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Noonbory and Jetybory Romantic Moments

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The article you are attempting to reach contains theories of a romantic relationship between Noonbory and Jetybory.

Hints Edit

  • Jetybory comes with Noonbory to help the Builderborys build a swing in Ship Shape.
  • Noonbory helps Jetybory attract her new Dotori friend, Dot, with her favorite things; Jetybory's pillow and Tooba-Treats in Diggin' Dotoris.
  • Noonbory tries to calm Jetybory down when she tries to pull the basket of Red Lotus Bean Buns from Coldygury in Coldygury and the Hot Lost Buns.
  • Jetybory asks Noonbory why she and the other Super Sensers helped Wangury and his minions in Wangury Wants To Fly.
  • Jetybory tells Noonbory that he was right about her hearing Santa's voice echoing in the cave in Santa's Cave.
  • Noonbory and Mamby are the last ones to be found by Jetybory in a game of hide-and-seek in Kidnapped Kiddy-Cake.
  • Noonbory and Jetybory washes the windbike together in A Rosey Day.
  • Jetybory asks Noonbory who took her music box in Ring Around The Dozegury.
  • Jetybory comes with Noonbory to help save Lukybory who is floating away in a bubble in Luky's Bubble Trouble.
  • Jetybory sits next to Noonbory while Toobalooba is really quiet in Rosygury and the Beebee Trap.
  • Noonbory gets a little blushy and scratches his head when Jetybory tells Lukybory that he invented a horn for the Bory Buggy in Luky's Big Idea.
  • Noonbory helps Jetybory out of a hole in Ready, Steady, Go!
  • Noonbory protects Jetybory from falling burrs that Lukybory kicked out of a tree.
  • Noonbory and Jetybory compete each other in a Balance An Egg in A Spoon.

Other hints Edit

  • Noonbory sometimes commands Jetybory first in a few episodes.
  • Noonbory sometimes talks with Jetybory in a few episodes.
  • Jetybory is usually seen riding in Noonbory's windbike in a few episodes.
  • Noonbory and Jetybory are usually seen together in a few episodes.

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