WARNING: Some material may be disrutbing to some viewers.

The day it happenedEdit

I was 3 when it happened. I wanted to see my father's work you know? I stowed away on my dad's vehicle and lost him when I got to his work. I tried to follow him several times but ended up sneaking around the men walking. Eventually I found him in a room filled with vats of boiling fluids. I was on a platform 50 feet off the ground and ran to see my dad who was walking into an elevator. I tripped and fell off the platform, into a green vat of fluid. I awoke, eylid only open enough to see my body under a blue heat-absorbing tarp. I looked at my hand. It was a deep, dark red. My skin evaporated and exposed my bones. My body was bubbly, my person was boiling. I felt no pain, I don't know why. I lost conciousness then. I awoke in a dark hexagon box. My eyes ajusted quickly and I knew it was a coffin. I looked at my hands with my night-vision like sight. I was completely intact, though I didn't know how. My fingernails were longer and pointed, with that I clawed out of the ground. It was night and I stumbled to my house. I was barely able to move as I saw a crimescene where my house was. I saw both my parents' mauled bodies being studied. The police threw me off the property. I stumbled into an alley, I was so weak. A man wheeled in a shopping cart and yelled," Hey kid, get out!" I snapped. I had lost my family, I was weak, tired, grumpy, mad. Who was he to yell at me? I had nowhere to go and now not even an alley can hold me?! I lunged at him, fur spiking out of my body. My nails elongated and my teeth sharpened and elongated. I ripped off the front of his neck. I became normal again and looked at my blood-stained hand. I looked at the man who was gurgling blood out of his shredded neck. I took his stained shirt, tattered jeans, and made a cloak. With that and his food I left to lead my new, lonely, life.

The journey beginsEdit

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