Neo Formula Racing: The Animation is a 30-Episode series created by Sonikku Aensland and is based in a Videogame named Neo Formula Racing: Dynamite Blaze. By In-Verse Productions.

The anime will tell mainly in the P.O.V. of Medea Reynard, one of the female protagonists, and the Story exclusive: "Legend of Vision".


A legend comes into frutition, the 10th GPX Neo Formula arrived! The participants will compete into an exciting event! Let's get ready for a new ride, the rules are follows.

  1. You must be older than 16 years old.
  2. You must gain a new super licence
  3. You must Belong to an associated team with the FNGPX.
  4. Ruining or interrupting a duel within the race the team responsible will be banned at least 1 year to forever.

The story will center in three stories: Medea Reynard in her road to becoming the champion through hard work, Jeanne Sterling trying to be independent with the sport, and Black Vision, a mysterious man whose identity is unknown, the story tells the ties about the secret comitee, and how the characters will deal with the competition, the friendship and the passion for the sport.


The characters in the anime follows closely to the source material.


  • No. 21 - Medea Reynard: Is a young, peppy 16 years old freshman who is the new racer in the Stone Team; Happy and very cordial in nature, never holds back in any situation. She's even compared to male legends such as Kenny Finstone and Lloyd Sierra who are in their 'peak years'. She's the daughter of bussinessmen which rarely are in home, and her brother is apparently dead, leaving her really lonely.
  • No. 14 - Jeanne Sterling: A woman who was known before as the "Crusher" because of her ruining the races, she was forced to join Team Orpheus a year before than Medea, who's her best friend in her childhood, despite their different ages; she's 17 and Medea's 16. They're very friendly rivals even at the race, she's straightforward and sometimes very clumsy.
  • No. 7 - Jet Dark: A mysterious man who's the stoic and never talks unless is an insult or a advice. And alters his voice in order to avoid suspicions; reserved and collected, he never tells his motives unless if he's forced so. He's not affiliated in any team, and because of this, despite being the "No. 7", he's often chased by the sponsors. According to the data of the tournament he's on his late 20's-early 30's.

Other Racers and CharactersEdit

  • No. 1 - Alberto Meza: Meza is a renowed scientist and famed racer who's also in the same team as Jeanne, he's a father figure to her, however, dislikes Medea at first due to her naïve attitude in serious races, however, he's quite fond of her presence due to in fact, he started in a similar way.
  • No. 3 - Lara Wolf: Lara was a delinquent who also belonged to the same gang as Jeanne, she's 20 years old, she was also a close friend of Medea's brother. She resentful to any racer because of her social status (lower), but tries to say that social class doesn't matter in the Race.
  • No. 12 - Jack Marston: Jack is a friendly racer who's also the current Champion as of the 9th Edition of the Grandprix. He's one of Medea's best friends and rivals too. He's arrogant and crude when racing, because of this, he became less associated to Medea due to belonging a different team.
  • No. 18 - Fay Schneider: Fay is one of the new racers who's also the same age as Medea. He comes from a rich family and a higher social class, he dislikes lower social classes and is repelent of Lara's presence. He often talks with an archaic manner. However, the only racer that makes him fear for some reason is Black Vision.
  • No. 2 - Lloyd Sierra: A veteran on his late 30's, he's on his peak years and has big knowledge about the racers since he was in his teens. He apparently was a witness of the accident that costed Medea's brother life. He's also the only one who really knows who Black Vision is.
  • No. 4 - Kenny Winston: Another veteran in the vein of Sierra, he belongs to Medea's team as the leader and is the only one who knows about her life, he's also a butler for her when Medea's family is on work, and is a fan of urban stories such as the mysterious racer known as: Berserker.
  • No. 13 - Cathy Alexander: Cathy is a woman who works for an Enterprise as the secretary, she's a close friend of Demitria Stone, and is investigating also an incident who involved Jeanne's Family.
  • No. 5 - Bob Potts: Bob is a F3 Champion who's one of the most versatile pilots of the game. He's very sociable with the other racers.
  • No. 8 - Jill Kane: A brooding, antisocial, and "jerkish" racer who cares only about herself and her beauty above anything else.
  • No. 10 - Martin Wallace: Martin is another famed teacher of another school, he runs a novice academy about racers.
  • No. 19 - May Emmerick: A mechanic who's also a racer, she lost her family during an assault.
  • No. 20 - Mizuki: An expert competitor who often makes decisions who may be wise or stupid, otherwise, he studies every move. He respects others.
  • No. 15 - Jane: A Tomboyish girl.
  • No. 6 - Fred Saunders: Fred is a mailman who's also an excellent cook.
  • No. 9 - Ren: A member of the comitee who works for Berserker.
  • No. 11 - Roy Monroe: Sheryl's cousin.
  • No. 16 - Raphael Armstrong: One of the tournament Sponsors.
  • No. 17 - Sheryl Monroe: A Sponsor who was saved by Medea after an almost killing attack, she knows about the secrets but refuses to reveal them because it could be against the racers unless if is important. She's a racer too.
  • No. 22 - Berserker: The confirmed clone of Paris Reynard, he's was genetically maniupulated, and is one of the experiments of the comitee.
  • No. 27 - Kent Richards: He's the 36 year old high school teacher and mentor of Medea and Jeanne, a middle aged man who dislikes any Neo Formula related thing, he has a scar on the middle of his face. He's also a nice guy but a timid and silly dude.
  • No. 28 - Demitria 'Demi' Stone: A woman with vast experience in mechanic repair enough to become the Team Stone's next leader, she's loyal yet stoic, she's a little ambitious about winning races, but she's in fact just a woman on her late 20's. She's also caring about Medea.
  • No. 29 - Walter Schulz: Team Orpheus' Leader, is also a mechanic and expert hacker, yet mischevious, yet heroic.
  • No. 22 - Paris Reynard: Medea's older brother and the one who was cloned and involved with the Berserker incident, after weeks of rehabilitation, he suddenly returns to the race with Berserker's car, because of the similar skills that the two shared.
  • Andy and Jane Sterling: Jeanne's father and mother, really united even in the worst circumstances and they're in a very good relation with their daughter.
  • No. 23 - Allura Zayne: Allura is the daughter of a prestigious family, she has a dry sense of humor and is known by her boycotts to any bad things, however, she has a rivalry of sorts with Jeanne since the two are pretty similar, she's in cahoots with Jet Dark.
  • No. 24 - Bazooka Jean: Jean is a clone of Jeanne, created under the syndicate as means to cracking the competition, she's openly bi, and likes fancy clothing, to avoid similarities, her car was designed to be stronger in mass, her boss is Darkness.
  • No. 25 - William Sherman: Sherman is a Superstar, an Actor and a sort of a comedic guy, he does often the funny part of the conversations between him and Ellis.
  • No. 26 - Ellis Winston: Ellis is a cowgirl who works in a ranch, she's the straight man to William's funny man. Serious and strict both in race and outside, making other racers confused about her. She's a member of Kenny's family.
  • No. 30 - Darkness: The mastermind behind all the past event and the Syndicate's boss, Bazooka Jean's creator, etc. He highly resembles the first Jet Dark, and even shares his voice in sort.
  • Luna "Reynard": She's a counterpart and a possible clone of Medea created by Darkness when she was captured.
  • Bartholomew "Bart" Van Buren: He's the mysterious guy who sents Jet Dark on his missions, he doesn't appear physically in the game.
  • Pit Girls - Marie, Enrica and Meryl: Three pit girls, Marie in the second half of the anime gets shot by a mysterious commoner and that started Roy's thirst of Vengeance and Sheryl's disappearance.
  • Tyson: Tyson is the sponsor of a Club and one of Kent's friends, when Jet Dark II is saving Jeanne from Bazooka Jean, he distracts the villains with some badly made but funny comedy shows.


First Season.Edit

  1. Medea Reynard
  2. The wealthy student Jeanne Sterling
  3. The Scientist Alberto Meza
  4. Loner Jill Kane.
  5. Rich boy Fay Schneider
  6. Delinquent Lara Wolf
  7. LUCKY 7
  8. Lloyd Sierra
  9. Cathy Alexander, the agent secretary.
  10. Paris' Mysterious disappearance
  11. Megalomania Ren
  12. Mizuki the Warrior.
  13. Bob the Helper
  14. Jane the Reaper
  15. Berserker's Last

Second Season.Edit

  1. Allura Zayne
  2. The Monroe Family Chronicle
  3. The Winston Legacy feat. Sherman.
  4. Jean the Bazooka Gal
  5. Frederick Saunders
  6. Jack the Super Star
  7. Ralph the Bystander
  8. Martin Wallace.
  9. The Breakout Concert
  10. Walter the hacker
  11. Demi the Gatebreaker
  12. The Richards' brothers history.
  13. The Underworld Race 1 -Darkness-
  14. The Underworld Race 2
  15. Dynamite Blaze

Fictitious Voice CastEdit

  • Black Vision and Kent: Kenta Miyake / J.B.Blanc
  • Medea Reynard: Chiwa Saitou / Cassandra Lee
  • Jeanne Sterling: Chie Matsuura / Amanda Celine Miller
  • Alberto Meza: Kouji Yusa
  • Lara Wolf: Yuka Komatsu
  • Jack Marston: Hirofumi Nojima
  • Fay Schneider: Megumi Han
  • Lloyd Sierra: Ken Narita
  • Kenny Winston: Youji Ueda
  • Cathy Alexander: Reiko Takagi
  • Bob Potts: Kenji Takahashi
  • Jill Kane: Miyuki Sawashiro
  • Martin Wallace: Eiji Hanawa
  • May Emmerick: Mariko Kouda
  • Keita Mizuki: Yuuichi Nakamura
  • Jane Edison: Youko Honda
  • Frederick "Fred" Saunders: Shinji Kawada
  • Ren Yvin: Kazuya Nakai
  • Sheryl Monroe: Youko Hikasa
  • Roy Monroe: Hiroyuki Yoshino
  • Ralph Stone/Raphael Armstrong: Kazuyuki Okitsu
  • Berserker and Paris Reynard: Tomoaki Maeno / Todd Haberkorn
  • Allura Zayne: Yoshino Nanjou
  • William Sherman: Yoshimasa Hosoya
  • Ellis Winston: Saki Fujita
  • Bazooka Jean: Yuu Kobayashi / Amanda Celine Miller
  • Richard and Darkness: Tsuyoshi Koyama / J.B. Blanc
  • Demitria Stone: Miki Nagasawa / Karen Strassman
  • Walter Schulz: KENN / Johnny Yong Bosch
  • Luna: Sumire Morohoshi
  • Bart van Buren: Yukitoshi Hori
  • Marie, Enrica and Meryl: Lynn, Kana Akutsu and Rei Matsuzaki.
  • Tyson: Makoto Yasumura
  • Narrator: Goblin

Note: Some EN VA's are uncredited.


  • Unlike the game, the Anime Adaptation is a bit darker than the game and deviates in some things.
    • Adds original generation characters not seen in the game or ascended extras.
    • In the Xtr. Side, instead of Sheryl, another pit girl named Marie was shot instead.
    • The episodes deal with the stories of the other racers while the main leads are Medea, Jeanne, Demi, Black Vision, Berserker and Darkness.
    • The Underworld race track is referred as: Hell Fire Road.
    • The man who sends Black Vision to do his missions is seen as a old man on his 60's, called Bartholomew Van Buren like in the game.

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