One Dream- Follow: is about a 18 year old japanese boy named Seiji, and his friend Tookayo. Seiji has the ability to see dead people. Tookayo, has the ability to fly without wings. An evil antagonist named Meister, wants to capture and harness the powerrs of fantasy dreamers. Fantasy dreamers are people who are able to do things only possible in dreams, not reality.

Seiji Takahashi-

This 18 year old boy is the star basketball player at his school. Despite being popular, he's always funny in so many ways.

'Tookayo Shimizi'-

A 17 year older who loves to takes trips to her grandfather' house in the mountains. She met Seiji when he protected her from 7th grade students. She stayed by his hospital bed for 4 months straight!"


A 20 year old reckless red-haired young adult. Most people have befriended him, and others were murdered by him. He has a very long tongue: a tongue that could go 6 blocks from a street. When it retracts to his mouth, it becomes normal. Meister's only friend is a kid named Lulu.


A 15 year old who loves ice-cream and her dog gelato.

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