Oni Tamashi
Format Anime series
Created by Danieru Wirucu
Writer(s) Danieru Wirucu
Run time 15-30 Minutes
English Network FUNimation Entertainment

Oni Tamashi (鬼魂) literally Demon Soul is a manga and anime created by Danieru Wirucu. It is based on Dragon Ball and Yu Yu Hakusho. It is liscensed by FUNimation but also recieves voice actors from other companies.


Over 200,000 years ago, the two original races of the world battled eachother for complete control of the Earth: The Akuma (Demons) and the early Humans. Despite the demon's superior power and being lead by the mighty Makaioshin (Lord of the Demon Realm), the humans won by a divine miracle. The powerful demons were banished to their realm, the Makai while the weaker ones managed to avoid being found. Now, a wandering warrior called Dineshi Akuken is attempting to reach the level of power his father had, beginning this by slaughtering as many demons as he can.


Demon Slayer SagaEdit

There was a man called Dineshi Oya who was known worldwide after a journey of fighting. After his death, the eldest of his two sons, Akuken set out to reach his father's level of power. He kills many demons on his journey and meets two of his father's friends, the stone crushers Ishi and Gyokiseki. He then battles a powerful swordsman called Rogakenshi and barely beats him. His brother Totoo eventually goes on a journey as well, however, his strength and swordsman skill are nowhere near that of Akuken's and he is captured by a Noble. He is then fought to fight Akuken (both of them are wearing armour). Akuken figures out who he is and they both kill the Noble. They both travel to Raiki's house where they attempt to recieve training from the master who trained their father but are rejected for being too weak. Totoo then leaves Akuken as Akuken tries to enter Xi-Ao's temple. Xi-Ao defeats Akuken but a week later, Akuken awaken's some hidden power, doubling his strength. He then beats Xi-Ao who in an act of insanity orders his students to sacrifice themselves to power him. They then turn against him and throw Xi-Ao into the mountain area, mutilating his body. Akuken then heads towards Aku Castle, home of the Vampire Cradalu; the lord of Earth's demons. He fights evenly with the Vampire King and overpowers him. Cradalu then uses the moon to transform into a gigantic Demon who Akuken has trouble surviving against. Totoo and Rogakenshi show up, both have achieved new power. Totoo can now control the lightning Ryu, a Dragon from the Ryukai (Dragon Realm). Raiki then senses Cradalu's power and goes to the castle. Even his power isn't enough to fight against Cradalu and he tells Akuken to harness all of his Reiki (Spirit energy) into a large energy wave to destroy the moon. Cradalu loses some power from the loss of the moon but still retains his Demon form and a large amount of his full power. All the characters then comine their power to defeat him and he is then killed by Akuken putting his Reiki into his sword and cutting out Cradalu's heart. Raiki then decides to train both fighters for at least a month.

Planet Tournament SagaEdit

When finding out that his rival, Kuren, will be competing in a galactic fighting competition called the Planet Tournament, Raiki decides to train the 3 fighters for the next year. He also trains a young woman called Butiru who has been sent by Kronenma, lord of the Reikai (Spirit Realm). One year later the Tournament begins. Raiki's team, Team Raiki, go through the preliminary challenge of defeating all other fighters on the Space Boat. Xi-Ao reappears, having survived and given his soul to a demon for extra power. Akuken once again defeats him. They are then chosen as the Team representing Earth. Team Raiki's first match is against Team Planet Yoso (and are parallels of the four Saint Beasts from Yu Yu Hakusho). The fights are decided on the team's strength weakest to strongest. Butiru fights against Ishijuu (Based on Genbu), a beast who can control earth and stone. Butiru uses her ability to create planets and smashes Ishijuu into pieces with a planet with about 4% the mass of Planet Earth. Totoo then fights against Dobumasuta (Based on Byakko), a being who can create and control any animal. Totoo manages to kill him with the Lightning Ryu but recieves too much damage, causing a double KO. Rogakenshi then fights against Korisenmon (Based on Seiryu), a man who can control ice. Rogakenshi then shows his ability to harness Fire with his aura allowing him to cut Korisenmon into pieces. Akuken then battles Ukazus (Based on Suzaku), a warrior who can control lightning. They fight fairly evenly until Ukazus starts using his lightning attacks which wound Akuken, however, Ukazus tries to draw on too much lightning and is brought to a critical state when trying to harness 100,000 volts. Akuken then destroys him with a Reiki wave. The team leaders, Raiki and Kamiyoso then battle. Raiki seems to be far superior until Kamiyoso shows that his staff adsorbed the power of his teamates after they were killed, giving him tremendous power. Raiki then uses his ability to regenerate his youth but not even his prime state is enough. He then uses his ultimate technique, the Light Ryu to defeat Kamiyoso, however, he only uses 25% in order for him to not be completely drained. Kamiyoso survives but is unable to fight. Their next match is against Team Planet Impel, a prison planet home to the unrestrained galactic killers. Totoo and Akuken are too weakened to fight so Rogakenshi, Butiru and Raiki fight. The first match is Rogakenshi versus Zoddo (A parody of Zodd from Berserk). They fight almost evenly although Zoddo has a slight power advantage, however, when Zoddo is hurt due to Rogakenshi's superior speed, Team Impel's leader, Marshall Impel decides to release Zoddo's restrainer, a device which keeps his team members from releasing their full power as not to harm any innocent spectators. Zoddo then transforms into a large demon but is stopped from winning when Rogakenshi suddenly transforms into a Wolf-Demon called Okamioni Rogakenshi (Based on Yoko Kurama). Due to his now hightened speed, Rogakenshi is able to decapitate Zoddo and wins. Raiki then chooses to fight next and goes up against Bori (Based on Broly from Dragon Ball Z) and shows far superior abilities. Bori then becomes unrestrained and even attempts to kill the spectators to win. Raiki then stops him by eliminating him with a Reiki wave. Butiru fights in the next match against Arubato Gyo who appears to be an ordinary man with no great power, however, when unrestrained he achieves power equal to that of Raiki. It is revealed that he is the American Serial Killer Albert Fish, brought back to life as a mazoku-android. Raiki then forces Butiru to quit when Arubato is about to rape her. Raiki then steps in to fight and the two equal opponents clash. Raiki's advanced techniques and fighting skill are enougth to defeat Albert and win the match. Their semi-final is Team Planet Majin (Based on the Majins from Dragon Ball Z). Before the match, Raiki gives Akuken Battle Armour which will make him far stronger and even stronger when he takes it off but is told not to take it off until the finals. Butiru goes first against Spoyami (Based on Spopovich and Yamu), a psychotic sadistic fighter who lives only to torture. He badly wounds Butiru but is defeated when Butiru's planet attack crushes his skull. The next match is Rogakenshi versus Pokupipi (based on Pui-Pui). Rogakenshi is unable to damage Nakyo until he transforms into his Okamioni form and easily kills the alien. Akuken then fights against Nakyo, a large monster (based on Yakon). He has trouble damaging him until he uses an Ultra Reiki wave, shooting it into Nakyo's mouth a distergrating his organs. Totoo then fights against Ledvi (based on Dabura) who claims to be the Makaioshin. Totoo's Lightning Ryu has barely any effect on him until Totoo uses an advanced version called the Sacred Lightning Ryu which destroys Ledvi. Raiki then states that a true Makaioshin would never be defeated so easily and that he was just an overconfident demon. Raiki then battles against Jinbu, a happy monster based on Majin Buu. Raiki uses his prime form to fight Jinbu in a battle which seems to go in Raiki's favour, however, when Jinbu shows his regenerative abilities, Raiki is at a disadvantage and is knocked out of the ring before he is able to summon the Light Ryu. Akuken then fights against Jinbu and when attacking him with a Reiki punch, is able to knock Jinbu out of the ring. The final match comes down to fighting Team Kuren. Rogakenshi goes first against Jiao, a young boy (based on Chiaotzu). Jiao shows that he's even stronger than Okamioni Rogakenshi but is nowhere near as experienced and as a result, he loses. Kuren's brother Tei (based on Taopaipai) goes next against Totoo. Totoo barely wins by using a Lightning Ryu which kills Tei. Kuren then fights Raiki and in the end, Raiki wins. Kuren's greatest pupil, Tuonshinkei, then fights against Raiki and is slightly stronger than Prime Raiki. He also shows to be able to control the Dark Ryu but has less control than Raiki's Light Ryu. After a long battle, Tuonshinkei kills Raiki. He then requests an interval before fighting Akuken as his battle with Raiki took out some of his stength. After 5 hours, the final battle begins, Tuonshinkei and Akuken both remove their power armour. Akuken starts to lose but then drinks the Reikai water that Raiki gave him, making him slightly stronger than Tuonshinkei. They then both adsorb their Ryu attacks and fight at 5x their full power. When they clash their Reiki attacks, the battle ends with Akuken winning although Tuonshinkei survives. Totoo's lightning Ryu was enougth to resuscitate Raiki and restore things to normal.

Trinity SagaEdit

Coming Soon


Character Name Voice Actor (Japanese) Voice Actor (English)
Dineshi Akuken Kazuya Nakai Kyle Hebert
Dineshi Totoo Ryo Horikawa Vic Mignogna
Dineshi Oya Joji Nakata Sonny Strait
Rogakenshi Shigeru Chiba Christopher R. Sabat
Butiru Yuriko Yamaguchi Luci Christian
Raiki Jouji Yanami John Burgmeier
Ishi Ryotaro Okiayu R. Bruce Elliot
Gyokuseki Unsyo Ishizuka Bob Carter
Xi-Ao Tomokazu Seki Chuck Huber (Normal)
Bob Carter (Demon form)
Cradalu Tomohiro Nishimura Jerry Jewell (Normal form)
Jerry Jewell and Robert McCollum (Demon form)
Ishijuu Ryuzaburo Otomoto Jon Armstrong
Dobutsumasuta Toru Furuya Christopher R. Sabat
Korisenmon Nobuyuki Hiyama Eric Vale
Ukazas Ryusei Nakao Bill Townsley
Kamiyoso Toshiyuki Morikawa Danieru Wirucu
Zoddo Kenji Utsumi J. David Brimmer
Bori Bin Shimada Jon Armstrong
Arubato Gyo/Albert Fish Kappei Yamaguchi Danieru Wirucu
Spoyami Norio Wakamoto Mike McFarland
Pokupipi Shigeru Chiba Greg Ayres
Nakyo Tessho Genda Andrew Chandler
Ledvi Unsyo Ishizuka Chris Forbis
Jinbu Yasuhiro Takato (Normal form)
Hideo Ishikawa (True form)
Josh Martin (Normal form)
John Swasey (True form)
Jiao Mayumi Tanaka Brina Palencia (child)
Sonny Strait (Adult)
Tei Kenji Utsumi Chris Patton
Kuren Koji Yada Duncan Brannan
Tuonshinkei Tetsu Inada Justin Cook
Kidorobo Takeshi Kusao Sean Schemmel
Akukami Takayuki Sugo Sean Schemmel
Narpla Masaharu Sato Patrick Seitz
Beast Nobutoshi Canna
Ryuzaburo Otomoto (Shin Beast)
Marc Diraison
Rick Robertson (Shin Beast)
Zuzu Hikaru Midorikawa Dan Green
Kronenma Unsyo Ishizuka Chris Rager
Inutu Nozomu Saski Sonny Strait
Karote Toru Furuya Mike McFarland
Yaminja Hideo Ishikawa Rick Robertson
Shirema Tetsu Inada R. Bruce Elliot
Insturu Takeshi Aono Chris Ayres
Makaio Seiji Sasaki Christopher R. Sabat
Komakaio Mayumi Tanaka (Child)
Seiji Sasaki (Adult)
Vic Mignogna (Child)
Christopher R. Sabat (Adult)
Sapoto Tofu Kappei Yamaguchi Sean Schemmel
Takkura Muriku Ryuzaburo Otomoto Chris Rager
Baransu Hicuz Shigeru Nakahara Jason Liechbret
Spurinta Atba Norio Wakamoto Mark Britten
Taicho Nygynu Mayasa Takatsuka Justin Cook
Makuin Tomoko Maruo Colleen Clickenbeard
Nekuka Kazuya Nakai Kyle Hebert
Yujinaku Hidekatsu Shibata Chris Forbis
Tsumaku Hiromi Tsuru Cynthia Cranz
Tsumaka Naoko Watanabe Laura Bailey
Mahagane Toshio Furukawa Robert McCollum
Hikoma Shigeru Chiba Vic Mignogna
Pawayami Norio Wakamoto Christopher R. Sabat
Jyaku Onama Tomohiro Nishimura Sonny Strait
Akuma Reaper Mahito Oba Chris Rager
Einenkishi Ryo Horikawa John Burgmeier
Sento Seijin Jouji Yanami Justin Cook
Kiyoshi Ninki Ryusei Nakao Sean Schemmel
Yoso Seijin Toshio Furukawa Mike McFarland
Opopo Kawazu Yasuhiko Christopher R. Sabat
Kami Jouji Yanami Danieru Wirucu
Akukai Masako Nozawa Vic Mignogna
Shi Kenji Utsumi Jon Armstrong
Fujun Na Takeshi Aono Justin Cook
Sonzai Shigeru Chiba Duncan Brannan
Satan Kenji Utsumi, Ryuzaburo Otomoto and Unsyo Ishizuka Christopher R. Sabat, Jon Armstrong and J. David Brimmer
Gabu Toshiyuki Morikawa Vic Mignogna