New Android on the Block is the fourth episode of Baka-Chan.


Juno, Ku and Twitdragon (disguised in a humanoid image posing as Juno's cousin) meet Paul Rutt, younger brother of Dr. Rutt (who is really his android he built) who's enrolled at the school, and Dr. Rutt says he wants his little brother to make friends with the humans at the school. During the classes, the girls show Paul the ropes, the Ratz try to flirt with him, trying to steal him away from Ku, which they fail, since also, he and Ku weren't going out. One class has a teacher whose head turns into a balloon. After class, the quartet go out to do a school project at the mountains near the local park and make set sail on the creek on a raft made completely of foam noodles tied together. The Ratz try to interfere, and get pulled along. After getting ambushed by gummy bear pirates, the noodle falls apart. The three friends are safe, but The Ratz get pulled in by the current.


Juno: How old are you?
Paul: Oh, I'm still brand new.
Dr. Rutt: Oh, he's just being silly. He's 16.
Twitty: He looks a bit young to be in high school.

Gummy Bear Pirate: Arrg! I be Captain Lemon!
Ku: [bites Captain Lemon's ear] Yummy!

Twitdragon:[points and laughs boisterously] Suckers!!


New Android on the Block (Transcript)

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