincent: Homework is fucking stupid. I can manage it. He finishes some of the details of his sketch, then goes to draw the weapon

Markos: Looks at the sketch Limme guess, it's another pyromaniac ninja assassin? Be creative Vince, you will never be a Mangaka if you keep drawing the same shit over and over again.

Vincent: No, fucker. It's just a fucking sketch. I'm not planning on making any Manga anytime soon. Goes back to drawing

Markos: Aren't these big words for a thirteen year old? Coming from that little tiny mouth of yours, cute. Markos give him his back and snaps his fingers, causing the paper to slowly split into two pieces.

Vincent: Motherfucker... Burns the paper, then leaves to go to the lunch tables and draw, flipping to a new page to redraw the sketch from memory, albeit with minor differences *That bastard. I was almost done too...*

Markos: *That's my revenge for the butterflies motherfucker, they made an awesome frame*. Markos goes to the library assistant to burrow a copy of "Mockingjay", then he leaves the library starring at the book in his hands. Now I can finally know the finale to the Hunger Games trilogy, ahhh, the few things that bring happiness to my heart...

Another guy enters with a comic book, some headphones, an Ipad and a PSP, while munching on a fudgie bar and spots the four and sits down.

Angelo: Okay, anything happen?

Chris: Hm? Not really. Vine and Mark got mad at each other, AGAIN. HA! I would love to see them fight during training sometime. That would be the best fight ever. Duuuuude we should all fight each other after school.

Toby: Typical Chris, always wants a fight. Where?

Chris: Our training ground. Duh. We need to do this man. I wanna see some fightssss!!

Toby: Lower your voice, the librarian is looking at us suspicously, she's thinking we have some sort of fight club. He knows this without turning around to check And we will. Not missing this.

Chris: Starts to whisper a bit Awesome. Damn, this lunch period is long as fuck. Looks at laptop again reading manga

Angelo: I just hope that you guys won't do anything to make me fight. Watches Age of Ultron scenes on I pad

Later at 6:45 Edit

Later after school, there is a slight sunset, and the 5 friends are at their super powered "fight club". Is is an abandoned "ex-gym" for the school that is no longer in use. It still looks like a regular gym, sleek wooden fllors, white walls and bench presses. The paint is scratched but the gym is still usable and, thanks to Chris, has working free electricity. They are sitting and standing around the 50 by 50 foot wide gym.

Chris: Soooo, who's gonna start??? If someone goes first, I'll be the next to go. He leans back in his chair and yawns

Toby: I think uhhh I should maybe go first. But who with?

Chris: Gaaaaah, I'll gooooo. Everyone else is scared or something. Hahahaha, just kiddinggg. He looks around at them Tough crowd... He walks up and stretches when facing TJ. You ready?

Toby: I think the question that is the answer is are you ready wait....nevermind, you go first.

Chris: Haha alright. He gets in an attack stance and runs at TJ in normal speed but obviously swifter and using his right hand, creates a small electric arc with his index finger and thumb.

Toby holds out his palm at Chris and fires a human sized Wave Blast straight at him

Chris: Hehe.. He starts to feel slightly excited and when he does, he feels his body get more lightweight and lift off the ground as he runs gradually faster and eventually his body disappears from sight. He then reappears far away on the side of TJ sliding sideways and as he's sliding, he crouches and places his index finger on the ground to stop himself and forcefully send lightning through the ground and up at TJ. The ground beneath him starts to crack as lightning is about to erupt.

Toby: FUCK! He gets blasted back against the wall then drops to the ground. He gets up then uses TK to lift the ground beneathe Chris to punch him from under him

Chris: Gah! He tries to move out of the way as he was distracted and gets hit in the air, but quickly, recovers and flash steps onto the ground. Good hit. He appears behind TJ without any warning and touches his back, pushing TJ slightly with regular physical strength. He then just looks at TJ.

Toby: I'm not an idiot. Chris just sees TJ disappear as Chris finds himself flying in a random direction to a wall

Chris slows down his movement at the wall then softly lands on it. Before he stands upright on the wall, his eyes glow blue in a quick second and he whispers to himself, "Found you" and appears next to TJ, and while still squatting on the floor he leg sweeps TJ hard.

TJ falls over but uses TK to dash upwards pushing Chris back as he ascends to the roof. He then dashes down at him as a Wave Blast surrounds him

Chris: Hmmm He throws a bit of electricity in his direction before he reaches him, but it gets eroded away quickly and he gets hit into the ground by the attack, destroying the ground and making a huge explosion with dust going everywhere.

The dust settles as TJ is flying a foot in the air looking down at an injured Chris with blood and broken bones. TJ drops down to the floor

Toby: Seriously? You're THAT weak? Okay bro. *This is boring.* TJ heads to lean on the wall watching who's next

Chris: Aghh... Dammit this hurts... He is still laying on the ground when he closes his eyes and an electrical exoskeleton forms above him as he tries to get up from the injuries. The exoskeleton rapidly heals him but when he gets up he is still limping and healing. Mark... Vinh... You're up boys... Agh.. Chris goes and walks past Mark as he gets up to go.

Markos closes his book and puts it aside, then he walks to the fighting floor, stretches a little, and takes a deep breath. Come on Vincent, before I fall asleep, dammit, God knows I hate early mornings.

Vincent gets up from his chair, putting on his headphones and playing a song from the DMC 4 OST as he smoke dashes to the floor, stretching out his limbs and summoning his sword construct on his back and preparing his hands for firing projectiles.

Vincent: Alright. Let's get this over with. He throws out a smoke bomb and boosts forward using flame propulsion and stabs Mark, then slashes twice, followed by a spin-around while he slashes all around him, boosting back afterwards, the smoke clearing up by the time he finishes

As the smoke clears, Markos is apparently guarded by wooden plates, they toke most of the damage, but he still has some scratches around him, slightly bleeding Dammit Vince, that's savage Markos converts the wooden plates into a spiked boulder which protects him from anything. When the ball charges up, the ball spins rapidly before it hurls toward Vincent.

Vince throws his sword at the ball and snaps his fingers, detonating the sword and making the ball spontaneously combust as he smoke dashes out of the way and throws a few fire grenades at Mark. Still listening to music, so he adjusts his headphones after throwing the grenades.

When the ball exploded, Mark quickly rolled away and dodged the grenades, but the explosion radius knocked him a few feet away Oh, really? Take this Green vines pops from underneath Vincent's legs, without him noticing, Markos commands them to tighten, and swing him around until they launch him across the room into the wall.

Vincent takes the damage, mentally cursing in his head . After getting off the wall with a smoke dash, he charges up a ball of fire in his heads, then launches a missile of fire at Mark, smoke dashing to get his headphones and putting them on..

Vince: *Shit, they disconnected.* Re-syncs them up to his phone and continues playing the music

Markos uses his seismic energy to redirect the missile, but the missile explodes, which pushes Markos away causing him to lose balance and hit the ground, an earthquake pulse throws all debris into the air.

Vincent falls to the floor from the earthquake pulse, then smoke dashes up into the air and launches a few smoke rounds at Mark before going to the sidelines to stop his music and put his headphones and phone in his bag, then smoke dashing back onto the floor, a sword construct on his back created during the dash.

Vincent: *I should probably keep my headphones safe in my bag for the time being.*

Markos quickly stands and shoots a rock-like missile at Vincent, when released, a green ball of energy forms around it, then it explodes into four miniature earth missiles, directed at Vince; to make matters worse, Markos stomps the ground, creating a fissure to prevent Vincent from blocking.

Vince uses his thermal energy to prematurely detonate the missiles by changing his sword into Kunai constructs and throwing at the missiles and detonating the blades. As he does this, he smoke dashes to the side, still on the floor, and shields his eyes from the ensuing explosions while creating a barrier from the smoke from the explosions.

As Vincent slide, Markos throws a leafy grenade which sticks to Vince's chest, it explodes into a large green tornado. The tornado sucks up Vincent, twirls him around, then send him high into the sky as he slowly descend and fall to the ground.

As he's falling, Vincent smoke dashes vertically up into the air, then superheats his hand with thermal energy while forming a gauntlet construct. As he falls down this time, he uses the kinetic energy from the falls to increase the potency of his attack, and when he hits the ground he lands in front of Mark and punches the ground, channeling thermal energy into the ground and causing an explosion around him.

Markos shields his face from the explosion and swiftly smashes his fist into the ground, in a moment notice, he grows a small forest to absorb some of the flames, as the trees are burning, Markos tries to catch his breath.

Markos: Hey Vince, how about we end this and call it a draw ha? He shakes from fear of the fire and evades a little torch *Fuck this, I can't cope anymore* With a wave of his hand, the trees clustered up into a sphere, spiked and hardened as they lunch their sharpened logs at Vincent. At the while, Markos is charging up another tornado.

Vincent: Tch... You first. He smoke dashes vertically up into the air again and launches a missile at Mark to distract him, then throws some more Kunai at the logs and causes them to spontaneously combust and turn to ashes before he falls down. He then absorbs the ash and turns it into a small bomb Enjoy your present. He sets the bomb down and ignites it after dashing to the side and turning to face away

Markos: No, thank you! He releases the Tornado, which sucks up the bomb and send it twirling back at Vincent, shortly before exploding.

Vincent simply absorbs the energy and transfers it into a sword construct, saving the rest for his "reserves."

Vincent: Well. I'm tired. He checks the time on his phone And I've got homework to do. Looks like this is a draw. I'm getting tired of fighting a person who redirects my attacks or provides me more stuff to burn. He sets up his headphones and music again I'll be working on my homework. You should probably fix all the damage we caused. Gets out his homework and works on it *Why do I always seem to get homework overload every fucking day....*

Toby: *What a pussy, using the homework excuse...* Well this sucks, I'm out. I'll help clean up next time. Bye guys. He heads out the door

Markos: Looks at him in disappointment and causes air to send his homework to fly away.

Markos: Walks at the chairs and sat next to Chris You let TJ win didn't you? As he picks up his book and continues on reading.

Vincent smokes dashes up into the air and gets his homework, then throws his sword directly in front of Mark's book, the blade a mere millimeter away from the edge of the book.

Vincent: Don't fuck with me. I've got too much shit on my plate right now. The sword disappears into thin air as he sits down and continues his homework

Markos: So, Chris, what were we saying? Ah yeah, you let him win?

Chris: He chuckles to himself as he's playing on his phone and glances at Markos for a quick second. You guys never quit huh? And don't tell him this.. But yea. He looked like he was trying really hard...

Markos: It's the rivalry between life and destruction, trees hate fire, and so do I, it's nothing but natural, also, we should get to cleaning Markos uses his plants to rebuild what they broke, and to reattach the wooden floor.

Chris: Gaaah, that's true. He stays in his spot and uses his static to pick things up and help clean everything back to normal

Markos: Vince fought pretty well, and he was scary too, I guess if we kept on fighting my Pyrophobia would've taken the best of me, but, do you think he actually surrendered, with this homework thing? He used one of the vines to pick up the chairs and bring them back to their original position.

Chris: Yeeeeaaaa I did, he's always going crazy with it, so it's not really a surprise, you know? I feel bad for him though. Ohhhh well, his fault for choosing the hard classes. He places all the loose weight sets in their original positions by levitating them.

Markos: Asians will be Asians... emmm, Chris? How are we going to extinguish the fire?

Chris: Hahahahahha that was kinda racist but funny He laughs a bit and looks the fire around burning. Hmm.. Can't you form super dense wood to enclose the fire in?

Markos: Looks like Vince is too busy homeworking, Plan B then, as you say, but I rather use my wind currents, less messy He directs the winds from the windows to the fire, slowly extinguish it to nothingness Done, I guess everything else can only be done with Toby's Telekinesis, I can go back to my novel, or... we leave for some Icecream?

Chris: Eh, I gotta go home, gonna watch some anime or whatever. I'm done here man. He gets up and stretches Cya man!

Markos: Have fun Chris He bring his attention back to the Hunger Games novel, looking at Vincent for a second and see him drowning in homework, he flips a page, and lay on the ground.

Chris: Thanks broooo, see you guys later. He flashes away in an instant and goes to his house to eat dinner, shower and work on some homework before he watches anime.

Angelo woke up, due to the fact his body clock is an absolute bitch.

Angelo: W-what yawns happened?

A couple days later Edit

Markos was walking home from school, he was donning a hooded black jacket to shield him from the rain, holding a book in one hand and a phone in another, checking his Email.

Mark: *FUCKING SPAM MAIL!* He sees Angelo walking his way and closes his phone Hey Angelo!

Angelo: Dude! Hangs for a high five

Mark: Stares at Angelo's hanging hand for a few seconds and then gently high fives him Sorry Angelo, I need to practice this "high fiving" a bit more. None of this matters, how was your day Angelo?

Angelo: Tries to make frown unnoticable It's...“Okay".

Mark: So, how about we walk home together?

Angelo: Yeah. Walks for a while To be honest there's a girl at school I like.

Mark: To be honest Angelo, I'm the last person you should ask for dating advice, you know the "horrible secret", no, not that one, the other, I never dated a... anyway, who is that girl? Markos stops in his place.

Angelo: Stops as well She's in mys section, she's very beautiful, but I don't think she'd fall for me, her name's Angela. Blushes red in embarrassment.

Mark: *Angelo and Angela ha? Cute...* Angelo, you know the best way to impress a girl? Show her that you're better than her, she must want you, not the opposite.

A police car suddenly comes speeding their way, chasing another green car, it crashes into an electronics store and someone emerges from the car, a middle aged man who apparently has mutated claws. The man quickly escapes.

Mark: What is that? Angelo, care to investigate? Without waiting for a response, Markos rushes to the scene.

Angelo: Mark! Wait up! Runs after him *What shit did we get ourselves into?*

Markos got inside the store and investigates the crash. Inside he found a panicking man, weeping in a corner.


Mark: You must be the shopkeeper, I'm not going to hur...


In fact Markos did the opposite and he touched the man, as soon as he made contact, Mark used his powers to calm him down.

Mark: Now, tell me, what did you see?

Man: A monster, he looked like a man, a man in a suit, but, he was a MONSTER!

Mark: *This is no use* Just stay here I'll bring help I'll... Suddenly police stormed the entrance.

Officer: Get out of there young man!

Mark: *Just perfect* And he walks outside, seeing Angelo within the crowds.

Mark: Slowly whispers to Angelo We are not alone.

Angelo: Whispers back What do you mean by that?

Mark: Gently drags Angelo out of the gathering crowd We're not alone, there are others, with powers.

Angelo: What I should punch something now?

Markos: Angelo, this is not a thing to joke about, we need to tell the rest!

Later that day Edit

Markos rushes to the abandoned Gym to inform the rest, they agreed to meet there in the afternoon, but none was really expecting what is about to happen.

Mark: Bursts through the door Guys, I've seen something, we're not alone, there are others, others with powers.

Toby: Is lying down lazily on a chair then sits up What? That's impossible. What did you see exactly?!

Mark: I didn't see it directly, but there were police chasing a car, the car crashed into an electronics store, and someone, a middle aged man emerged out of it, he had claws, obvious, mutated claws that replaced his fingers completely, he ran away inhumanly fast Markos stared intently at the ceiling, as if the words he was looking for were, somehow, written there I got inside the store, there was the shopkeeper scared shitless, I tried to calm him, but still no use, it must have been a terrifying monster, man, whatever. It's unnatural, much like us.

Vincent: So we're not alone.... Looks like we're gonna have to watch our backs more.... He's drawing some weapon sketches

Toby: This is a lot more serious, we are not alone. Other people have powers too. This is...fucking awesome!

Mark: Yeah, but that guy has completely blown our cover. We need to have a more incognito approach: No more using our powers in public, no matter how discreet we're, also training should be done in a more rural area, this gym no longer suffice. For the first time in three years, I'm actually scared.

Toby: Scared? We no longer have to use our powers in secret anymore!

Mark: Toby think! What do we have? Superpowers, yes, but what do they have? Militaries, aircrafts, tanks, armored vehicles, and if things got dirty, weapons of mass destruction, and worse.

Toby: Weapons? We ARE weapons, Gods amongst Men, no one can touch us, if you wanna pussy out then fine, you can't see this is great news.

Vincent: Which is why we need to train. Train our powers. Fight their WMDs. And get stronger. Continues to draw weapons.

Mark: Fine, if you wish to go barging thoughtlessly into combat, that's your choice. Me? I rather take a more tactical approach, and history have proven your "technique" more often than not, wrong.

Toby: We don't need to fight. We have powers, if we show them something to fear, they'll follow.

Vincent: While that is true, that may not be the best solution. But knowing how I am... He creates a fire construct replica of one of his weapon sketches and tests it out before releasing it in a wave of fire Let's fuck shit up. Goes back to drawing.

Mark: Very well then, Markos gives a brief stare at Vincent and Toby, we will go by Toby's "plan", but mark my words, no pun intended of course, I don't guarantee our survival, so be careful, and please be cautious?

Suddenly Angelo ran in covered in his blood and some scrapes and scars, but was in good condition.

Angelo: GUYS!!!

Mark: Focuses his attention on Angelo What? He notices the injury Oh my god Angelo what happened?!

Angelo: Huffs Some guy tried to run me over, he knocked me into the fences, thought I was dead.

Mark: Weird, what madman would run a kid your age over? Must be something, he must know something, shit... Anyway, come closer Angelo Markos gently touches Angelo's shoulder when a faint green glow emitted from his hand, this should help you heal.

Angelo: I'm weak as shit! He started crying.

Mark: Angelo, you only had your powers for a year now, we had five years of practice, you just need more training, the bad news is, it's possibly too late for training... Nevertheless, you will get stronger, I believe in you. I suggest you stay closer to us now, since someone, somewhere, apparently want you dead.

Angelo: He started sniffling You think so?

Mark: Angelo, we will have some private training later, you and me, it might be dangerous now, but, we have no other choice...

Angelo: Okay.

Markos: I will go home now, study this issue, watch the news, maybe I find something of interest? Markos dons his hood and slowly march out of the gym.

Angelo runs out.

Filler Plot Edit

Filler plot

Onto Angelo... Edit

Angelo was at the top bunk, on his I-pad chatting with one of his crushes, Nicole.

Angelo: Develops a nervous, face, but shakes and shrugs it off then chats as he says it while typing Hey, how's Jesu-Mariae?

Nicole in chat: Fine...

Angelo: Anything diff--- Before he could finish typing, he noticed she just logged out and he frowned and exited his room and saw his mom handling business. Mommy can I bike?

Angelo's mom: Okay.

He went out and noticed his bike was missing.

Angelo: *Fuck! First in the Philippines now here?!* He looked over at the bush and saw the handle *What the hell?*

Suddenly a big reptillian like tail emerged and pulled him in and wrapped around his mouth, he saw it was some hybrid of a shark, crocodile and tiger.

Angelo: *Think Angelo, wait...*

Then all of a sudden the creatured roared in pain and let go as it's tail had a bite mark.

Angelo: Yeah! Take that you b---

Suddenly, the creature reverted into the form of an eighteen year old girl holding her butt in pain.

Angelo: Miss, I am so sorry...

Girl: Ugh you bastard! She made the hand she had behind her into a tentacle without him seeing it.

Angelo: *God, she's more of a cold hearted bitch than Ilyse!* Are you okay? he approached her slowly.

Girl: Shut the fuck up! In an stant her tentacle extends wrapping around his neck and slamming him into a tree.

Angelo: Choked voice F-FUCK! He shouts then destroyed the tentacle and goes on the ground panting, then looks at her with red eyes then launched an energy like att ack which knocked her back.

Pophobia: Gets back up and hides behind a tree Jeager, this is Phobia, I tracked down Andaluz, get here now, he's tougher than I expected, apparently he trained...

Jeager: Don't worry, I'm bigger and stronger than him right now, he wont be too much of a problem...

Angelo: Stay away from me! Suddenly out of nowhere a guy who was over eleven feet tall charged at him into a tree.

Jeager: Stay down boy!

Angelo then tried to retaliate but was knocked out easily, Phobia then turned into a snake like creature, then slithered into his house, and gave them a chemical that would wipe their memory if they thought about him.

Phobia: Okay, he's out, let's go.

Jeager: Alright.

Both leave.

Onto someone else... Edit

Quick Edit (For PC) Edit

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