Object Town the Anime (オブジェクトタウンザアニメ Obujekutotaun za Anime) is an anime rendition of Object Town, an American flash-animated series which takes place on a remote island called Object Island.

The winner of the first season of Battle for Dream Island, Firey, is the main protagonist of the series, with his next-door neighbor and best friend/love interest, Leafy, serving as the main dueteragonist, and Nickel, who was a contestant on both Inanimate Insanity and Battle for Dream Island, serving as the main tritagonist who sometimes joins in their adventures. The host of Inanimate Insanity, MePhone4, is the mayor of Object Town.

Similarities between the original and the anime Edit

  • Object Town is still the main location of the series.
  • Lightbulb still owns the Bright Stuff Corner Store and Firey, Leafy, and Paintbrush still work there.
  • Microphone still has sudden outbursts. Although rarely since she is more in control of her screaming in this series. She only loses control of her shouting when she is angered or under pressure.
  • Cheesy still tells terrible jokes. But in the form of Oyagi Gyagu (親父ギャグ old people gags).
  • Paintbrush's gender is still unknown. Though, he/she is voiced by a female in this series, so it is quite possible that he/she is indeed female.
  • Test Tube is still an avid scientist.
  • Soap still loves cleaning.

Differences between the original and the anime Edit

  • Instead of "awww, seriously", David just says "seriously". (真剣に! Shinken ni!)
  • Lightbulb has an obsession with Pocky instead of cookies. Although she is still willing to eat them even though she finds Pocky more delicious in this series.
  • The anime is made to appeal more to Japanese viewers. (e.g. characters sleeping in traditional Japanese futons instead of the Western beds that most cultures are more commonly associated with.)
  • The anime has slightly more risque humor compared to the original series. (e.g. nosebleeds, peeping, mild toilet humor, etc.)
  • Characters, mostly Lightbulb, will say random things in English.
  • Fan is an otaku in this series and will often make references to various anime and manga.

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