NihonAnime7 is a 24-hour anime network that showcases some of Nihon Channel's properties. The NihonAnime7 is Japan's third 24-hour dubbed anime cable outlet.. During 2010, over 13 new titles were added to the 24-hour channel. The network launched in Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and China in early 2010 and is marketed to multi-system operators (MSOs) as both a Free and Subscription Video On Demand programming service.




Sister Channels

Right Stuf Network

Channel Listings

Founded by

Itsuumi Kasuki


Itsuumi Kasuki

Key people

Itsuumi Kasuki (Chairman and CEO), Yasai Masaki

Launch Date

January 1, 2010


The Channel was founded by Itsuumi Kasuki. A few other people had soon joined them and produced new programming.

Shonen and Shojo AnimeEdit

This block was added on January 2nd, 2010.

Late Night AnimeEdit

This block was added on January 4, 2010. Airs at 10:00 pm to 12:00 midnight.

Kids SpecialEdit

Kids Special airs at 7:00am on Thursdays, where manga and anime for children 3-7 years old are aired.


Current Programming

Original SeriesEdit

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