Nemesis is the Main Antagonist of Rise of Nemesis (Arc) and the Main And Final Villain of the Series who Trys and Rule the World. Nemesis Pretended to Be Lilly Darcy (Cillian and Lorcan's Sister)
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After Nemesis is Defeated by the To-Love Ru Characters, She Has an Ability to Travel in the Shadows. In the Between of Season 1 and Season 14, She Gave Miss Tweedy two Numbers, 53 and 92. After Mrs Tweedy is Defeated, She Offers Yui Kotegawa 4 Numeron-Style Numbers and 3 Chaos Numeron-Style Numbers. and She Accepted her Offer and Decide to Kill those Darcy.


Nemesis Duels Cillian in the Penultimate Episode, She uses her Battle for, She has Shadow Wings And Her arm becames a Shadow Disk.

Battle of DarknessEdit

Nemesis Returns As the Main Antagonist of the Final Season (20th) To Kill The Heroes for Good, And Reveal her True Form in episode 25, Cillian Challenged Her into a Pendulum Duel of Death


Nemesis Uses the Darkness Numeron Deck features Her Number 10Xs

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Cillian Darcy Dawn Battle Win
Lorcan Darcy Chaos Duel Win
Cillian Darcy Final Showdown Lose