One, Two, Rhythm Magical H20 is the english dub theme song for the series, Rhythm Magical H20.


One, Two, One, Two, Three, Four!

One, Two, Rhythm, Let's Go!

We're the Rhythm Magical H20

Full Charge, to the beat (Dance!)

Everyone from the land and to sea, come on dance with me!


(H20! Go, Let's Go!)

Let's start a new day, with new friends from both land and sea

Singing a song

From the heart

Dance and be free! (Shine, Shine, let's go!)

Reaching to the stars and shine bright like a dreamer with a tune

Never give up

Just you wait

I'll be there someday soon! (Rhythm and a tune!)

Mystery melody, but I will never cry

Knowing I got friends with me, all together can you see

When I'm with you i'm never alone!

Ready, Set!

Ready, Set!

One, Two, One, Two! (Dance with me!)

With a beat and a melody, we'll never give up! (Yes!)

We're the Rhythm Magical H20

Dancing from the sea celebration!

Orchestrating a song, with a beat reaching to the stars (Let's shine bright!)

One, Two, One, Two, Three, Four!

We're the Rhythm, Magical H20!



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