Oniichan, GAME ga Hajimaru yo!
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Name Oniichan, GAME ga Hajimaru yo!
Kanji お兄ちゃん、GAMEが始まるよ!
Rōmaji Oniichan, GAME ga Hajimaru yo!
Creator Minamina Fernandes
Nickname Oni GAME
Workers ESUNO Sakae (writer)
Genres Mystery, Shōnen, Action, Fantasy, Supranatural
Main Character(s) Kyusha Wakaryouka
Current Episode 26
Status OVA 1
Rating PG-15
Runtime About 30 minutes per episode
50 Minutes for OVA 1

Brother, Let's Start the GAME! (お兄ちゃん、ゲームが始まるよ!/お兄ちゃん、GAMEが始まるよ! Oniichan, GAME ga Hajimaru yo!?) is a fall 2013 anime.


Kyusha Wakaryouka, an orphan teenage boy, was adopted by a rich family that belong to a childish girl named Koihime Aizatsuke. Though his new stepsister is kawaii, she has a big secret that only known by him. One day, Koihime is inviting Kyusha to play a game called Kill Me If You Can (できるなら私を殺す Dekirunara watashi o korosu?). After starting the ritual, Koihime is missed and make big terrors such as murders. Kyusha need to find and KILL her to finish the game. Oniichan, GAME ga Hajimaru yo! was based on Future Diary. Koihime Aizatsuke is a fan fiction character of Yuno Gasai and Kyusha Wakaryouka is the fan fiction character of Yukiteru Amano.


Kyusha Wakaryouka
(seiyuu: Ryoko Shiraishi)

Kyusha also known as Kyu is a 17 years-old teenager. He has to do anything to continue his live after his parents were broke out and his father was shooed him. His lives saved by a girl aged 14 years-old who adopting him. He's the main character of this series.

Koihime Aizatsuke
(seiyuu: Rie Kugimiya)

A kawaii 14 years-old girl. Koihime is the main holder of Aizatsuke Group families. She lives alone in her big mansion and adopting Kyu as her big brother. Like Yuno Gasai, she's an insane girl and would do everything to get close to her desires. But in this series, Koihime is doing a game such hide and seek game called Kill Me If You Can.


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