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This is a transcript for the Baka-Chan episode New Android on the Block.

[The view of a laboratory is seen. A scientist is working on his newest creation]

[we see wires and then what looks like a boy's head. It opens its eyes and yawns]

Scientist: Good, good. Wake up successfully activated. Let's test your joint movements and reflexes. Move each one of your fingers one by one. Yes, good. Very good. Now move your arm. [the android boy moves his arm up]

Scientist: Good! Now let's attatch your head.

[The android boy puts his head on his body]

Android Boy: There's nothing in between my legs.

Scientist: Quiet!

[cut to Juno's school]

Mr. Beeblebrox: So, is everyone reviewing their chart?

Juno: Mr. Beeblebrox, I think we need to get to the other lessons.

Mr. Beeblebrox: Sorry, but I'm running late. On my way driving here, I thought I was about to hit a kid. I did, but he was unharmed, because he broke my crash.

[in Beeblebrox's flashback, the boy is seen, the car crashed into him, but he did not fly back, though his body had appeared to get smashed with his body]

Boy: Aw, dang, my pants got ripped.

Woman: That boy!

Man: He- he's not human!

[flashback ends as the kids at the table give confused looks at each other]

[cut to a soda shoppe]

Juno: Well, here's our local soda shop.

Twitty: Usually, kids go after school to the local libraries to study, but ok.

Juno: We'll have plenty of time to study at the park, but I have a desk and I prefer the sounds of leaves rustling rather than my maid vaccuming.

Ku: [excited] Let's buy a soda!

[They walk in to the lady at the counter]

Counter Lady:  Well, what can I do for you three girls?

Juno: Just one orange boom and... what would you two like?

Ku: Blue!

Twitty: Lava.

Counter Lady : I'll just get you two a Blue Fizz and a caramel sundae float.

[As the girls are served and given their sodas, a man with a young boy walks in]

Man: Hello, Cherise.

Cherise: Hi, there Dr. Rutt. I was worried about you. But it seems my worries were validated when you were able to leave your lab. And who is this? Your son?

Dr. Rutt: No, of course not. I'm only 27. This is my little brother, Paul.

Cherise: Hm... you look nothing like him. You got lucky.

Twitty: [smiles] Oh, I like her.

Juno: So, Paul. How old are you?

Paul: Oh, I'm still brand new.

Dr. Rutt: Oh, he's just being silly. He's 16.

Twitty: He looks a bit young to be in High School.

Cherise: He's got that baby face going on. Certainly not the hairy sasquach face of his big brother.

Dr. Rutt: That's enough!

Ku: Hey, Paul! You don't got any nostrils.

Dr. Rutt: [thinking] Oh, no... my cover is blown, or rather his cover that is his human-looking exoskin on his mechanics.

Twitty: Neither do any of us. It's an anime. The artist never drew any on us.

Cherise: [looking in a mirror] You're right. No nasal drippage here.


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